Racial Profiling When Removing Illegals? Rubbish!

Guardians of Our Frontier

Guardians of Our Frontier

The news this week has been full of criticism for the Home Office taking action to remove some of the hundred thousand or so illegal immigrants in Britain. The ‘holier than thou’ complainants that the UK Border Agency and Police are targeting ethnic minorities is such a load of horse manure (and I cleaned that up), that I can barely credit it with politicians and intelligent members of the public.

Ever since the last Labour government under Tony Blair opened up the floodgates and let in hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the country for a free ride, people have been complaining, and now, when someone finally does something about it, they complain even more. Ever heard the saying: You can’t bake a cake without breaking an egg?

Tony's Britain

Welcome To Tony’s Britain

This whole ‘racism’ rage has spread through the country ever since Blair introduced the racism laws to prevent criticism of his immigration policies, and has turned normally level-headed people into rampant idiots. Of course those that are targeted by the current action are from ethnic minorities FOR THEY MAKE UP 90+% OF THE ILLEGALS IN THE COUNTRY!!!! DUH!

They Get In Any Way They Can

They Get In Any Way They Can

Before anyone jumps down my throat and starts accusing me of being racist, let me state very clearly that I have NOTHING against immigrants who come to our country and are willing to integrate fully into our society, respect our laws, traditions and culture, and learn the language! Right! After making that clear let’s move on.

It is interesting to note that most of the sanctimonious  hullabaloo comes from Labour M.P’s who want to make political capital from the action. To them I say: IF YOUR LOT HAD NOT LET THEM ALL IN IN THE FIRST PLACE, NONE OF THIS WOULD BE NECESSARY!!!! I suppose I should also ask these sanctimonious Labour pricks what ‘New’ Labour would do about the problem if they formed the next government. My God! Heaven forbid!!!!

There was criticism from Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council who said that white people were not being questioned, looking in particular for white Australians and New Zealanders who had over-stayed their visa. What this idiot does not seem to realize is that for every Aussie or New Zealander who has over-stayed, there are probably several thousand ethnic minority people who have done the same. So why should they not be targeted? He also said, “These so-called spot checks are not only intimidating but they are also racist and divisive. It leaves a very nasty taste in the mouth.” I wonder how many people in his town of Brent are illegal!

What Mass Immigration Has Done For The UK

What Mass Immigration Has Done For The UK

The Labour MP for Brent North, Barry Gardiner, has written to Home Secretary Theresa May demanding an investigation into the spot checks which he said violated “fundamental freedoms”. All I can say to you fella, is what about the fundamental freedoms of Brits in their own country that have been pushed aside?

Chris Bryant, who is the Shadow Immigration Minister said: “Intelligence-led operations to remove illegal immigrants are to be welcomed. Racial profiling is not.” My dear chap, intelligence-led operations are only as good as the ‘information received’, take a very long time, and often come up empty. Asking people on the street for their papers is not illegal, it is direct, and more importantly, it gets results as we have seen. If you have all the right papers you have nothing to fear, so stop whining!

No Problem

No Problem

I am quite happy to be stopped by the UKB or anyone else who wants to know if I am in the country legally. I show my papers and move on, what’s the big fuss about! If I got stopped twenty times between the street and my front door I might complain, but otherwise, let these men do their jobs, for they are doing all of us a favour!

There has also been much said about someone in the Home Office who has been giving progress reports on Twitter. Complaints have been pouring in about those detained being labelled as ‘illegals’ instead of ‘suspected illegals’. A Home Office spokesman replied to complaints saying that none of those arrested have been identified so there is no slur on anyone. Anyway, big deal, someone made a cock-up and used the wrong word. I am sure the Home Office can put that right and the person concerned can apologise. You cannot condemn the whole exercise just because some idiot made a mistake.

The Job Market - Now We Can See Where All The Jobs Are Going!

The Job Market – Now We Can See Where All The Jobs Are Going!

Folks, Britain cannot continue to function as a nation until the immigration problems are sorted out. This includes shutting the door firmly against any more non-European immigrants, and rooting out those who have no right to be here in the first place. It may be hard and it may cause heartache here and there, but it has to be done for the sake of every British person on this island. Our country is bursting at the seams, for there is not enough housing, and not enough jobs go around. This cannot go on otherwise we might as well all emigrate and leave the country to them. If you want to blame someone, then arrest Tony Blair and every member of his government and put them on trial for treason.

Eat Or Stay Warm. A Dilemma For Many Old Folks

Eat Or Stay Warm. A Dilemma For Many Old Folks

The Social Benefits System and the NHS are creaking under the strain and about to implode. Why? Because Blair and his acolytes began throwing tax payers money at the immigrants almost before they hit terra firma, which did not leave much for British citizens who deserve and need it. I know of many old folks who must choose between eating or keeping warm in the winter because they can receive no help, and these are born and bred British citizens, but I don’t see any British families living in £2m housing paid for by the Social. Do You? Blair has a lot to answer for!

There is a whole lot wrong in the country as each and every British citizen knows, and its all to do with immigration, but we finally have a government and Home Office that is willing to do something about it, so for crying out loud stop bloody complaining!


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