Yet More Illegals – What To Do?

The headline today is of  illegal immigrants who got into the country in a freight container from Belgium. One died. The sad thing is, this is symptomatic of the desperate measures these people will go to just to get into Britain.

Desperate To Reach Europe

Desperate To Reach Europe

Most have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to reach the southern shores of Europe, and then head straight for Britain. The intervening countries like Italy, France etc. do not seem to be bothered, just so long as they are heading for Britain and do not settle in their own country.

Hopping A Train Through the Eurotunnel

Hopping A Train Through the Eurotunnel

Once on the northern shores of France or Belgium they look for any way to get across the Channel into Britain. Many containers have been found to hide illegals, sometimes because the driver has been paid off. Many have tried to get in by clinging to the underside of trucks or even walking through the Eurotunnel that connects Devon with the French coast.

Tony Blair - Probably The Most Hated Man In Brtian

Tony Blair – Probably The Most Hated Man In Brtian

The one common thing they all have is the desire to live in Britain! Any sensible person would have to ask why they would spurn the chance to settle in the first country they arrive in, which is in accordance with International Law. First of all getting accepted into Britain is a piece of cake, thanks to the traitor Tony Blair and his acolytes who threw open our borders to any Tom, Dick, or Harry that felt like living here. Secondly, as everyone knows, we throw around handouts in the form of benefits to anyone who is even vaguely interested in having them.

All immigrants get housed, fed and clothed at the expense of the UK tax payer while our own people line up at soup kitchens and cannot find a house to live in.

Having read the news item, the responses from readers were no surprise at all:

“As sad as this case is the illegals must not be granted asylum or provisional leave to stay in the U.K. That will only further encourage the several thousand waiting at Calais and the many thousands who cross the Mediterranean each week from the N.African coast to Italy.
Neither France nor Italy are seen as desirable countries by these illegals because they do not have the generous welfare benefits that are routinely handed out in this country. In fact the Italians and French seem more than happy to see them move on to the U.K.

This small island is stuffed full with an estimated 3 million non E.U. citizens having been encouraged to come into the country by Blair and Brown under the perverse guise of “multiculturalism.” The last census shows a population increase of 8 million in a decade. The effect on hospitals, schools, housing, welfare and social unrest is obvious and yet this current government is so in thrall to the European Court of human Rights and the Immigration Industry that it cannot even deport vicious criminals let alone illegal immigrants. I despair at the once Great Britain that my white grand children will inherit or, more likely, in which they become a minority race.”

Another entry reads:

“This whole fiasco is becoming a joke.My daughter lives in Spain and she said over 1000 arrived in boats just over 3 days last week, they are questioned and released but all are aiming for the UK. We must stop this inflow as we are creaking at the seams now. Stop all benefits of any type to anyone who has not paid in for at least 2 years and this might deter people from the land of milk and honey.”

These are just a snapshot of what the ordinary people are saying on the subject of immigration, and its clear the people want the government to shut the borders firmly against these people.

EU Immigration

EU Immigration

I am well aware they are suffering in their own land and want a better life, who doesn’t, but Britain has reached saturation point and it has to stop. If the European countries are so hell bent on helping these people then let countries like Poland, Chechnya, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland and many other European lands take their share. The western countries like Britain, France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark have more than their fair share.

Our government needs to set a precedent by making a it a rule that no immigrant is entitled to benefits until they have paid into the system for a minimum of three years.

Begging On The Streets

British Man Begging On The Streets

The ones found in the container were immediately whisked off the hospital where they received immediate treatment, food and clothing while the queuing local people were told to wait. I have no qualms about them being given medical aid if they are sick but its like the whole system just dropped everything else and concentrated on them because they were illegals.

The big question now is what will happen to these people and the thousands like them? The way our stupid government  works, instead of being sent back where they came from they will receive housing, clothing, medical care, benefits, and most probably British citizenship and a passport all for free and then be allowed to settle here permanently.

 That is the big mistake our government always makes, for such treatment encourages others to come here in their tens of thousands. No other European country is so free with handouts, and that is why they all want to come here.

Naturally, the EU Open Border Policy is as much to blame as anything else, which is another good reason to get out now so we can at least control our own borders.

Middle East Curse

Middle East Curse

One thing the European Parliament has to understand, is that within the next ten years or so much of the Middle East, and almost the whole of North Africa, will be trying to get into Europe for a better life. The insurgent problems in this whole region are driving people out of their homeland and the one obvious sanctuary is Europe. It is of course not only the insurgents, but also Climate Change that is making many parts of Africa uninhabitable.

While I sympathise with the plight of these poor people with no further prospects of the good life they once had, to stop the steady flow of refugees to Europe, it behoves us to help them in a way that they can continue to live in their own land. All of these problems world-wide are the result of our uncaring attitude to the planet and what it needs from us.

Water In The Desert

Water In The Desert

There can be little doubt that Europe cannot house the entire inhabitants of North Africa and the Middle East, not to mention Pakistan and India,  on top of our own, so we must help in the ways I have described. Let us jointly work towards providing water to the parched desert areas where the inhabitants try to grow crops.

Environmentalists say the best way to save whole areas of Africa from drought is to plant trees that will change the weather patterns and bring back the rain. They will also hold the Sahara desert at bay. Sure, it will take perhaps a millions trees, but we have the resources, and the time, just!

So far as the Middle East is concerned, we need an International Brigade of fighters to go into Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia and any other country where these insurgents are fighting, and wipe them out to a man. It does no good just to ‘cut off the head of the snake’ because it will immediately grow another one. There will never be peace in the world so long as these fanatics are alive.

UN Army - Perhaps To Fight Global Terrorism?

UN Army – Perhaps To Fight Global Terrorism?

Every problem has a cause and a cure, and so far as the mass immigration to Britain and the rest of Europe is concerned we must be seen to tackle the cause of why these people wish to come here. Our island is full to bursting and the indigenous people are suffering heavily to cater for those who are fleeing adversity. All the western countries are suffering the same problems to a greater or lessor degree, and we the rich nations of the world, need to take a positive stand to help these people so they they will no longer need to come to our shores.

I am aware that its easy to sit here and write this stuff, but unless the right action is taken by all nations to eradicate these problems, humanity is headed for its own destruction.


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