‘Gays’ Now Dictate School Policy?

I see the homosexual fraternity have begun dictating what should be taught in our schools in yet another move to ‘popularize’ their deviance. In 1988 Margret Thatcher tried to save the nation from the advancement of homosexuality by bringing out the famed Section 28 which stated: ……that a local authority “shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material with the intention of promoting homosexuality” or “promote the teaching in any maintained school of the acceptability of homosexuality as a pretended family relationship.” All I can say to that is ‘Bravo Maggie’.

This important piece of legislation was scrapped in 2003 by guess who? Tony Blair of course who not only opened the gates for mass immigration, but allowed these deviants to come out of the closet.

As A Parent Would You Want Your Child Subjected To 'Gay 'Propaganda

As A Parent Would You Want Your Child Subjected To ‘Gay ‘Propaganda

It would seem from press reports that many schools have clung to parts of the legislation when teaching about sex in schools. Among the schools criticised were the Crest Academy Group in north London who’s governing body had said: :”Academies and the Governing Body will not permit the promotion of homosexuality.” Another school in the firing line is Colston’s Girls’ School in Bristol who’s Governing Body stated that it “will not permit the promotion of homosexuality”.

It’s happening in America but do we want it here?

There are some 40 schools on the ‘complaints list’ made up by the British Humanist Association, and the Welsh government in particular has promised it will investigate and change policy in these schools. The Department of Education said “schools should not promote any sexual orientation”. Bravo!

Do We Really Want To Promote This

Do We Really Want To Promote This

You may or may not have noticed that in the quotes outlined it said schools will not promote homosexuality. This in my view is correct. In the dictionary the word ‘promote’ means “to help or encourage to exist or flourish”. 

You may inform children that such people exist, and that homosexuality is one of the many paths people follow within their sex lives, but now the ‘gay’ brigade want schools to go further and actively promote homosexuality!

This is both wrong and dangerous, for young children, or even teenagers should not be taught to prefer homosexuality by anyone! I do not think the interests of any child can be served by teaching them that to be a homosexual or a lesbian is preferable to a proper relationship. It can lead to major confusion in any child when they reach ‘that’ age.

That's About The Size Of It!

That’s About The Size Of It!

This whole saga is yet another effort by the homosexual community to further their cause in having their deviance accepted by all as normal behaviour. It is a further step in the escalating campaign which began with ‘gay’ parades, followed by ‘gay’ marriage and ‘gay’ adoption.

These people will not stop until they have convinced the whole world that their deviance is as normal as any heterosexual marriage. Sorry, I don’t see it that way and I never will. To me it is the beginning of disaster in which the whole of mankind will suffer eventually, well, except for the Muslims who still hang deviants, and probably Russia that has been in the news recently.

Muslim Answer

Muslim Answer

Now it seems the homosexuals have turned up the heat and want future generations to be like they are. What is sad is that people like governments and human rights groups are listening to their twaddle and accepting it without making a stand and saying children should be allowed to decide their own sexual preference without all the propaganda. In my view sex education has no place in school except for the biological process of having children, and it should certainly not be taught to children less than ten years old.

To all, parents I ask this simple question: Is this what you want for your child? ‘Nuff said!


6 Responses to “‘Gays’ Now Dictate School Policy?”

  1. Jeff Black Says:

    Hello (again) Roy

    You seem pretty excised and steadfast on this – good for you!

    You ended your reply to me with a question. Permit me to do the same.

    I’m going to cautiously suggest that any mention of gays, homosexuality or lesbian or transgender issues in the class room is going to be seen by you as “promotion” of this way of life. If I have that wrong, then I’m sorry.

    In answer to your question, no I don’t believe that homosexuality/lesbianism is taught IN PREFERENCE TO OR GIVEN PRIORITY over heterosexuality. If I’m honest I don’t really care.

    I care that we can’t just leave our children to find this (Sex & Relationships Education) stuff out for themselves in the year 2013. To do so is to put them at risk of doing things and going to places (both in the real world and virtual world) that are very dangerous. And by doing so, they risk falling prey to individuals or groups who will do them harm or worse.

    The window to the world is so much bigger than when we were kids Roy. Goodness knows I wish I could find a way to make it smaller! But I can’t.

    Our kids are going to be what they will be. I wouldn’t love my daughters any less if their sexual orientation was one that I didn’t understand or agree with. Would you love yours any less?

    Kind Regards – JB


    • Hi Jeff,
      I think you got me a little wrong with your first comment. I do not see anything wrong in teachers making children aware that these people are accepted by many in society today, children should be told they exist (Post -Para. 6), but you are right in saying that at the moment most schools are not giving priority to homosexual preferences. But as the report says, this is because many schools are still clinging in part to Section 28. However, the British Humanist Association have uncovered this fact, and now the ‘Gay’ groups are demanding that schools actually promote (their word) homosexuality etc. As I mentioned in the post, the word promote means “”to help or encourage to exist or flourish” so what else can they mean but to elevate homosexuality/lesbianism above normal sexual practices. You don’t use the word ‘promote’ when you mean inform. They want schools to change their teaching methods and tell children not only that its alright to be ‘Gay’ but that its preferable i.e. promoting it above normal practices. What other spin could you possibly put on the word “Promote”.
      They could have demanded that children be told that it exists, and that today its quite normal OK, but they have gone way over the line by wanting much more. As I mentioned in the post, its just another step in their campaign. I would be most upset if the school started telling my child that it is better to be ‘gay’ than straight. Children of that age are extremely vulnerable and will soak up information like a sponge, and for a nine-year-old to be told that homosexuality is best would anger me very much.
      For sure, if these people get their way it will start happening in other countries as the ‘Gay’ lot see this as a triumph for their cause and demand the same rules. I guess we will find out in a few years time after these people get their way as they inevitably do. We may be on the verge of a new age when there is no such thing as heterosexuality, homosexuality and lesbianism and sex becomes a melting pot of whatever you fancy at any given moment. I personally don’t think mankind will be better off because of it.
      As to your final remark, I can’t say I would love my children less if they go down this path, but I would certainly not be happy about it. Ah Well! The world is a crazy place and there is nothing more so than we humans. It makes you wonder what the hell is coming next!
      Best Regards,


  2. Jeff Black Says:

    Hello Roy

    As you know (from one of my previous responses) I am an adopter of a 10 year old girl.

    She has recently started SRE (Sex & Relationships Education). She was 9 (Nine) at the commencement of these classes. And I was livid at the time when I was asked by the school!! I mean spitting feathers and the associated colorful language.

    That said, I gave in to pressure from my Wife and she is now being taught this in her school with our permission.

    Like you (I think), my views on this subject are what you might call “traditional”. But guess what? It isn’t so bad. They teach the kids in sensible way. Girls see the “Boys” video in a girl group and vice versa.

    It appears to be being taught in a sensible and sensitive way. That coupled with an open and honest (and wonderfully intelligent) daughter, I think I will be okay but I cannot and will not speak for other kids. In her school it is voluntary and pupils can exit both the lesson and this component of the curriculum at any time.

    It is not as bad as it seems. I’m not trying to upset you or anything. Just saying.

    Kind Regards – JB


    • Hey Jeff,
      Nice to have you back. I am very glad that your daughter is doing well in the S.E. classes and I can understand your initial reluctance. I guess that must be a relief for you. If this subject is taught in a professional and unbiased way without actually promoting homosexuality I have no problem with it provided the children are not too young. But as I said in the post, and you can take it as gospel, the ‘Gay’ crowd want homosexuality to be encouraged i.e. promoted in schools and that I cannot stand. I am sure if your daughter came home from class and was convinced she should become a lesbian you would not be too happy about it. I know I wouldn’t. I have no objection to all sexual preferences being mentioned during such lessons, but I don’t think homosexuality should take first place. Do You? Hope to see you back sometime.
      Best Regards,


  3. London Says:

    I feel I have to ask if you have ever been into a school in the UK? at no point are children “encouraged” to become homosexual or subjected to homosexual “propaganda”. The reason it is now included within education is so that future generations can be more open minded and accepting of the subject.


    • Hi Sam and welcome.
      Yes I have been to schools in England, and you are quite right insofar as homosexuality is not being promoted at the moment, but that is the whole subject of the current argument. Schools are currently being criticised for not promoting homosexuality, and the ‘gay’ pressure groups are insisting they should. Like I said in the post, promote means: “to help or encourage to exist or flourish”. It has nothing to do with making children “more open-minded” about homosexuality, they want literally to steer children into it as evidenced by the use of the word promote! Why should homosexuality be pushed (promoted) onto vulnerable children as a preferred sexual orientation over and above the accepted norms? Pause for thought perhaps?
      Best Regards,


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