Crack Down On Radical Preachers – I Hope So!

It was reported Saturday that David Cameron the Prime Minister is to introduce an initiative to crack down on radical Muslim preachers that are sowing the seeds of hate and radicalism among Muslims in Britain. It is a bold stroke, and way past time such a thing was introduced, but will it be effective? That remains to be seen.

Time To Put These People Out Of Business

Time To Put These People Out Of Business

It really depends on how the system will work, and what action can be taken when such a person is discovered. The whole country knows the saga of two such individuals, Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa who between them have spent more than twenty years ducking the law when we tried to deport them. Abu Hamsa is thankfully gone, now there remains just one. This fact makes it clear that to deport someone with known radical connections is not easy, for the biggest stumbling block is always the Strasbourg Court of Human Rights which meddles in the British Justice system far too much.

The Prime Minister is to set up a task force that will deal specifically with the problem, and its members will be Nick Clegg, George Osborne, Theresa May, Eric Pickles, Chris Grayling, and the Muslim Foreign Office minister, Baroness Warsi. It is anticipated they will look at ways to tackle extremism by producing initiatives on disrupting extremist activity, challenging poisonous narratives, studying trends in radicalization, tackling radicalization in mosques, madrassas, schools, colleges, universities and prisons, and supporting faith and community leadership to build strong, integrated and united communities. Well, good luck with that!

Well, That's Two Less

Well, That’s Two Less

I must admit to having a much simpler method: Firstly, tell the Human Rights Court to go play tiddlywinks (and I put that politely), and then grab those who preach sedition off the street, put them on an RAF plane and toss them out over Libya, Sudan, Yemen or any other Muslim nation (with a parachute of course!). Let them spread their hatred and lies to others of their own kind. Ah ! What it is to dream of real justice – Oh well!

But seriously, I believe we must start by infiltrating the mosques, and where possible making secret recording of these hate preachers, something that can be used in court whereby they can be deported to any country that will take them. Once outside the borders the door slams shut. Eric Pickles was recorded in an interview saying: “Our answer to the extremists and preachers of hate is to speak out, to show them for what they are. That is why the Government’s ‘integration’ strategy focuses on working with people of goodwill to marginalize and outflank the extremists – not only Islamist preachers of hate, but also their malevolent counter-point, the racist English Defence League”.

Labour Sick Joke

Labour Sick Joke

I have to admit that I am not wholly convinced that approach will work, for although the majority of Muslims have come out against extremism in a poll carried out across 39 countries by the PEW Organization in Washington( refers) I am still not 100% sure they really are against it. I think secretly, many Muslims would be happy to see countries like the UK, France, Holland, Denmark etc. and the USA under the yoke of Islam. I believe the only way to cleanse Muslims in Great Britain is to get rid of the disruptive elements.

Right Reasons - Wrong Approach

Right Reasons – Wrong Approach

I have to admit the inclusion of the EDL in Eric Pickles remark is not surprising, for although their aims have a degree of legitimacy, their methods label them as nothing more than a bunch of thugs looking for trouble. It is hard to separate their behavior from that of the Muslims who demonstrate on our streets for Sharia Law, and tell us ‘Islam Will Rule the World!’ In regard to these people, I feel they too should be rounded up and charged under any law that can be brought against them when they insult our country. Most of them are probably layabouts that our tax money supports anyway. Freedom of speech is a necessary and fundamental right, but it can, and is abused by many Muslims.

It is not surprising that 64% of voters believe we need tougher laws to curb incitement to terrorism, and at the same time, 63% would support the death penalty for convicted terrorists. Now that has to tell you something about the state of affairs in the UK today. It is also interesting to note that 40% would also back the idea of the security services monitoring communications like e-mails and mobile phones. This measure would probably bring about some quick results when the right people are monitored.

He Is At Least Trying

He Is At Least Trying

It is without doubt the biggest problem facing the UK today, and I applaud David Cameron for at least trying to get on top of it. Because the government must always tread carefully and cannot act in the way we ordinary individuals would, it will be an uphill struggle, but at least he is trying, and that is one hell of a lot more than Tony Blair and his band of acolytes did. They put us in this mess in the first place, so I for one am glad that we at last have a government that is trying to address the issue of radicalism in Britain, for it is long overdue.


2 Responses to “Crack Down On Radical Preachers – I Hope So!”

  1. Interesting article, I definitely agree that we need tougher counter terrorism measures to crack down on extremism in the UK. However, if telling the European Court of Human Rights ‘to go play tiddlywinks’ means withdrawing from the ECHR completely I would have to disagree. Let’s not forget that all of us equally benefit from the ECHR and rights enshrined within it.


    • Hi, and welcome.
      I think you will agree there is a lot wrong with the ECHR in that criminals have abused the rules for years, a prime example is escaping justice as in the case of convicted burglar Wayne Bishop who was released on appeal after serving six weeks of an eight month sentence for burglary and dangerous driving. He was released because it breached his ‘right to family life’ under article eight of the Human Rights Convention. So argued his lawyer Ian Wise, as he pointed out that Bishop was the sole carer of his five children during the evenings. According to the clever Mr. Wise, the eight month sentence had had a “disproportionate’ impact on Bishop’s family life and the children should have been a “primary consideration”. The ridiculous thing about the whole episode is that he was re-arrested a short time later for a similar offence.
      Britain has had its own Charter of Human Rights that has served us well since the Magna Carter was signed in 1215. I agree that many aspects of the HCR are important to life today, but it is tilted too far to protect those from whom the public need protection i.e. criminals. Since this Charter came into force the criminals have more rights than the victims. It needs a drastic overhaul to allow justice to work properly.
      Best Regards,


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