Musings On What To Do About Immigrants

Landfall - If They Are Lucky

Landfall – If They Are Lucky

Over the last week there has been not one, but several incidents regarding loss of life among people from Africa and the Middle East trying to get to Europe by boat. One boat sank with the loss of 369 lives off the coast of Lampedusa Italy, another sank off the coast of Malta with thankfully less lives lost, but still they come. Without doubt these are desperate people, the majority fleeing the fighting in many countries caused by Islamic groups like al Shabaab, the sectarian violence in Iraq, and of course the fighting in Syria. Many are coming in the hope of making a better living for themselves in Europe, the so-called ‘economic migrants’. Whatever their reason, the numbers are increasing daily as more and more make their way to some spot on the North African coast in the hope of making it across the Mediterranean.

The tragedy of this whole saga, is that these desperate people are being used by gangs as a means of making huge amounts of money by ‘Trafficking in Misery’ if you want to give it a name. It is easy to understand why these people wish to come to Europe, the first being, they are no longer shot at and terrorized by despicable Muslim insurgents who are undermining governments in poor countries with the idea of taking over and forming a Muslim state under their control.

No Parent Should Have To Watch Their Child Dying Of Hunger

No Parent Should Have To Watch Their Child Dying Of Hunger

Second is the sheer poverty in which many of these people live, with little food or water and no decent home. Europe to them is a shining beacon in the darkness where they will eat decent food, sleep in a bed, get a job and be able to support their families, or in Britain’s case, get it all for free without having to work. They do not care how they get here, just so long as they do.

Overloaded Refugee Boat

Overloaded Refugee Boat

But sad to say, there are evil people out there who see this as an easy way to make lots of money. Buy an old leaky boat, fill it well beyond capacity with desperate people, and charge $1,000 per person for the trip across to Europe. If the boat sinks halfway across who care’s, there are plenty more customers where they come from. If the boat by any chance makes it there and back it can be filled up again.

A Sinking Refugee Boat

A Sinking Refugee Boat

Sometimes these gangs fight among themselves and then we see a situation like that off the Libyan coast a few days ago. The boat was full of Syrian refugees and was shot at last Friday by gang members as it left the coast of Libya, and some were badly wounded before they even got out of territorial waters. The boat made it close to Malta before it too sank, leading to the deaths of 31 people and the rescue of a further 200. At a thousand dollars a head that is a minimum of $231,000 profit, minus the cost of the boat of course. That is just from one boatload of desperate people who will do anything to get away from war, terrorism and deprivation.

In all, 15,000 people made the journey to Italy and Malta from North Africa in 2012, but that has now risen to 30,100 in the first nine months of this year, more than double, and the year is not over yet.

The one thing we can be sure of is that this figure is going to continue to rise year on year as more and more desperate people look to the ‘Promised Land of Europe’ for a better life.

Immigrant Numbers

Immigrant Numbers

Britain is already overcrowded with immigrants, evidenced by the virtual collapse of the National Health System, the Benefits System, the lack of housing and rising unemployment. Most immigrants will travel right across Europe to get to Britain for its free handouts with its lax rules brought in by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown during the Labour years. Other countries like Holland, Germany, France, Italy and Spain have also taken in immigrants, but not in such huge numbers and their handouts are much tighter controlled. Few immigrants want to move to Poland, Chechnya, Slovakia, Serbia or Romania because the standard of living is not as high as the Western European nations and they will get no handouts there.

The migrant numbers will steadily increase year on year until we reach a stage where the whole of Western Europe is full and cannot take any more. Then all hell will break loose. It is easy to say, as most people do; “Send them back where they came from” but it is not that simple. It will not stop them trying again and again for such is the behaviour of desperate people.

Africa - The Dying Continent

Africa – The Dying Continent

Whether you believe it or not, Africa is a dying continent, particularly in the north. Year long droughts are commonplace in countries like Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Sudan and others bordering the Sahara, there is little land to support any agricultural activity, and precious water is becoming more scarce as the years go by. In perhaps another ten or fifteen years this land, and all the nations upon it will be practically unlivable except for the few. As you would expect, this will cause a mass migration to lands where life is more sustainable, and guess who will be in line, you got it, Europe.

So now we come to the big question, what to do about it? In my opinion the first thing we need to do is shut down the trafficking gangs, and secondly we need to put an end to this ‘Holy War’ that the Muslims have started, both of which will take an international effort. The first is a purely a police, and perhaps military matter, where all resources are used to track down and put out of business these traffickers in misery. The second, as you would expect, is much more difficult and will take some time.

Muslim Militants

Muslim Militants

To put all these insurgent groups out of action needs the cooperation of Arab States, and the Muslim people as a whole to condemn what these people are doing. They should let these groups know they are not fighting for the good of Islam, and what they are doing is against the Muslim scriptures. This is a Muslim problem that needs to be solved by Muslims, for if it is only western nations that take on the task, as now, it will only incite more hatred and play into the hands of these groups by driving even more Muslims into their arms. I do not believe the current methods, as employed by many western nations, is going to solve the problem. We have to convince the Arab States and the Muslim people that this is the only way, a united effort.

Are these two measures attainable, well, the first maybe, but the second is doubtful unless the leaders of Islamic nations can be persuaded to take part.

Africa Migrant Routes To Europe

Africa Migrant Routes To Europe

One thing that will work above all others is for the rich Western nations to do something positive about conditions in these poor countries. Use whatever means is necessary to ensure an ample water supply for crops, better housing and education, and help these countries to grow out of the 200 year old time trap they are caught in.

The Expanding Sahara

The Expanding Sahara

There have been discussions with scientists over the years about the deteriorating situation in North Africa, and they are of the opinion that trees should be planted to change the weather patterns for the region. Sounds fanciful I know, but it is a proven fact that trees in sufficient numbers generate rain, and the idea of planting a few million trees along the border of the Sahara desert would bring rain to those areas and stop the desert sand from encroaching further, which it currently is, year on year.

Our constant removal of land-sized areas of rain forest across the world is one of the reasons we now suffer from climate change, and yes I know, many think this is rubbish, but data gathered over time proves it to be true.

Something We Take For Granted, But Life To These People

Something We Take For Granted, But Life To These People

In many parts of North Africa there is water in the ground but the local people have neither the resources nor the equipment to drill for it, and so they die. We do have the technology and equipment.

I am well aware that western people worship the almighty God of profit above all other things, and we have become greedy beyond description, but this is the future of our planet and our nations that is at stake for generations to come. If the governments of wealthy nations could come together to provide these people with a reasonable standard of living they would no longer be compelled to try and enter Europe in droves in the future.

Herein Lies The Future Of The World - Working Together

Herein Lies The Future Of The World – Working Together

I am well aware of how simple it is to sit down and write about this and put forward suggestions, but the germ of an idea must start somewhere, and if it is passed on then maybe our politicians can eventually be made to see the error of their current ways and governments might get the idea that they must start working together to head off this catastrophe that is coming our way.

If the world population continues to grow at its current rate the planet will be unable to sustain such numbers in many parts of the world, and this will mean wars on an unprecedented scale as the poorest and most deprived among the world population start to fight the richer nations for the basics of survival.  Only some form of action now to improve the lot of these people will head off this terrible event.


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