The Boston Marathon – Who’s To Blame?

Death and Maiming of Innocents - For What?

Death and Maiming of Innocents – For What?

Once again America has been hit by a terrorist attack, this time in Boston. It has to my mind reached an unsatisfactory conclusion with one of the brothers dead, and the other severely wounded in hospital. Why inconclusive? I say that because we do not know what, or who, made these two individuals carry out the bombing.

According to the people in their Chechnya birthplace they were good ordinary children, and during their long years living in the States there was no hint they would go bad. We will have to perhaps wait until the younger brother regains consciousness to find out if he will be forthcoming about what happened. Personally, I already have my suspect as to the real ‘brain’ behind the incident.

The Suspects

The Suspects

It has been reported that the older brother became a strongly devout Muslim in the last few years, and that should give us a clue. We have enough evidence from  previous incidents across the world that all those who strap on, or plant bombs, have been talked into it by radical Muslim clerics who twist the minds of innocent people, especially the young, with their promises of “72 virgins in Paradise”. It would do well for the authorities to look into the mosque and find out just what sort of preachers they have had there over the past year or so.

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Muslim clerics have a huge effect on the lives of their followers. Britain has seen clerics like Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa who openly preached sedition and hatred on the streets of our cities. Many radical clerics are well known to governments world-wide for their messages of hate given to anyone who will listen.

Abu Bakar Bashir. A Well-known Radical Convicted in 2011

Abu Bakar Bashir. A Well-known Radical Convicted in 2011

Ordinary Muslims would never strap on a bomb and blow themselves up in a crowded place, for they believe Islam to be a peaceful religion and so it is, unless you have clerics who have been converted to the darker side of Islam by the likes of bin Laden and Al Queda. These evil men, like the two mentioned, use their religion to influence likely members of their flock into doing what they would normally never consider. Once again I quote the case of the Pakistani cleric who riled up a crowd into anti-Christian fervor and accused a young Christian girl of desecrating the Qur’an by burning pages of it. He was later arrested for planting the pages and whipping up hatred among his followers.

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If the world wants to beat this cult of hatred for anything non-Muslim, governments, and more particularly Muslims themselves, must start looking for these radical clerics and put them out of business. While they continue to preach their message of hatred, the bombings and death among not only ‘infidels’ like us, but also their fellow Muslims will never end.

I firmly believe that true Islam is a religion of peace, but so long as the possibility exists for it to be hi-jacked by radicals who want to extend their power, the troubles will never end.


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