Teenage Thrillseekers

'L'Eau ou Au Resto'Why on earth do teenagers today feel it necessary to do things that would class them in any normal society as nutcases? I read with some amusement, and then sadness about the latest craze among teens with nothing better to do with their lives. It’s called ‘L’Eau ou Au Resto’ and involves throwing themselves fully clothed into a river or canal. Why?

To me, and I am old and past foolish things, that the current generation are so bored out of their gourds with modern life that they have to do these strange things.

MilkingYes, I hear you say, but we did stupid things in our day, but never anything close to what today’s youth are up to. For example, we would think you belonged in the nuthouse if you went to a supermarket, bought a five litre bottle of milk and poured it over yourself on the pavement outside, the so-called ‘Milking ‘ craze of last year.

With regard to this year’s craze, police are warning of the dangers of such an act as at least one person has been killed and several injured trying it.

'L'Eau ou Au Resto'The one who died was a nineteen year-old from Beganne in France who tied his bicycle to his leg because he did not want to lose it when he rode into the river. Unfortunately for him the water was 20ft deep and the weight of the cycle dragged him down and he drowned. The whole episode was filmed by a friend. I wonder what he must have thought when the man did not reappear.

Several people have been seriously injured trying these stunts also. One middle-aged man tried to launch himself into a river but slipped and hit his head on rocks causing severe head trauma.

A young woman wanted to take a jump off a pier but because she was wearing high heels she slipped and hit her legs as she went into the water.

Balcony JumpingThis latest craze is not as bad as the balcony jumping phase that silly teenagers went through a couple of years ago. This involved jumping from high hotel or apartment block balcony’s into a swimming pool below. This caused very many fatalities among young people who fell to their death because they missed the pool, or slipped before they were ready.

FacebookTo stop such idiotic crazes is almost impossible, because they spread like wildfire on sites such as Facebook. Some idiot has a stupid idea, films it and puts it on the website and before you know it, everyone is at it. For some strange reason it has become a ‘Badge of Honour’ thing and our malcontent youth can’t wait to try it. There are videos of ‘L’Eau ou Au Resto’ on YouTube but to be honest, they are not worth a view. They are in French so it is clear where this fad originated.

Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to guessing what the next craze will be. Maybe it will be something completely off the wall like getting a job. But I guess that is too much to ask for.

Ah well! Roll on the day when sanity returns to the human race!


5 Responses to “Teenage Thrillseekers”

  1. I don’t understand why my generation do these weird crazes either. I’m a blogger too, do you mind checking my blog out? Thanks 🙂


    • Hi Natalya,
      Nice of you to drop by. I must admit this craze baffles me too, but I guess they all feel they need to do ‘something different’ because blending in and behaving normally is ‘for the birds’. Its a part of the crazy fashions they have like wearing their jeans a fraction of an inch above their private parts because to wear them normally is simply ‘normal’ and they don’t want to be that. I will certainly drop by your blog.
      Best Regards,


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