Britain, Barosso And The EU

A Stinging Attack On Cameron's Proposed Vote

A Stinging Attack On Cameron’s Proposed Vote

I have for years had great respect for Jose Manuel Barosso as leader of the European Commission, but today that took quite a knock with reports of his latest address to the European Parliament. Aiming his remarks at The Conservative leader in the European Parliament, Martin Callanan, he said of his party (i.e. the Conservatives), “Your party and your group are looking like the UKIP and the Eurosceptic European group. And I start to have some doubts that you are going to be elected yourself in Britain, if it is not UKIP that is going to be the first force in the British elections”.

Nigel Farage - UKIP Leader

Nigel Farage – UKIP Leader

In a reaction to this statement Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP said,  “Mr Barroso is right to say that the only real EU debate is whether the UK leaves or stays in the EU, and not the unrealistic promises by David Cameron.”

This all stems from David Cameron’s attempt at persuading the EU to relinquish some of its powers back to Britain, and to be honest I see nothing wrong in that. The EU has pushed its nose into every corner of British life with such laws as the Human Rights Charter, Health and Safety Rules, the Social Chapter, immigration and many more. As an example, the long-standing British Justice System was brushed aside in favour of EU controls that have made a laughing stock of justice in this country.

The EU has been listening to too many crackpots who come up with ideas like the latest mandatory fitting of speed controls on all cars in EU countries governed by satellites that will apply the brakes as you pass a speed limit sign. Next some idiot will be saying you may only go to the toilet at certain times of the day!

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Michael Callanan - Leader Of The Conservative MEP's

Michael Callanan – Leader Of The Conservative MEP’s

The EU is responsible for many stupid laws and regulations that have bewildered much of the general public, and has resulted in people wondering at the intelligence levels of those that govern us from Brussels. I fully agree with David Cameron’s approach in trying to get back some of the powers we have lost, for I think it is preferable to leaving Europe altogether.

A documentary some time ago around one of this country’s MEP’s showed clearly that proposals are put before the Council for a vote and most of those voting have no idea what it is about, for they have not been given sufficient time to study it before voting it into legislation. It is reprehensible that members are required to vote blindly on legislation that they have not even read, not knowing if it is a good thing or bad. This not the way to run a Parliament for the entire Europe.

I believe that every country should be given the choice of accepting any proposals that come from Brussels, or not. It should not become mandatory law just because some jackass in Brussels thinks it is a good idea.

The European Court OF Human Rights

The European Court OF Human Rights

In principal, the idea of all European nations collaborating and having common ground is an excellent idea, but sad to say, this lofty achievement has been soured by draconian measures forced upon nations whether they like it or not. As an example, the European Court of Human Rights has trampled on the tried and tested British Justice System time and time again giving more consideration to the criminals rights than those of their victims. It is wrong and it makes a farce of the whole idea of a unified Europe.

If David Cameron is successful in regaining control of such things as our justice system then we should stay in the union, for the effects of leaving are a great unknown and could cause extreme economic hardship in the future.

Today (12/9/13)  The Times newspaper reported that the Japanese government has reacted to the possible exit of Britain from the EU by saying that many tens of thousands of jobs with Japanese companies in Britain could be “at risk”. These companies favour doing business in Britain due to its beneficial access to the European market, and if the vote is negative on membership, then these companies would quite possibly move to the mainland. It is certain that many other major international companies may well make the same judgement.

Our European Trade Partners

Our European Trade Partners

Also today, the Telegraph ran a story covering a survey that was conducted with both small and large companies in the UK. The results are overwhelmingly in favour of staying in the Union, for eight out of ten companies were sure leaving would cause damage to the British economy.  Their main concerns were that with the UK out of the European Union there would be less investment in Britain and it would affect access to trading markets. This I can readily accept because the rest of Europe are much less likely to do trade with the UK if it leaves, and turn inward to other Union members. Sir Mike Rake, the new president of the CBI, said that continued membership of the European Union is “overwhelmingly” in the UK’s economic interests.

All this international wrangling over Europe is unnecessary if those in Brussels take an intelligent look at what they are doing. It is well and good to try and harmonize laws, work practices and standards across the member states, but that is a far cry from some of the ridiculous laws that they have imposed on member countries like those I have described.

A Man With A Tough Job

A Man With A Tough Job

Britain is currently the only country with the ‘balls’ to step forward and say, “This is not right”. Naturally I cannot speak for other nations, but it seems to me there must be discontent at some of the measures imposed on everyone by Brussels. With regard to the cockamamie new regulations about speed mentioned earlier, I can never imagine that the German government will ever sign up to such a thing, for they have jealously guarded their lack of speed limits on the country’s motorways for decades. The government tried to introduce limits in line with all other European countries some years ago and that was roundly defeated.

In my opinion it is far better to stay in Europe and “change things from the inside” as Michael Gove said in a speech the other day, for to leave the Union altogether could be a disaster for British trade and foreign relations. I only hope brighter heads can steer the British public in the right direction before the vote in 2017, for if not, we may all suffer in the long term.


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