The Losing Battle Against Jihad

UK Muslim Youth Protesting

UK Muslim Youth Protesting

Due to a lack of positive action by the government, Britain is rapidly losing the ‘war’ against Muslim jihadists, and we stand a good chance of seeing a wave of terrorist strikes in our country before long. Almost daily I read in the press about young impressionable Muslim youth who are being persuaded to go and fight in Syria or Iraq for the terrorist organizations there.

At Least 150 Austalian Muslims Fighting In Iraq

At Least 150 Austalian Muslims Fighting In Iraq

These young men are being turned into hardened terrorists by organizations like al Quada and ISIS, and the Cameron government seems either reluctant or afraid  to take the drastic measures required to put a stop to this.

Big Enough To Hold A Gun- You Fight For The Cause

Big Enough To Hold A Gun- You Fight For The Cause

In the news today is a report about a young Muslim boy, with possibly a bright future ahead of him in computer science, who according to his father has gone to Iraq to fight for ISIS. Rahim Kalantar is convinced that his eighteen year old son Ali was radicalized by the Imam in their local mosque and told it was his duty to go and fight for Islam. Now where have I heard that before?

Although news agencies tried to contact the Imam for comment, he denied the accusations and refused an interview. I guess he is keeping a very low profile now that he has been found out.

Is this really what we want on our streets?

Abu Hamsa Preaching Hate On The Streets Of London

Abu Hamsa Preaching Hate On The Streets Of London

Law enforcement agencies in the UK know about many of these radical preachers but don’t seem to want to do anything about them. Maybe they fear a ten-year battle to deport them like the Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa farces, two men who made a mockery of both British, and European Law.

Ali is by no means the only one who has been ‘tricked’ into fighting for the insurgents. Reyaad Khan and Nasser Muthana among others featured in an internet recruitment video for ISIS (See Top Video).

ISIS In Action In Syria

ISIS In Action In Syria

Today it is estimated that in excess of 500 young Muslims from Britain are now fighting for this terror group in Iraq and Syria, and it is certain this number will continue to grow unless the government take immediate positive steps to stop it.

Arrest Of A Muslim Extremeist

Arrest Of A Muslim Extremist

These young men are not only being recruited to fight for the insurgents, but many are being radicalized to make attacks on this country when they return home. Admittedly, it can be difficult to track down these people once they are back here, which is why they should be prevented from returning in the first place. Once proof has been obtained that these youths are in fact fighting for radical Islam, their passports should immediately be revoked and a watch kept at all entry points where they must be refused entry back into the UK. To prevent them circumventing this order using Brussels ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Religious Discrimination’ Laws there should be no arrest or trial, they are simply sent back to where they came from.

This action will also serve as a warning to any other Muslim youths who are thinking of following this path in the name of Islam. When they know they will never see their family in this country again if they leave, it may well act as a deterrent.

So Far As Do-Gooders Are Concerned This Speaks For Itself!

So Far As ‘Do-Gooders’ Are Concerned This Speaks For Itself!

Harsh and authoritarian? I can hear the self-righteous ‘do-gooders’ right now screaming about Human Rights, and how could we be so callous as to separate a son from his parents! I can also imagine the self-righteous indignation from Brussels at how dare we flout the Human Rights Laws like this.

But look at the other side of the coin. Do we really want to see our citizens murdered in the way the Iraqi and Syrian people are, with car bombs and suicide bombers in crowded shopping centres? Do we really want to see our people murdered on the streets like Lee Rigby? Think about it Mr. Cameron!

After Ten Years, Abu Qatada Finally Gets Deported To Jordan

After Ten Years, Abu Qatada Finally Gets Deported To Jordan

A large part of this bitter battle is of course the Muslim preachers who convince these young men to throw away their lives in a useless struggle. More emphasis must be made to track down these evil people and remove them from the country. Once proof has been acquired there should be no trial, but simply kick them out and never let them back in.

This Is How Its Done!

This Is How Its Done!

I am well aware it is easy to sit at a computer and say ‘how things ought to be’, but western civilization is on the brink of fighting for its very life at the moment. We let these people into the country in their millions thanks to the traitor Tony Blair and  his government, and now we are seeing a gradual takeover of our country from the inside. It is time we let these people know we are not going to take this lying down and began fighting back. I just hope people begin to listen before it is too late.

Muslim Violence In Belgium

Muslim Violence In Belgium

Britain is of course not the only European country suffering with this problem. France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark among others are all having the same problems with Muslim youth. It is estimated that combined, there are perhaps 2000 European youths fighting for the insurgency. Those that survive the fighting will come back to their home country, and many will have been radicalized to the point where they begin attacks in their home country.

The Man Who Must Find The Answers - Before Its Too Late!

The Man Who Must Find The Answers – Before Its Too Late!

If the countries of Europe do not unite to fight this menace we will see bloodshed on the streets, and once established these people will be hard to eradicate, especially under the cock-eyed laws that exist today. I for one hope that Mr. Cameron has the balls to take some tough decisions on this problem and lead the way in Europe when it comes to fighting this menace. If Britain takes a tough stance with these people I am sure that other countries suffering the same problem will quickly follow suit. One thing is certain, if Islam does manage to conquer Europe from the inside, you can bet your last dollar that America will be next!

Come on Mr Cameron. Show us you have balls! (And I don’t mean that literally David!!!)


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