An Open Letter to the United Nations

For more than twelve years the world has had to deal with the problem of Muslim insurgency, and it has spread like wildfire since the 9/11 attack in New York. The list of countries being attacked either from within, or outside by these Muslim extremists gets longer year by year, and yet no-one seems able to come up with a plan to deal with it on a global scale. To try and negotiate with these people is a waste of breath.

Islamic Militants In China

Islamic Militants In China

There can be little doubt that it is now a global problem, for these extremists operate in countries from China to the USA and everywhere in-between, and although some western countries have attempted to solve the problem in the Middle East for example, they have been weak and uncoordinated in the extreme.

Coalition Forces in Afghanistan

Coalition Forces in Afghanistan

I give you as an example the strikes that the Coalition Forces carried out in an attempt to crush the Taliban in Afghanistan. These forces carried out a sweep of the southern part of the country, but as usual, the Taliban fighters just faded away over the border into Pakistan. Later, the Pakistan Military also tried to get rid of them, although they did not enter all the north-west territories, which again allowed the Taliban to remain for the great part untouched.

My point is, that had the western and Pakistan sweeps been coordinated and the two forces had gone all the way to the border, the Taliban would have been left with no place to hide. In just this situation they could have been wiped out almost to man and that would have removed a huge burden from the backs of both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Simplistic I know, but the effort would have had better success with a more coordinated plan.

But what of other countries like those in Africa that are being overrun by extremist groups like Boko Haram and al Shebab etc. Boko Haram kidnapped over 300 school girls some months ago, but what coordinated action has been taken to find these poor girls? So far there is nothing to report.

ISIS Killers

ISIS Killers

The same dangerous situation is happening at the moment in Syria and Iraq where ISIS have taken over a huge swathe of both countries and established their own caliphate. They are taking more and more ground daily, but no-one seems capable of stopping them.

The famous ‘Arab Spring’ in countries like Libya, Tunisia etc. is far from over because the extremists are still trying to gain control of these countries by spreading violence on a grand scale. You can be assured that peace will never come to all these Middle East countries until the insurgents are either in control, or beaten!

So, what should the U.N. do about this situation? In my view, the only answer is for the United Nations to start acting like the protecting international body it is supposed to be, and stop beating about the bush!

Boko Haram

Boko Haram

What the world needs right now is an international force to go from country to country, city to city, town to town and track down and totally destroy all these insurgent groups wherever they are found until there are none left. A tall order maybe, but impossible – No! Not if all countries, including Islamic nations,  are willing to work together to rid the world of these parasites.

Until this world-wide scourge is eradicated there will be no more peace in the world, because these people are religious fanatics and there is nothing worse. Their idea is that the whole world must be Islamic, and they will not cease until it is so – or they are dead! So why don’t we oblige them by eradicating them completely so mankind can get back to living in relative peace.

Two of the obvious places to start would be Iraq and Nigeria. Send in perhaps 50 or 60 thousand men with representation from every country to Iraq and take the battle to ISIS. Wipe them from the face of the earth until they are but a whisper in history. With assistance from Syrian Forces they can be cleared from there also.

Once the force has cleaned up there perhaps two or three thousand troops can be sent to Nigeria to surround the positions in the jungle held by Boko Haram. With everyone moving in from all sides they will have no place to run and then they should be wiped out to a man.

One important point is that once these missions have been accomplished, all troops would leave the country so there is no argument with the leaders of that country. It would be a simple in-out operation for all concerned with no efforts being made to influence the politics of the said country.

Muslims Behead A Christian Child In Thailand

Muslims Behead A Christian Child In Thailand

I rather think that two such bold moves may well put the wind up other insurgent groups who will begin to get the idea that they cannot win. It does not matter which countries are struck, be it Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, India, or even China, where there are insurgents, that’s where the force goes.

This is an international problem and it will take international will and power to solve it. Only when every Muslim terrorist is dead will there be any chance for peace in the world. If no international cooperation is achieved on this issue it will go on long after I am dead, and probably many of you too.

The people of the world demand peace, and the only international body capable of achieving this is the United Nations.

The world should look to the people of the United Nations Council for an answer to these terrorist threats, and they must begin working together for the common good of all mankind. Ever since the Korean War, the United Nations has been nothing more than a talking shop, executing no real influence on world affairs, just blah blah blah!

Like I said: Blah, Blah, Blah! No determined, united military action to stop the terrorists.

The UN:- Talk Talk Talk But No Action

The UN:- Talk Talk Talk But No Action

The U.N. does little more than verbally ‘condemn’ these acts of terrorism and as you can imagine, this is like water off a duck’s back to the insurgents. ‘Condemning’ is not enough, it is time for direct international action against these parasites!

It is past time that this international body started living up to the ideals set out by its creator Winston Churchill at the end of the Second World War. To look at it now Winston would be turning in his grave!

Come to think of it, if direct action is not taken soon I may well end up turning in mine!


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