When Will Muslims Tire Of Killing Each Other?

The Muslims have been killing each other ever since the  Taliban first took over Afghanistan in 1996, when they made  unparalleled attempts to enforce their version of strict Sharia Law on the country. Since that time Muslims have murdered each other unmercifully. al Quada and other offshoot groups have also spread fear through terrorist attacks in many countries of the world from Africa to Indonesia.

Taliban Execution

Taliban Execution

After bin Laden’s attacks on western countries failed to achieve the desired result, i.e. to incite the Muslim world into violence against the West, the group changed their tactics and have since been stirring up trouble in Arab countries beginning with Tunisia, Somalia, and then Egypt among others. Over the last decade we have seen their acts of terrorism turned against fellow Muslims, which has since blossomed into full sectarian violence.

In my view, after al Quada’s original attacks did not get the desired result, they turned inward and began fermenting trouble in Arab countries in the hope of gaining some form of control in one or more of them. Few intelligent people will deny their involvement in the current battles in Syria.

Recent Iraq Car Bomb Attack

Recent Iraq Car Bomb Attack

But after all the killing that has gone on, it makes me wonder when the Muslim people themselves will stand together and tell these insurgents that enough is enough. Currently, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, people are dying in their hundreds, not only from al Quada and the Taliban, but from each other, as Sunnis and Shia car bomb each other daily. All the common people see of the conflict is their loved ones blasted out of existence by these mindless killers. And for what?

We in the West should naturally be grateful they are only killing each other, and not repeating the 9/11, London and Madrid bombings, but that is of little comfort when large populations are blowing each other up daily.

Taliban Car Bomb Afghanistan

Taliban Car Bomb Afghanistan

Peace seems a word without meaning in the world today and who knows when, and if, it will ever return. Is there no-one in the Muslim world who can see the suffering caused by these rabid individuals who have made it their life’s work killing innocents? It makes me want to shout to the Muslim world to stand together and banish this cancer in their midst, but from what I have seen and read, I think my voice would fall on deaf ears.

I am sure that should such inter-racial violence occur in the United States, Canada or anywhere in Europe, the people would rise up and demand a stop to the senseless killing. So what will it take for someone of stature and respect in the Muslim world to stand up and bring the people together in opposition to the killing of innocent Muslims by other Muslims?


4 Responses to “When Will Muslims Tire Of Killing Each Other?”

  1. moehoweird Says:

    they like killing each other and anyone that questions it. it will never stop they have killled more of each other than any military attacks from the u.n. troops, but muslim against muslim killing is never mentioned, only blaah,blah blah,the infidels draw cartoons,islam is peaceful, mohamed was not a pedophile,who craved camel piss….screw islam


    • Hi Jim,
      Rather a strange comment, but I think I understand what you are saying. It is true these days that more Muslims are killed in inter-tribal fighting than by any UN force which is sad. I am sure the majority of them just want to live in peace just like the rest of us, but do not get the chance. I fail to see what Sunni’s or Shi’ite can gain by all the indiscriminate car bombing attacks, but who can make sense of any religious war.
      Best Regards,


  2. Noura ~ ^^ Says:

    I agree with you
    I’m Muslim and I agree with you
    We are Muslims have 2 branch
    the bad people who kills we call them ”sheah” and the poor people who got killed ”snh ”
    shaeh kills snh and rapes there womens destroy there life take there homes
    so shaeh have to stop that so we can leave in peace we do they hate snh so much ?!


    • Hi Noura,
      Welcome back. The Muslim world went through a transition when bin Laden began his campaign of hatred, and it is anyone’s guess as to where it will end. I believe it is time for ordinary Muslims who do not agree with the current wave of hatred, to talk to like-minded people and shun those among them who preach and practice violence. I think the ordinary people should stand up to preachers like Abu Qatada for example, and tell them they are wrong and they will no longer follow them. To pray at a mosque and listen to the lies and hatred coming from the mouths of such people is in itself a sin, for as we all know, it is against the teachings of the Qu’ran and The Holy Prophet. As for the Shia and Sunni violence, that is an inter-tribal conflict that too must come to an end.
      With regard to your rape comment, I was truly appalled at the stories of rape that come out of the Muslim world, but from what I have read, Muslim women have very little rights under Islam, for many are nothing more than ‘possessions’ to be used as their master sees fit. Again this is misinterpretation of the Qu’ran, just like the Burka, which is one of the tools Muslim men and clerics use to subjugate women.
      Forced marriages are allowed under Shari’ah Law, and no wife may refuse sex if her husband wants it. Girls as young as seven have been married off to men who must wait until they reach puberty before having sex with them, whether they want it or not. As a young Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia you will of course know far more of this than I, but from the facts open to me, you have my sympathy. May Allah light your path to happiness.
      Best Regards,


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