The Hard-Hitting Truth About Gaza

It would seem that proof of Hamas’s real intentions have at last come to light. I have been writing here for some time that Israel should not be blamed for all the bloodshed in Gaza and it would seem I was right.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem

Mordechai Ben-Menachem

I received in an e-mail a copy of a piece written by Mordechai Ben-Menachem that shines the spotlight on the real intentions of Hamas and the insurgents. Yes! I know, the writer is an Israeli, but that does not make the piece a lie! Please read it and then make up your mind::

Multiple media outlets report that Hamas’s offensive tunnel network – now known to have been composed of over forty attack tunnels dug underneath Israel’s border with the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip – was set to be activated during the Jewish High Holidays (September 24th) as a mass terror attack.

The attack was meant to generate as many as ten thousand casualties, men, women and particularly children and hundreds of captives.  Explosives were particularly placed underneath kindergartens to make certain that these “institutions” would be the first struck, even before any thing else.

The IDF recently published the below map showing that tunnels were created in pairs, to empty out on both sides of nearby communities.  The known cost of the infrastructure – each tunnel costs upward of some $1 million – clearly shows that Hamas was planning a coordinated mega-attack.  It must be understood that use of even one tunnel would inevitably trigger Israeli retaliation against the entire network.

Map Showing the Gaza Militants Tunnels Into Israel

Map Showing the Gaza Militants Tunnels Into Israel

Revelations regarding the planned tunnel attack magnitude played a decisive role in the Israeli government’s rejection of a ceasefire proposed late Friday by Secretary of State John Kerry.

John Kerry

John Kerry

Unbelievably, Kerry actually proposed in his latest “cease-fire proposal” – none of which have been honoured by Hamas so far – that Israel refrains from degrading remaining attack tunnels.  This mind-boggling concept would necessarily be rejected by any sane government, of any country.

Israeli security sources, citing information acquired in interrogations of captured brigands, described a scenario under which hundreds of heavily armed Hamas fighters would have spilled out into Israel in the dead of night and within 10 minutes been positioned to infiltrate essentially all Israeli communities surrounding the Gaza Strip.  Waiting then in hiding until schools and kindergartens were occupied, the terrorists would then attempt to kill the children first, and then kill and kidnap as many Israelis as possible.  The plot was set to take place during Jewish New Year, on September 24.

“It’s like the Underground, the Metro or the Subway,” Israeli military spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner said. “These tunnels are all connected. I would describe it as Lower Gaza.”

Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett said, “A whole city of terror tunnels has been found.  Without the ground operation, we would have woken up one day to an Israeli 9/11.”

Except, the actual objective was to be five times 9/11.


Tunnel Construction

Tunnel Construction

Israeli military officials reported that the tunnels are stocked with tranquilizers, handcuffs, syringes, ropes and other materials used for subduing abductees, civilians and soldiers.  The tunnels also had fantastic quantities of explosives and additional military material meant to be used in the up-coming mega attack.  Much of these explosives had already been placed underneath Israeli kindergartens.  Some of these tunnels were as deep as 30 meters underground.


Tons of Explosives Destined to Blow Up Israeli Schools

Tons of Explosives Destined to Blow Up Israeli Schools

Sources say the Gaza Strip war, Operation Protective Edge, could serve as a prelude for a more extensive underground war with the Iranian-sponsored Hezbollah.  Perhaps, not ‘just’ in the Middle East.

The tunnels inside Gaza and under the Israeli border are not a secret project Hamas ran under the noses of Israel and the Palestinian public. Everyone in Gaza, knew that beneath Gaza, the City and all of its environs, a network of tunnels was being dug over the past five years, with an investment of tens of millions of dollars.  Yet no one in Israel, public or military, was prepared for the scope of the tunnels – the danger that became clear in the past week or two.

Senior Hamas Official Gives a Guided Tour.  Some Palestinians Even Got Married In The Tunnels

Senior Hamas Official Gives a Guided Tour.
Some Palestinians Even Got Married In The Tunnels

In order to create this monstrosity, Hamas needed significant professional help; and this help had to have come from a large organization or state entity.  This is not just the monetary aid it received from Qatar, America’s ally.  This is professional guidance for the performance of such an underground feat.  Perhaps Hamas could have used experts from the tunnels dug at Rafah under the Gaza-Egypt border, but those were significantly simpler, and did not demand any extraordinary investment or effort.

Tunnel Entrance

Tunnel Entrance

Who supplied these quantities of material?  Who planned what would be needed?  How did Hamas acquire thousands of ampoules of tranquilizer, syringes and other additional drugs to be used?  These are far beyond the quantities and variety of what is needed by any civilian medical service.

How was all this brought in to the Gaza Strip?  The logistics of this planned attack are the work of a well-organised military, not that of a militia or club.  This was no amateur plan.

Even Palestinian Women were used.

Even Palestinian Women were used.

Observers note that attack scenarios lined up with recently revealed data about the sophistication, scope and nature of the offensive tunnel network.  As previously reported, this sophistication and know-how is being copied right now by Mexico-based Hezbollah agents along the Southern US border.  Tunnels in Southern Lebanon, as in South US, are significantly more difficult to detect than those in the sandy terrain of the Gaza Strip.

“Hamas planned these tunnels for years, and planned to use them to kidnap soldiers,” Israeli military spokesman Brig. Gen. Mordechai Almoz said. “[Now] they see the tunnels collapsing one after the other.”  For the last two years, the Israeli army has sought to develop skills and equipment to fight in enemy tunnels and bunkers.  Hamas and Islamic Jihad have used tunnels to operate command and control, to infiltrate Israel and abduct soldiers, to fire rockets and to conceal fighters amid the invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Mordechai Ben-Menachem is a former researcher/lecturer at Ben-Gurion University and an author of 30 book ranging from engineering to poetry. He is also an ordained clergyman and a former soldier.

I am well aware that many will say this is just Israeli propaganda, but, it takes Hamas more than half a year to build a tunnel, and there are at least forty of them that have been found so far. As said in the piece, the estimated cost per tunnel is €1m so everyone can see where all the Aid Money given to Gaza has gone. One can also see where all the humanitarian aid has gone, not to the people, but to building these tunnels.

As stated, the people of Palestine were not ignorant of the work going on beneath their feet and this has been going on for over five  years.

Would YOU Like To See These Children Blown To Kingdom Come?

Would YOU Like To See These Children Blown To Kingdom Come?

Can you even for a moment imagine the terror, fear and confusion that would have ensued from the planned action of blowing up children in Kindergartens and schools, and the mass killing and kidnapping of civilians? Now put that against the lies and deceit put out by Hamas during the current conflict which they are orchestrating by maximizing civilian casualties!

What is making the whole episode worse is the biased attentions of the UN. Many people tried to shut this man up at a UN Meeting on Palestine.

For crying out loud people! Don’t be so naive! I wonder what the reaction of politicians, the UN and the public would have been if these terror attacks had actually taken place? There can be no doubt that many would still blame Israel, saying that Gaza was defending itself! This action, if it had taken place, would have been one of the biggest war crimes since the Second World War! But there again, most of the uninformed, shallow-minded people in the West would have blamed Israel!

I am not Israeli, nor do I sympathize with them, I just look objectively at the facts and draw my own conclusions. It would help world peace if more did that instead of following blindly the bullshit put out by terrorists and the Press.


My sincere thanks to Mordechai Ben-Menachem and The Daily Caller newspaper that first published this story. It has certainly shed a lot of new light on the current Middle East problems.


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