Eurovision – So Predictable

I watched the Eurovision Song Contest last night and I really wasn’t surprised to see that nothing has changed. I stopped watching years ago when it became so politicized, and to be honest I didn’t think much of the music. Thankfully, at least most of the music was good last night with some good songs that were very well performed. But when it came to the voting, ah, that was when it all fell apart.

For the most part I was able to predict which songs most countries would vote for, because very many gave their votes to either neighbouring countries or those that have a large political influence over them. Latvia giving votes to Estonia, the Scandinavian countries helping each other out etc etc. I do offer my sincere congratulations to Denmark for their win, but have to say, their song was not the best of the night by a long way.

I guess the Eurovision Song contest has not come very far in all its years, but there again, there is always hope.


One Response to “Eurovision – So Predictable”

  1. Excellent post I am a massive euro vision viewer from Italy


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