A Great New Comedy Called Justice

As you read the headline I guess many will think it’s a new TV comedy series called Justice. Well to tell you the truth, what I read yesterday would make a good series. People have been lamenting the fall of the UK justice system for a good many years, in fact, ever since Tony Blair made it into a joke, and believe me, it is getting worse by the day.

The Face Of A Killer

The Face Of A Killer

Yesterday I was astounded to read that a convicted serial killer has been awarded compensation against HM Prison Service for not adequately protecting him from fellow inmates. I write of Levi Bellfield who was sentenced to two life terms for the murder of four young women, including Milly Dowler. It would seem he was set upon by a fellow prisoner with a make-shift weapon and received minor injuries, namely a small cut to the face and bruising. What a shame they did not finish him off.

Milly Dowler Victim N. 1

Milly Dowler Victim N. 1

This happened in Wakefield Prison in 2010 while he was waiting for his second trial for the murder if Milly Dowler. He immediately sued the prison for up to £30,000 for failing in their duty to protect him. In a recent court ruling the judge granted his plea and awarded him £4,500 in compensation. In many people’s view the judge himself should be locked up beside him and then they can play cards together. It has not been revealed what precedent was used by the judge to grant his compensation, but the whole episode stinks to high heaven.

Marsha McDonnell - Victim No. 2

Marsha McDonnell – Victim No. 2

The case had been fought by lawyers representing the Ministry of Justice for three years, and after the hearing on Wednesday when the judgement was read, a ministry spokesman said, “We are hugely disappointed that Levi Bellfield was awarded £4,500 by a judge following an assault by a prisoner in 2009 at HMP Wakefield.”

Kate Sheedy – Victim No. 3

It beggars believe that a convicted murderer can play the system in such a way and get away with it. I can well imagine that if he cut his finger with a plastic knife while eating lunch he would sue because the prison authorities did not warn him the knife was sharp. Just how far down this ridiculous road are we expected to go before some politician wakes up and puts a stop to this nonsense?

Amelie Delagrange - Victim No. 4

Amelie Delagrange – Victim No. 4

That’s all you hear these days, human rights, equality, compensation and all the rest of that bunkum. Its time for it all to stop and we get back to a right and proper justice system. Yet another reason for Britain to crawl out from under the suffocating yoke of the EU system of Justice, for it has become a laughing stock.


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