Compensation Madness

About three weeks ago I wrote of a compensation scandal that defies description, that of a serial killer who was beaten up by fellow inmates in prison and received £4,500 in compensation because “the prison guards failed in their duty to protect him”. Now the judicial system is at again with another outrageous compensation payout.

Face Of A Triple Killer

Face Of A Triple Killer

This one concerns a triple killer who demanded, and received, £800 in compensation because some of his belongings were lost or broken while being transferred to another prison and it had left him ‘severely stressed‘ (Oh Yea!). These items included nose-hair clippers, an alarm clock, a carton of cranberry juice (now that’s bound to stress anyone out), protein powder and toiletries. District Judge Neil Hickman said there had been a “somewhat cavalier disregard for Mr Thakrar’s rights and for his property”.

Thakrar was jailed for three life sentences for the callous murder of three drug dealers and two counts of attempted murder. In march 2010, while in Frankland Prison in County Durham, he maimed three prison guards with a broken bottle but managed to get away with it. It did however facilitate his move to Woodhill Prison in Milton Keynes during which the items were lost or broken. To be honest, I just cannot see the logic in some compensation payouts, especially to prisoners in jail for heinous crimes.

Whiplash Trickster

It is a well known fact that Britain has become a compensation culture where many are out to get whatever they can from the system by making outrageous claims. One of the most prolific is claims for ‘whiplash’. This fact is recognized by every insurance company in the country.

Whiplash Map

Whiplash Map

You touch the back of someone’s car with your own and before you know it they are climbing out holding their neck crying ‘whiplash’. Another long established problem with Britain today is the ‘ambulance chasers’, those compensation lawyers who will follow an ambulance to hospital in an effort to get the victim to file compensation charges.

How this problem is going to be solved I have no idea, but perhaps getting out from under the yoke of the European Justice system might help, and then we can get back to the tried and tested system of English Justice.


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