Comments on “I Am A Racist” By Paul Weston

They Have The Right Idea - Be Proud To Be British!

They Have The Right Idea – Be Proud To Be British!

It’s somewhat strange for someone to go on TV and YouTube and tell the world that they are racist, but one brave man has done just that. His name is Paul Weston and he is leader of the Liberty GB group who have taken up the Union Jack to wave before the British people in an effort to wake them up to the dangers within our midst. By that I mean the dangers posed by the thousands and thousands of Muslim immigrants who refuse to integrate or learn our language, and who will be in a very good position to take over the country in twenty or thirty years time. More on that later.

Muslims Can Burn The Flag On The Streets

Muslims Can Burn The Flag On The Streets

In today’s Britain you will almost certainly be arrested if you utter one word against immigrants on the streets of our towns and cities. Any utterance that criticises in any way the presence of immigrants in this country is an arrestable offence under the Racism Laws. Hell! You can even be arrested for waving the Union Jack, because in the words of the politicians and do-gooders: “You might upset the immigrants”. But at the same time they can openly spit on and burn our flags on any street they choose. So what has happened in Britain that you cannot be openly patriotic in your own country?

Blair - Britain's Worst Ever Traitor

Blair – Britain’s Worst Ever Traitor

The Racism Laws were introduced by the traitor Tony Blair after he opened the floodgates to anybody wishing to come to Britain, in order to silence criticism of his “Multi-Cultural Britain” policy. Once the laws came into force, no-one could utter a single word of criticism against the huge numbers of Muslim immigrants who poured into the country looking for Tony’s benefit hand-outs, without getting arrested and charged with ‘racism’.

In my view, Paul Weston has done a very brave thing by speaking out for the British people, our traditions, culture, religion and way of life, when no-one else dares. Sure we all mutter to friends and family about the way the Muslims are flaunting our laws, living off tax payer money and given priority with housing, but no-one dares to speak out openly about how our values, and everything else that makes us British are being swamped by people who hate our guts and want to turn our country in another Arab state.

I urge you most sincerely to watch the YouTube video below and make up your own mind:

Muslim Demonstration During Military Funeral

Muslim Demonstration During Military Funeral

It is sad when a great country such as ours should be scorned and cursed by a bunch of immigrants, who come here to be wholly supported by the tax payer, openly hold hate demonstrations on our streets, demand their own Sharia Law, curse our dead soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, and take over entire boroughs of our towns and cities. They demand we build mosques for them, but if Christians try to get one built in Saudi Arabia they would be publicly beheaded.

Paul Weston tells the truth in plain language but I doubt many people will listen. I have warned on this subject in numerous posts in the past, but unfortunately it does little to waken the British people into positive action. I just hope Paul Weston and his Liberty GB will have more luck before it is too late. Because one day it will be too late and there will be blood on the streets with British people in fear of their lives. I kid you not!

The Indoctrination Begins

The Indoctrination Begins

Just one look at the birth statistics for the UK shows the pattern clearly. While the birth rate for indigenous British are falling year on year, that of the Muslim population is rising fast and currently stands at nine times that of Brits. Now just think forward twenty or thirty years and you too will come to the inevitable conclusion: By 2050 there will be more of them than us!  

A Huge Mosque In Blackburn

A Huge Mosque In Blackburn

Therefore even a dimwit should be able to see what that will eventually mean! It will mean that in the long term, they will take over completely and will force us to become a Muslim state. How will your wife and daughter look in a burka? You will be subject to the barbaric Sharia Law just like all Muslims and such things as freedom of speech will all disappear. Just one wrong word against Islam, Allah or Muslims could see you beheaded or hung in public.

Muslim Borough Traffic Sign

Muslim Borough Traffic Sign

So what to do? Approach your local MP and demand that the government listen to the people, get rid of all the radical preachers and street demonstrators, and anyone else who wants to bring this great nation down to their level. Move all the Muslims who have taken over whole boroughs of our towns and cities and make them integrate in other areas of the country where they are spread out. Close all the mosques and tell them that when Middle Eastern countries allow Christians to openly worship they will be restored. Any immigrant who does not speak English, and this includes their children, should either learn the language or go back where they came from.

Yes, I know, that all sounds very radical but what else can we do to preserve our heritage, language and way of life? You tell me! 

Sharia Zone - Is This The Beginning?

Sharia Zone – Is This The Beginning?

In the meantime, a small number of people will be the lone voice of reason in this insane situation, but everybody needs to wake up and soon, for otherwise it will be too late. Very soon we will be in the same situation as Holland, for in The Hague, the borough of Schilderswijk has become ‘orthodox Muslim territory’ and has become self-governing and hence ignored by the politicians and the police. Do we want that in Tower Hamlets London. We are almost there as it is.

Western Muslim Population Growth

Western Muslim Population Growth

Even Denmark, that normally does not come into the news, has had many incidents of savage disorder by Muslim groups in the cities. Who knows, maybe after Britain and the rest of Europe, the Muslims will turn their attention on the United States, for you can bet if they manage to conquer the European nations from the inside, the USA will be next.

May The Flag Fly Forever!

May The Flag Fly Forever!

I just thank God I will not be around to witness it all. Lastly, I have to say that if you think this post is the words of a bigoted racist and Islamaphobe you are dead wrong. I am like Paul Weston in that respect and hold the same views. I am most assuredly not a racist in the broad sense, but if it means you are a racist to complain about the state of immigration in our country, then I too am a racist. If I complain about the total freedom immigrants enjoy to do as they please on our streets with the backing of the government, police and judiciary, then I am a racist. If I complain about Muslims getting preferential treatment for housing and benefits, then I am a racist. If I complain about the reduction of British civil liberties because we might upset the Muslims, then I am a racist! I am also patriotic and love my country dearly!

It is my fervent wish that readers of this post take heed of the message, unpopular as it might be, and watch the video by Paul Weston, for he tells very well how things are. The warnings are all there and the British people should open their eyes and see them before it is too late.


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