British Jihadists – The Hidden Menace

Judging by the latest news, people in Europe are heading for a very turbulent time in the not too distant future. It has come to light that hundreds of Muslim youth are being persuaded to go and fight in Syria, often by clerics in the mosques. Most go because they feel it is their duty to protect fellow Muslims, but in fact they are being brainwashed by hard-line terrorists into becoming suicide bombers.

Abu Hamza - The Evil One

Abu Hamza – The Evil One

Between 1997 and 2004 when he was arrested, Abu Hamza radicalized very many young Muslims into joining al Quada, some even paid £500 for their visa and air ticket. Many can be forgiven for thinking that this vile trade in impressionable Muslim youth stopped when Hamsa was arrested, but it didn’t, for today its even worse.

The fact is that today, 500 young British Muslims are currently being trained by al Quada affiliates like ISIS in Syria. They are being taught how to make a suicide vest and car bomb, with instructions to put this knowledge to good use when they return home.  Some 50 have already returned to Britain after receiving this training. If al Quada has its way Britain, and France in particular, will be on the receiving end of a great many car bomb and suicide attacks, perhaps this year.

This information comes from a defector from ISIS who became disillusioned with what was going on.  Like many of his compatriots he joined the cause to protect fellow Muslims from the Syrian Regime but was quickly radicalized by the hard-liners who saw an opportunity.

Radicalized Foreigners

Radicalized Foreigners

When he met many of these young volunteers he said:  “They talked often about terrorist attacks. The foreigners were proud of 9/11 and the London bombings. The British, French and American mujahideen [holy warriors] in the room started talking about places that they wanted to bomb or explode themselves in Europe and the United States. Everyone named a target. The American said he dreamed of blowing up the White House.”

It is a fact that tens of thousands of young Muslims have joined the fight against the regime of Assad, most believing they were helping to protect fellow Muslims from a brutal dictator. They fight on the side of the jihadists, not the rebels, who until recently had the same goal, the overthrow of Assad but all that has changed. Now they are fighting both the rebels and the regime, trying to gain control of the country.

Are We To Experience This Soon?

Are We To Experience This Soon?

France has much the same problem. It is reported that two 15 year-old boys left France on-route to Syria via Turkey to fight with the Jihadists. According to the father, they had been brainwashed via the internet. Currently it is estimated that between 1,500 and 2,000 young Muslims have left France and Belgium to fight alongside ISIS. The big question is, how many of them will return with the intention of starting a wave of bombings.

There can be little doubt this is a serious problem that needs to be handled carefully. Many will instantly say: “Don’t let them back in the country!” and that would indeed be a simple solution, but…..there is always a but, it will be hard to prove they have even been to Syria. Currently they are travelling there through Turkey where the militants have a means of getting them over the border without passport checks.

On The Streets Of Europe?

On The Streets Of Europe?

Both the British MI5 and the police have their work cut out to nip this problem in the bud, and the chances are they will not always be successful. Andrew Parker, the Director General of MI5, is reported as saying,  “For the future, there is good reason to be concerned about Syria. A growing proportion of our casework now has some link to Syria, mostly concerning individuals from the UK who have travelled to fight there or who aspire to do so.”

Richard Walton, who leads Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command said,  “I don’t think the public realises the seriousness of the problem. The penny hasn’t dropped. But Syria is a game-changer. We are seeing it every day. You have hundreds of people going to Syria, and if they don’t get killed they get radicalized.”

Suicide Bomber Training

Suicide Bomber Training

There can be little doubt that al Quada and its affiliates have opened a new chapter in the war against the West, and it remains to be seen how successful they will be. Whichever way you look at it, there appear to be very dangerous times ahead.


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