Tony Blair’s Disgraceful Conduct

I have never liked Tony Blair for what he did to our country, but what I have just seen would surely anger just about anybody. It would appear Blair hitched a ride in an RAF transport plane that was carrying dead servicemen back from Afghanistan when he decided to do some paperwork. He used the coffin, draped in the Union flag, as a footrest.

Not only has he destroyed Great Britain with his Multi-Cultural exercise, but now he has shown a disgraceful lack of respect for a British Serviceman killed in action in Afghanistan, and the flag of our country. If I had been on that plane I would have opened the cargo door and thrown him out.

I hope that every person in the land sees this photo and takes appropriate action.


Tony Blair Disrespects A Dead Serviceman and the flag!

Tony Blair Shows Disrespect To A Dead Serviceman And The Flag!

6 Responses to “Tony Blair’s Disgraceful Conduct”

    • Hi Again,
      I went to that page and read it but it does not convince me for one reason, the page of the blogger ( who is supposed to have created this is unobtainable. Click on the link and you get nothing, so I have to say that leaves a little doubt in my mind as to the authenticity of the entry. It doesn’t really matter either way because Blair is an S.O.B. anyway. Thanks for commenting and hope to see you back soon.
      Best Regards,


      • Well, Tony Blair is an ass, so I can believe he would do something so disrespectful. But there are many, many photoshoped images out there. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that he isn’t a great person.

        Keep up the interesting, informative posts Roy.



      • My Thanks to you too Kristina.


  1. That is outrageous!!


    • Hi Kristina, nice to have you back.
      I agree one hundred percent and I would love to see that man serving a jail sentence.
      Keep Smiling,


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