Drones – Why the Empty-Headed Protest?

I have to admit to getting seriously sick and tired of these stupid people who look for any excuse to hold a demonstration. Since it was made known last Thursday that UK drones in Afghanistan are being controlled from RAF Waddington, some bright spark seems to think the people should demonstrate against them. Once again the empty-headed brigade are on the march calling for them to be grounded, and an end to all war. Where do these people think they are, in a kindergarten where all the children play happily together?

If these idiots had been in control in 1939 they would have welcomed a Nazi invasion force sent across the channel by Hitler with cups of tea and cucumber sandwiches!

Reaper Drones Save the Lives of Our Troops

Reaper Drones Save the Lives of Our Troops

OK! So let’s look at this sensibly and without the empty-headed emotion. If both the American’s and we stop flying the drones over Taliban country, that means we will have to send in ground troops to get the job done. So my question is this: Would these idiots rather see plane-loads of coffins arriving at Brize Norton instead? For to stop the drones is paramount to condemning some of our soldiers to death because they will have to go in on the ground and be subject to Taliban attacks and road-side bombs!

Another Taliban Victim

Another Taliban Victim

Many are crying that we should stop the war against the Taliban. Why are our troops fighting in such a far-off country they cry. Well, the simple truth is, when the Taliban ran Afghanistan they gave safe haven to the likes of al Quada. So instead of going in and sorting the bastards out these idiots would prefer regular bomb attacks on Britain and other western countries?

When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, terrorist groups openly had training grounds all across the country. It was there they planned and trained for such attacks as the bombings in London and Madrid that came much later. It took the Americans, Brits and Aussies among others to drive them out, and I might add, stop the reign of terror under which the Afghan people were living.

We Are Fighting Terrorism To Stop THIS Reaching OUR Streets

I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I read the comment by Chris Nineham who is vice-chairman of the Stop the War Coalition. He claimed drones were being used to continue the “deeply unpopular ‘war on terror“. Perhaps Mr. Nineham you would prefer bombs on the streets of our cities???? After such attacks as 9/11, London, Madrid and now Boston, I find it inconceivable that anyone could be so stupid. If we stop hunting them down does he really think the terrorists will put away their weapons and bombs and become peaceful citizens. They want world domination you idiot!

Empty-headed People

Empty-headed People

I am truly sick of these do-gooders without an ounce of intelligence in their heads who think they are so much wiser than the rest of us. Many are nothing more than professional demonstrators who wander from one demo to the next without an ounce of intelligent thought being put into why they are demonstrating.

Demo Island – You Can Demonstrate As Much As You Like Here.

Talk about empty-headed idealists! I have a message for them all: If you want to live somewhere without defending the basic principles of life, like freedom of speech and liberty against the sick individuals who would force their ideas on innocent people, then I have an answer for you – Go live on a deserted island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific, and leave those of us with a sense of responsibility and right to defend the less fortunate! End of rant!


2 Responses to “Drones – Why the Empty-Headed Protest?”

  1. Blacklight Bob Says:

    Who are you to dictate the rules of protest? What you should have said there to be honest, is…. I have no time for people who are interested in different things to me because I am a prick.
    Actually, that was very unfair of me but needless to say…. Until you wake up, we will fight for you.


    • Hi Bob and welcome.
      I really am not dictating the “rules of protest”, all I am saying is, the subject under discussion should not be demonstrated against for the reasons I have outlined. On the one hand we have terrorists who are killed by armed drones as against sending in ground troops and having to live with the consequences of that i.e many more dead UK soldiers. Picture yourself as a family with a son or husband fighting the insurgents in Afghanistan. Which option would you choose?
      Part of the problem is the topography of Afghanistan where these groups can literally disappear into the hills, and tracking them, and even finding them in the broken countryside is practically impossible. This what beat the Russians when they invaded in 1980. The insurgents came out of the hills and lay in ambush killing many Russian soldiers and then disappeared again. You cannot fight this tactic on the ground, but a drone can spot them from ten thousand feet as they make their way along a gorge or over a mountain and strike without the necessity of a ground action, which is almost impossible anyway
      People who want to “stop the war” don’t seem to realise that these people are religious fanatics who will not stop their campaign of hate until they rule the greater part of the world. They have proclaimed loud and clear that “Islam Will Rule The World” with their barbarous Sharia Law, and they will not stop until they are beaten or in control. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see the war in Afghanistan end tomorrow and have all our soldiers come home, but I am a realist and dig a little deeper than just looking at the surface of things. The simple truth is we either fight them or give in to their ugly way of life. Which would you choose?
      Best Regards,


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