Beware The Creeping Menace

If you are a non-Muslim this should scare the pants off of you, for it is a very real prediction of the future for Europe. This interview concerns the Belgian capitol Brussels, but beware, for the same is true in every European capital. Only a fool will ignore the warning here!

For every native European the prospect of Sharia Law would be frightening, if they even thought about it at all. Many will scoff at the idea and do nothing until it is too late.

Considering the rampant birthrate of Muslims compared to that of indigenous people, there is nothing to stop them taking over in some twenty or thirty years, for they will be the majority. The Muslim cause has indeed been strengthened by the decline of Christianity in countries like Britain, which is playing directly into their hands.

This is a serious threat to our future, and if no-one does anything about it you can be sure that after taking over Europe, the USA will be next. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.


2 Responses to “Beware The Creeping Menace”

  1. spotterlynn Says:

    Great post Roy. I fear that Islam is not only a threat to Christianity in all European countries(including the U.S.) but it is also a direct threat on the White man’s culture and survival of the race. Asians get to be Asians and have their Asian Land, Africans get to be Africans and have their African Land but Whites have to “share” their Lands and give up their culture and way of life for everybody else and that is what I believe to be White Genocide. Some may find it hard to accept this concept but it is only because White people have been conditioned to give in to “White guilt” and are essentially giving up their own rights to have their own culture and heritage to pass on to their children.


    • Hi Lynn,
      Thanks for your comment. It is true that the white races have a lot to answer for from the Middle Ages onward when we spread across the world, but that is history, and people should remember this. Immigration is becoming a major problem for many ‘white’ nations and it is only going to get worse if the people let it. Someone, somewhere must make a stand and not allow us to be over-run by Muslims, who will eventually take over unless concrete measures are carried out to stop them. We have to make our governments aware of this danger.
      Best Regards,


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