What Is Wrong With British Justice?

Today I have a sad tale to tell that is indicative of the sorry state of a British Justice system that today favours minorities. On the nineteenth of January 2011 I posted an article about a Christian couple who owned a hotel and refused a room to two homosexuals. The refusal had nothing to do with their sexual leaning, but was a standard rule they applied to anyone, including heterosexual couples, who were not married because they believed that sex before marriage was a sin. The following link refers:


I will not bore you by reiterating the post here but leave you to read it.

Suffice it to say the hotel couple lost their battle in court and were ordered to compensate the homosexual couple, and pay court costs.

They Are About To Lose Everything To Satisfy 'Gays'.

They Are About To Lose Everything To Satisfy ‘Gays’.

It has just been announced that hotel owners, Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who own the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Marazion near Penzance, are now forced to sell their home and business because they cannot find the £3,600 to pay the compensation to the two homosexuals demanded by the court, and the negative publicity surrounding the case has killed their business. In an interview, Hazelmary Bull said: “Last winter was terrible. We were actually shivering and were hungry. In 2013, two people who worked all their lives at this have ended up cold and hungry. It’s not right”.

I read of this on the Yahoo news website and most of the comments sent in by people were extremely enlightening, and indicate the depth of public feeling about this case. Before anyone thinks, “Oh no, not Yahoo!” Its not my normal news channel.  Here are some of the comments:

“I am gay. I am not Christian even though I was sent to church every Sunday when I was small. In fact I don’t belong to any religion because time and time again it can cause so many problems, as is the case with The Bulls. But in defence of The Bulls who have worked hard with their business, my question is why didn’t this gay couple just go and find a Premier Inn or something. They could have found I’m sure, a gay B and B in the area? But no they had to make a song and dance about being discriminated against and ruin people along the way. There is too much of this equality malarky going on. All the while its protests for this that and the other and out come the banners. The Bulls need to be respected for their beliefs. The two gentlemen who have brought this case about are vindictive and sadly there are many gay and straight people like them around who will sue at the drop of a hat”.

Another wrote: “As far as I am concerned they should have the right to their beliefs. This is a scandal”.

It's Time Politicians And The Justice System Sorted Themselves Out!

It’s Time Politicians And The Justice System Sorted Themselves Out!

From all the comments, it becomes clear that the general public are solidly behind the Bull’s and their stance, but sadly the Law isn’t. Any intelligent person should surely ask themselves the big question: Why? This is after all a Christian country is it not?

I do firmly believe that this entire story was concocted as a means to gain yet more publicity for the ‘Gay Cause’. I believe the hotel was selected simply because of the owners Christian beliefs and their rule, which incidentally applied to all couples. Advertisements for their business clearly stated that unmarried couples were not welcome. The ‘Gay Lobby’ knew entry would be refused and used this fact to gain publicity for their cause: “Look, we have even been refused entry to a hotel. Now do you feel sorry for us?”  Why do I think this? Well for one simple fact. The two men who took the Bull’s to court, Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy, had all their legal fees paid for by the Equality and Human Rights Commission while the Bull’s had to pay for their own. To me this smells to high heaven!

Ever since the previous Labour government under Tony Blair brought in the Racism Laws to quell opposition to his vision of a ‘Multi-Cultural Britain’, British Law is bending over backwards to appease any minority group that feels itself insulted or restricted in any way. ‘Gays’, Muslims, you name it, they all feel they have the right to trample on the people because they are a minority.

Laughing At The Fact They Destroyed Two Lives?

Laughing At The Fact They Destroyed Two Lives?

This is amplified by many of the Yahoo comments: “The couple did this on religious beliefs, my argument is, had it been Muslims they would be allowed to follow their beliefs and not have the Gay couple stay at the hotel. One rule for us another for the Muslims”.

Yet again the same story: “I wonder what the outcome would have been if the couple were devout Muslims and had taken the same action. also what about ‘Gay Hotels’ who openly advertise that their hotels are for gays only. This ‘level playing field’ has a few lumps and bumps in it”.

Perhaps readers of this post have an answer for the gentleman who sent this comment: “Answer this one then. If this couple had been Muslims, would the court case have come to a different result???” Good point!

It is pretty fair to say that the general public have had the ‘Gay Agenda’ shoved down their collective throats for too many years and it is time to put a stop to it. Once again, this is reflected in many of the comments:

“The Labour inspired homosexual right have made many heterosexuals hate these people, when if they had just got on with life without thrusting their sexuality in our faces they would have been accepted. So now as far as I am concerned they have to prove themselves if they want my friendship as they are starting from the disadvantage of having their way of life thrust into my face”.  

“Gay Rights have destroyed a couples lives, well done to the tolerant gay couple who brought this about, you must be really nice people, not”.  

“This was not a random case – this guesthouse & it’s owners were deliberately targeted by these two activists in order to bring about a law suit”.

Fair To Say Any Normal Person Would Be Arrested For Such A Display - Offending Area Blanked Out

Fair To Say Any Normal Person Would Be Arrested For Such A Display – Offending Area Blanked Out

I think it is fair to say that acts such this have certainly not done any good for the ‘Gay’ cause, as it is clear that groups like Stonewall are doing more harm than good. Their latest ‘charm offensive’ asking professional footballers to wear ‘rainbow laces’ in their boots as a sign to all they support the ‘Gay’ cause has been met with similar derision in the internet pages. It is time these people understand that this constant ‘shoving it in our faces’ is going to backfire, and turn the heterosexual element of society very strongly against them.

For myself, I think they are an abomination, and should stay very quiet without any of these public displays of their deviance like the ‘Gay’ Parades. Like most people, I do not want to hear from them or see them, but if they exist without ‘shoving it in our faces’ and demanding the justice system bend over backwards to accommodate them  all well and good. This is a view that appears to be held by the majority of the UK population, but will these people ever learn? I doubt it!

My thanks to the unknown contributors to this post.


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