ISIS Now In North Africa

ISIS is still operating in Iraq and Syria, but now they have landed on the Mediterranean shores in Morocco. A local news item shows that nine members of ISIS have been arrested by Moroccan Police in the cities of Fes, Tetouan and Fnideq.

Morocco - Loved By Tourists

Morocco – Loved By Tourists

In all three cities the insurgents were working to recruit new members to their cause who would be sent to fight in Iraq and Syria. It is reported that some of the group also visited Cueta, one of two Spanish colonies on the North African coast. To date, Morocco has seen little or no insurgent activity compared to other North and Central African countries like Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Somalia or Kenya for example.

ISIS Fighters in Morocco

ISIS Fighters in Morocco

By working together, the Spanish and Moroccan authorities have found evidence that attacks were planned on Moroccan soil in the near future, and who is to say they would not eventually have spilled over into Europe.

From the evidence there can be little doubt that ISIS is spreading its influence among the Muslim people. As with other insurgent groups, its about converting as many young Muslims to their cause as possible.

Impressionable Muslim youth in many countries have been persuaded to go and fight in Iraq or Syria for the insurgents, even from European countries, so it is no big surprise they have begun a similar campaign in North African states.

The Dream of ISIS

The Dream of ISIS

Whether we like it of not, the Islamic insurgency has spread rapidly across the world, and without international cooperation there will be little we can do to stop it. Who would have expected Chinese Muslims to begin a campaign of violence with the view to over-throwing the government. China, with its authoritarian control would be the last country you would expect a Muslim insurgency, but it now exists, such are the changing times.

For the last twenty years the world has suffered upheaval and tens of thousands of deaths because of Muslims who believe the entire world must become Muslim. It is an impossible dream, but so long as clerics continue to preach their message of hate against ‘infidels’ in the mosques it will never change.

ISIS Mass Execution  - For Wearing Football Shirts

ISIS Mass Execution – For Wearing Football Shirts

I for one find it sad that the United Nations can only think of putting useless embargo’s on terrorist groups instead of making plans for an international effort to wipe them out. What have they done to rescue the 300 girls kidnapped in Nigeria?

They ‘condemned’ the action, expressed their ‘horror’, then imposed arms and economic sanctions on the group, as if that would have any influence on them operating. Does the U.N. think that Boko Haram go to the local supermarket to buy arms, and that all their money is in an account at the local bank labelled ‘Boko Haram’? Its pathetic.

I have said many times before that the only way to stop this insurrection is to form a United Nations Army with representation from every country to root out these people in whatever country and to annihilate them. Only then will the world be able to live in peace again.

Ah well, one can only hope that eventually the politicians get off their fat backsides and start taking some positive and worthwhile action against this vermin. I live in hope!



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