The U.N. Applies Pressure On I.S. – Really?

The UN Security Council

The UN Security Council

The news is yet again full of the pressure that is being applied to the Islamic militants of I.S. But, sad to say, it is not coming from the right quarter i.e. the U.N.

Obama At The NATO Meeting

Obama At The NATO Meeting

This august body has been pussy-footing around with sanctions that target individuals recruiting, financing, supplying weapons, or fighting for Islamic State (IS), but has left it up to NATO to take any positive steps to defeat them. All the U.N. can come up with is sanctions, while under the leadership of the USA, NATO countries are actually taking action against these barbarians.

Korean War

Korean War

Born with such high ideals, and with the promise of a world at peace, the U.N. has, with the exception of the Korean War in 1950, not achieved anything in its mandate to stop wars between countries.

Mark Lyall Grant - Britain's UN Ambassador

Mark Lyall Grant – Britain’s UN Ambassador

UK ambassador to the UN Sir Mark Lyall Grant said Friday’s unanimous Security Council vote sent a “clear political message” that the world was acting to tackle the IS threat. By the time the U.N. gets off its fat a#se and takes some action the whole world will be Muslim.

For this international body to do no more than ‘condemn’ I.S. and ‘sanction’ a few individuals is not going to have any affect on the ambitions of the militants.

IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,

IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,

Do these idiots really think that once the leader of I.S. is told that the U.N. condemns the actions of his group, that he is going to say to his men: “OK Lads! Nice try, but it’s all over because the U.N. has said we cannot do this. Go home to your wives and children. Allah u Akbar!” The U.N., just like NATO must realize that nothing short of a force of arms is going to stop these Muslim fanatics. For without doubt, if they do establish their own country (Caliphate), they will then turn on their neighbours, and eventually us!

The Public's View Of NATO Action Against I.S.

The International Public’s View Of NATO Action Against I.S.

In these desperate times when Muslim fanaticism is spreading across the globe I am very glad that someone like Barack Obama has the foresight to initiate some positive action against these people.

American Air Strike

American Air Strike

While the American contribution has been going on for several weeks in the form of air strikes, I cannot say that the U.K.’s contribution has been as bold, for they have been dropping plates, knives, forks and spoons and frying pans to the beleaguered people “so they can eat”. The Americans and French have dropped arms to the Kurds who seem to be the only people capable of standing up to these killers. It is known that in many cases the Iraqi Army soldiers have dropped their weapons and run when attacked by elements of I.S.

The British Public's View

The British Public’s View

There can be little doubt that nothing less than a force of arms is going to rid the world of these fanatical killers. They must be wiped out to a man or they will come back and haunt us again in the future.

The U.N. - A Toothless Tiger

The U.N. – A Toothless Tiger

It bothers me that the U.N. proves yet again what a toothless tiger it really is. This body, trusted with world peace, should at the beginning have made it plain that either these people stop their activities and go home, or an international force of such size will be sent in to wipe them out. The same goes for Boko Haram, al-Shebab, al Quada, the Taliban and any other upstart group who thinks they can subjugate the people to their will.

We need serious action from the U.N., not years of ceaseless babble that does nothing for anyone.


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