How Low Can You Get!

After a forced absence caused by a stay in hospital for a simple operation, I’m glad to say I am back and rarin’ to go. I was somewhat dumbfounded to read of an incident today concerning the tragic accident of Micheal Schumacher. It would appear from the news that a reporter tried to gain access to Schumachers’ hospital room dressed as a priest.

Where The Accident Happened

Where The Accident Happened

We all know that the press, and especially the paparazzi, are only one step above lawyers, who are surely the lowest form of life on Earth. To be honest, it still amazes me how low these creatures will to go to get a story.

Michael Schumacher  -  Still In A Coma.

Michael Schumacher – Still In A Coma.

During the News of the World scandal in the UK a while ago that brought to light the amount of phone-tapping that went on there just to get a scoop, one would imagine they could not get any lower, but today’s events prove otherwise.

I guess we should all be thankful that the imbecile was found out before he could take any photos of Michael, but it saddens me somewhat that he was only escorted from the building and not charged with something.

It just goes to highlight how some of us inhabiting this planet have absolutely no scruples whatsoever. Ah well! Roll on 2014, and let’s hope things will get better.

My best wishes to Micheal for a speedy recovery, and Happy New Year Everyone!


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