The Quagmire Of Our Education System

For centuries the British education system has been faith based, which is not surprising in a Christian country, but is it time to put an end to this system? In years gone by we were all Christians and the idea of educating our children in this way was perfectly acceptable. Now however, times have changed for the worse and we are a collection of different faiths living under the same roof.

British Christian School

British Christian School

After Tony Blair’s savage destruction of everything British with his ‘open door’ immigration policy, we have degenerated into a mix of many religions but still hang on to Christian schools in our education system.

By far the biggest problem is that of Muslim immigrants who do not want to send their children to a Christian school, and when you consider it carefully, this is perfectly understandable. Parents do not want their children educated within a system that upholds the Christian religion anymore than a Christian family wants to send their offspring to a Muslim school. Another non-Christian section among us is the Hindu people, which in fact prompted this post.

Religious Affiliation In Britain

Religious Affiliation In Britain

Plans are afoot to build the first all-Hindu secondary modern school in England, which if it goes ahead, will be built in Harrow. From this initial act I can see the country will soon be infested with schools based on many different faiths. The big question is, should we accept this? Is there not a better way?

It is widespread knowledge that in towns and cities like Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford, the Muslims are making an underhand effort to take over Christian schools. They are doing this by blackening the reputation of head teachers and staff in order to install their own after their dismissal. They are then turning them into places of learning based on the Islamic faith. Should this succeed, Christian children will be educated on Muslim principles which are far removed from those of Christians. It must be said that no such allegations have been made against any other faith.

Muslim Take-Over Of British Schools

Muslim Take-Over Of British Schools

The country is littered with Islamic schools in towns and cities with a high percentage of Muslim residents. To be fair, you have to admit that Muslim children have a right to be educated in the Islamic tradition despite what you think of the religion itself. The same goes for Hindu’s and any other popular faith.

Muslim Faith School

Muslim Faith School

This dilemma is causing chaos within the education system as a whole despite the fact that all cultures are expected to integrate into the British way of life when they come here. Many will say “This is Britain and you either adapt or you should leave” but that is just not happening. Many immigrants have a good life here and will never return to their homeland. For many their existence here is paid for by the British tax payer so why should they.

There are several ways to solve this problem. The government can say that all children take what is on offer and leave it at that, we can segregate the different religions and allow different faith schools as with the Hindu proposal to spring up all over the country, or we can change the education system itself to accommodate the different religions by making it non-religious. Whichever way it goes it will be expensive and require huge reorganization.

Falling Church Attendance

Falling Church Attendance

Many people in Britain today claim to be either agnostic or atheist which is a shame, for to have no religion at all means there are no bounds set to behavior. Whether you believe in God or not, to be raised following the Christian faith teaches us all how to behave in society, to have respect for others, basic honesty and to be compassionate with those less fortunate. With the decline of Christian values in our society today we have to a great extent become selfish and greedy with little or no respect for anything or anyone. This is particularly noticeable today in the younger generations.

For this reason, the idea of having schools founded on Christian principles in the past has been a good thing. However, since the religious lessons have been eradicated from the curriculum generations have floundered, for they have not been taught the fundamental basics of being a good person, least of all by their parents.

Tony Blair - Britain's Version Of Satan!

Tony Blair – Britain’s Version Of Satan!

Lionel Blair’s multi-cultural Britain has not turned out to be the ‘dream society’ he may have thought it would be, but there again, the cynics among us are convinced he only did it in an attempt to keep Labour at the helm of the country, counting on the immigrant vote at election time. Whatever his reason, the country is in the mire up to its chin (and I kept that clean) and to be honest there seems little chance of the old Britain ever returning.

Perhaps it might be necessary for representatives of the major religions in the country to sit around the table and set a system of education that does not favour one or the other, but still teaches children what is required i.e maths, English (they all live in England) science, geography etc.. It is time we adapt to what we have, and someone soon is going to have to make the tough decisions before we sink totally in the quagmire.




2 Responses to “The Quagmire Of Our Education System”

  1. Alan Says:

    Interesting points there Roy, particularly with regard to our children – they are the future and we want the best for them, don’t we?

    Certainly, our education system for the past 20 years or so has been run by, shall we say, rather “wet” or “soft” people with little or no understanding of human nature and it’s ability to descend to the lowest common denominator if not checked, hence greed, selfishness and unparalleled inconsiderate behaviour is what we have to put up with from our “fellow” countrymen and women – this ain’t the country that I grew up in. Nothing that a bit of discipline wouldn’t put right , but that would be against the human rights of the poor little things, wouldn’t it? Those “softies” forget that that they grow into adults eventually.

    Human rights for children? now that’s an interesting idea. Living in the UK, we have the democratic freedom to choose whatever faith, religion or cult that we wish be a part of, I’m not sure if that is written into the laws of the land, but we can be who we want to be; but, is that so?

    Some religions – a few could easily be described as cults – do not give children ANY choice in how they choose to demonstrate their faith. Look closely and it is blatantly obvious that children are BRAINWASHED from a very early age to have a particular faith – you know the old adage, “give me the boy ’til 7 and I’ll give you the man”. You know who I’m talking about, tell me that Islam is not a cult.

    How can anyone have the knowledge or understanding to choose a particular faith or religion until they are at least grown up as an adult? Would you consider it a denial of MY Human Rights if you took away MY choice of faith of religion? I certainly think so, why is it then, that children are not protected from this sort of behaviour? Why is it encouraged? The human rights of children in this country are blatantly disregarded and the perpetrators are not being held to account.

    Will the forthcoming Childrens Act that is working it’s way though Parliament at the moment be the start of a change in how children are treated in this country? I’d like to think so, if you are going to bleat on about Human rights for criminals, it’s about time that these same rights were applied to ALL children and how they are brought up and to ensure that they are given the choices when it comes to such a life changing thing such as religion.




    • Hi Alan
      Thanks for dropping by. You have interesting views on the subject and I must say I agree 100%. It is indeed sad that in the Muslim world in particular children are indoctrinated with Islam as soon as they are old enough to understand, but to be honest, I doubt if any child protection laws are going to change this because it is inbred in their culture. Muslim children have no say at all in which religion they choose, and in general that is also true for adults. It is well known that people have been executed for denying the faith.
      Islam is without doubt founded on barbarity and I see little chance of it changing. The government must put in place measures to ensure that British children are not forced into the arms of these people in our schools.
      Best Regards,


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