Another Abu Ghraib Debacle

It comes as no big surprise to me that al Quada has launched an attack on Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad Iraq to free 500 of their compatriots awaiting execution. This terrorist group has once again been quietly growing in strength since the death of bin Laden, and with so many of their commanders and top echelon fighters  locked up in cells in this infamous place, it seemed to me inevitable that at some time or another they would make an attempt to free them. This they have achieved with overwhelming success.

Abu Ghraib Prison - Bahgdad

Abu Ghraib Prison – Baghdad

The latest news from Iraq government sources indicate that many of the prison guards were involved in helping the prisoners to escape, and to be honest, that doesn’t surprise me either. In a country suffering great turmoil like Iraq, it is very difficult to know who to trust. Whether the government likes it or not, groups like al Quada have many sympathisers among its population.

So now, not only Iraq, but also Afghanistan, Pakistan and many other nations can look forward to more attacks by terrorists, and who knows, maybe the western world also. We should not make the mistake of thinking this jailbreak has little significance, for it can have a huge impact on future al Quada operations. Many of those awaiting execution were senior commanders in the group and will want revenge, and probably do their utmost to get it.

Sunni Victims of Car Bomb Attack

Sunni Victims of Car Bomb Attack

We are now at a period in history where inter-tribal violence in the Arab world is getting greater day by day. We in the West can only be grateful, for the moment at least, that they are fighting each other and not committing atrocities in our countries. Rightly or wrongly, I believe most of this unrest has been instigated by groups like al Quada, who have clearly changed their tactics from the direct confrontation of the last decade, to the more clandestine approach of fermenting unrest, and  thereby undermining governments.

Terrorist groups, and in particular al Quada, are behind much of the trouble in the Arab world. In this I include Egypt, Libya, and of course Syria. They have for a long time indicated they want Arab countries to be totally Muslim in word and deed, and accept Sharia Law. Egypt is a prime example. It has always been a secular country with a mixture of religions living side by side without one being in a dominant position. Turkey is another prime example where unrest has stirred, initially over the loss of parkland, but later spreading to demand the downfall of the government. In Syria, Assad’s main problem was he didn’t see al Quada operatives coming until it was too late.

Christian Victims of Muslim Mobs

Christian Victims of Muslim Mobs

In other countries like Pakistan, India, Sudan, Mali and some far eastern nations, we have seen the escalation in attacks on Christian communities in the hope of driving them out by inciting inter-religious conflict.

Muslim 'Rent-a-Mob'

Muslim ‘Rent-a-Mob’

You can be forgiven for wondering how I came to these conclusions, but if you think about it, the easiest place to ‘rent-a-mob’ is in an Arab country. It takes but a few whispers in a few ears from insurgent group operatives like al Quada for the word to spread, and before long you have a full-blown riot on your hands complete with all the trimmings. When the demonstrations began in places like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Syria for example, I am pretty sure that as the first people joined the core mob they had no idea what it was all about. There is something hypnotic about a baying crowd to Arabs, and they want to join in the excitement. After that it takes little to persuade them they are demonstrating for a worthy cause. Especially if you tell them “It is the will of Allah”!

Britain's Violent Youth

Britain’s Violent Youth

It is pretty much the same with the groups of youth in places like Britain, and other countries, who travel from one demonstration to another to ‘have a go at the Police’, smash things, or do some looting. What starts off as a peaceful demonstration is quickly taken over by the small core of violent youth who want to have a go at ‘The System’, but for them its only because they love violence.

There can be little doubt that if you want to take over a country, the best way to do it is from the inside. This tactic has led to the fall of many Arab governments over the past decade and will continue until the insurgents get what they want, i.e., control of a country. The Taliban tried it in Afghanistan and were thrown back by international intervention, but once the foreign troops leave they will be back.

al Quada Will Be On the March Again Soon

al Quada Will Be On the March Again Soon

Such a massive jailbreak could have been avoided if the condemned prisoners had not spent months, and possibly years awaiting execution. In my opinion, if a person is a convicted terrorist and condemned to death, the sentence should be carried out within days. Had that happened there would have been next to nobody for al Quada to free.

Solves All Problems

Solves All Problems

If a person has had a fair trial and the evidence is overwhelming, why keep them on death row for months or years. The same goes for convicted killers in any country. Some in the States have been on death row for ten years or more. Why?

It will remain quiet for a little while now while the escapees get back to their camps and catch up on what has been happening, but I predict that soon, we will see a new wave of violence.


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