Driver-less Cars and Something No-one Has Thought of Yet.

I was sitting here reading about driver-less cars being allowed on roads in the United Kingdom, and a thought struck me (No, it didn’t hurt).

There seems to be one aspect of driver-less cars that no-one seems to have thought out yet. How do you insure such a car?

Suppose you are reading the newspaper behind the wheel of your trusted driver-less car and there is a failure on a circuit board somewhere and you hit another car?

My thought was, who pays for the damage to the other guys car, and  yours. Most will think, “Oh it will be my insurance”, but, when the circuit failure is found you may not be the one to get the bill.

Now the big question comes, if there is an electronic failure with the car that leads to an accident, who pays, your insurance or the car manufacturer?

The insurance companies have a lot of work on their hands rewriting their policies for accidents when it come to this new phenomenon, and I think it will be tricky.

Either way, if you buy one – Good Luck!


2 Responses to “Driver-less Cars and Something No-one Has Thought of Yet.”

  1. That’s a good point. When I read about driverless cars (which were developed by Google and tested here in my state of California, USA first), and when I saw the promotional video of people getting to test out the cars, I was struck by a scary thought. Maybe it’s wildly “conspiracy theorist”, but there’s a dangerous potential for these cars. Since they are labelled as safer cars (since the computer/navigational system is responsible, not humans, who can speed, make wrong judgements, or be driving while impaired), what if the privilege to drive by hand was eventually taken away? And what if we weren’t allowed to drive to certain places (i.e., poor areas) because it was deemed “unsafe”? Also, if everybody is driving the same car, and it’s all controlled by computers, what’s to stop them from only having one radio station for you to listen to, which is thinly veiled propaganda? I don’t know. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. But there’s something that’s deeply unsettling to me about these driverless cars.


    • Hi Kristina,
      It’s nice to have you back. You certainly bring up some interesting points that probably no-one has thought of yet. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what develops.
      Best Regards,


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