Gaza, The Road To Nowhere

Gaza is till topping the headlines with everyone complaining about the Palestinian casualties. I am going to show you some reasons why people should not be so quick to condemn Israel.

Pictures So Loved By The Press

Picture Of Child Casualty So Loved By The Press

All the major news channels and newspapers are crying out for the Israeli’s to stop the shelling of Gaza city because of the civilian casualties. What people do not take the time and trouble to find out is that the casualties, while deplorable, are being orchestrated by Hamas in order to gain the world’s sympathy. As I have said in earlier posts, anyone who cares to go back over the history of the last ten years or so will find this has happened on an almost regular basis.

Just What al Quada Wants

Just What al Quada Wants

Firstly, people are condemning Israel for bombing civilian areas of the city but this is unjust. Why, because the Hamas fighters are deliberately firing off their rockets on Israel from in the middle of crowded civilian areas and UN facilities. Large stores of rockets have been found inside UN schools and even hospitals, so-called safe havens for the civilians.

These are Hamas fighters firing off mortars at Israeli troops from the grounds of a UN school. The film may be old, but Hamas are doing exactly the same thing today because they do not care for the safety of their children.

Strange how the TV teams and reporters seem to ignore these cases.

Hamas Rockets

Hamas Rockets

So you see, Hamas are not the lily-white victims of the onslaught from Israel. It is war there, and if you were an Israeli fighting in Gaza and someone starts firing mortars or rockets at you you retaliate do you not? I doubt if many of the Hamas sympathizers around the world would say: “It’s OK we cannot stop it because there is a school nearby”. If you are getting shot at it is only reasonable to shoot back.

All the civilian deaths in Gaza are part of a cruel and inhuman plan by Hamas to gain the world’s sympathy and blacken the reputation of Israel. For Hamas, civilian casualties are their favourite weapon against the might of Israel, and they use it to the full. The more the bodies pile up, the more sympathy they gain from all the gullible governments and people in this world.

As I have said before, I am neither Israeli, nor do I sympathise with their cause, I am a bystander who looks beyond the grotesquely inaccurate headlines and think for myself rather than just follow the herd in blaming Israel.

Hamas Tunnel

Hamas Tunnel

One important task the Israeli Army has is to destroy the numerous tunnels the insurgents have built to gain access to Israel from where they can carry out attacks on Israeli citizens. These have been used to great effect by Hamas fighters in numerous hit-and-run raids into Israel.

You will notice in this last report that to build a tunnel costs an estimated $2m, money that could be used to house and feed the population, Also, the materials used were requested as aid to rebuild hospitals and such like. So much for Humanitarian Aid! Do you still think Hamas are innocent? Hamas has over a hundred tunnels, not just at the Israeli border, but also at the border with Egypt through which they smuggle their rockets, mortar shells and ammunition. Work out for yourself what it all costs, and look at how the people of Gaza live! Hamas would much rather buy arms with which to fight Israel than look after their own people.

Hamas are demanding the blockade of Palestine be lifted by the Israeli’s, but think back to why it was put in place initially. Hamas were transporting huge amounts of arms and ammunition into Gaza to be used in their fight against Israel. That’s why the blockade was put in place.

Israel Too Counts The Cost

Israel Too Counts The Cost

People, you have to think for yourselves and not blindly follow all the Press reports, and UN reports I might add, in blaming Israel for this catastrophe. This scenario has been repeated many times in the past ten years and it is time for good people to take a look at what is really happening. Hamas started this conflict by firing rockets into Israel, so what would you expect our armed forces to do if these rockets rained down on your town or city? I doubt very few would just take it and do nothing, while the majority would be screaming for the army to put a stop to it.

Take your mind back a few months and you will remember that this whole scenario was played out last year. It only stops when they have run out of rockets. Once they do, its time to ask for a cease-fire and then the smuggling starts for fresh supplies.

Israel has been accused of bombing a hospital causing many casualties among civilians sheltering there. After it was found out that Hamas was storing and firing rockets from the hospital Israeli Forces told everyone to leave. They received confirmation of  this before firing on the building. Sadly it was another Hamas lie and Israel was blamed for the deaths that followed.

What Is The Arab League Doing To End The Conflict?

What Is The Arab League Doing To End The Conflict?

Ask yourself why Hamas is always using civilians as shields when they fight the Israeli’s? Why are they firing their rockets and mortars from deep within civilian populated areas? The Press and the general public are having the wool pulled over their collective eyes by this mob of barbarians.

Pictures So Loved By The Press

Pictures So Loved By The Press

After all the bloodshed that has been spilled by insurgent and terrorist groups do you really think they care about civilian casualties? They are more than willing to blow themselves up with a suicide vest and think nothing of it, so why should they worry about the death of a few hundred civilians? It is all good propaganda for them because the world looks on with watering eyes and blames the horrid aggressor Israel.

As you have seen, I am not the only person to see through the veil of deceit that has been woven by Hamas around this affair. Thankfully even some Arabic countries can see the deceit of Hamas. This from Egyptian TV:

Aftermath Of Suicide Bomber In Jerusalem

Aftermath Of Suicide Bomber In Jerusalem

As of today, yet another ceasefire has been broken when Hamas fighters used a tunnel to gain access to Israel and a suicide bomber detonated himself to kill some Israeli soldiers. There is also speculation that a soldier has been abducted, no doubt to be used as a bargaining chip by Hamas.

Hamas Leader - He Makes Sure He Is Safe!

Hamas Leader – He Makes Sure He Is Safe!

Part of the reason why many agreed cease-fires break down is I believe, because the leaders of Hamas are not in complete control of all of their fighters. There are several factions fighting under the name of Hamas, but each has its own leadership and way of bringing the fight to Israel. There are those who will never agree to any peace settlement arranged between Hamas and Israel because they will not stop fighting until Israel is wiped from the map and the whole world is Muslim. All across the world there are groups such as these who will not stop fighting until they are either dead or in total charge. Many speculate that should they reach their objective they will then begin fighting among themselves  as in Iraq.

So from me, the message is, don’t fall for all the Hamas propaganda you see on TV or in the Press. Don’t jump on Israel for trying to defend its people from the audacious attacks from Hamas. They can be grateful they have their missile defence system, the Iron Dome, for without it the casualties would have been horrific in Israel too. As I have said already in earlier posts, if the people of Palestine want to live in peace, then stop firing the rockets!


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