al-Qaeda – The Creeping Menace

Ever since the rise of Osama bin Laden, the world has been under constant threat from the shadowy menace of al-Qaeda. This terrorist group has spread mayhem across the world at an ever-increasing tempo since the bombing of the World Trade Centre in New York, and members of the public seem to have no idea how far the tentacles of this of this organization are reaching.

French Troops Arrive In Mali

French Troops Arrive In Mali

Everyone knows of the trouble in various African nations and of course the Middle and Far East, but it has taken the discovery of documents left behind during the rebel withdrawal in Mali to show exactly the strategy of this group.

The nine-page letter was a chastisement of the rebel action in Mali where they took over three-quarters of the country before French troops moved in and helped the Mali government regain control. The letter is signed by  Abu Musab Abdul Wadud, which is the nom de guerre of Abdelmalek Droukdel, the senior commander appointed by Osama bin Laden to run al-Qaeda’s branch in Africa. In it he criticized the rebels for trying to introduce Sharia Law too soon in the parts of the country they had taken over.

Sharia Law

Sharia Law

It is a fact that as they overran a particular area they introduced Sharia Law like a hammer blow with many women being beaten for not covering themselves, cutting off the hand of many people suspected of stealing , and destroying many of the countries ancient sites and monuments. In turn, this brutality turned the conquered Malian people against them .

Abu Musab Abdul Wadud made clear in his letter that the introduction of Sharia should be slow and gradual so as not to turn the people against it. He compared the turning of the people to Sharia to a parent bringing up a child and wrote: “The current baby is in its first days, crawling on its knees, and has not yet stood on its two legs,” he continued, “If we really want it to stand on its own two feet in this world full of enemies waiting to pounce, we must ease its burden, take it by the hand, help it and support it until its stands.” He criticized the methods his fighters had used by saying: “Every mistake in this important stage of the life of the baby will be a heavy burden on his shoulders. The larger the mistake, the heavier the burden on his back, and we could end up suffocating him suddenly and causing his death.” This is in fact what happened, and caused the Mali inhabitants to turn against the rebels.

Sharia Brutality

Sharia Brutality

The African Leader insisted that a ‘softly, softly’ approach be used by his fighters, and that emphasis should be made to gain the people’s trust before gently introducing Sharia over a period of time. He wrote: “Our previous experience proved that applying Sharia this way, without taking the environment into consideration, will lead to people rejecting the religion, and engender hatred toward the mujahedeen, and will consequently lead to the failure of our experiment.”

Another insight into his strategy for al-Qaeda in Africa was revealed by his statement: “We should also take into consideration not to monopolize the political and military stage. We should not be at the forefront,” he says. “Better for you to be silent and pretend to be a ‘domestic’ movement that has its own causes and concerns. There is no reason for you to show that we have an expansionary, jihadi, al-Qaeda or any other sort of project.” In other words, he is saying that al-Qaeda should give all the help that is needed in overrunning a country but should then step back and guide from behind the scenes, allowing the local groups to take the foreground.

Al Quida Influence Is Spreading

Al Qaeda Influence Is Spreading

I think that many people do not realize the full extent to which these insurgents are involved in the trouble spots in the world. It is suspected that al-Qaeda has been involved in, or have backed through affiliated groups, attacks in many far eastern countries like Nepal, the Philippines and Thailand, even if only in a small way. The most well-known are Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan through the Taliban group. Most of the headline stories concern Africa and the Middle East which have been in turmoil since the beginning of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’.

Country by country the unrest has spread and it’s all playing into the hands of the al-Qaeda leadership. In my view, the entire episode has been instigated by the group and we all know how easy it is to get an Arab crowd baying for the blood of their leaders. Egypt is a prime example of this, where after proper elections the people are dissatisfied with the actions of those they elected.

With the exception of countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia, most Arab nations are secular where they have lived amicably with non-Muslim faiths. al-Qaeda changed all that by stirring up hatred for non-Muslim people, i.e. ‘infidels’, and consequently we have seen attacks on Christians in Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Kenya, the Philippines and many more. It would seem that since the wave of attacks on western nations like 9/11 and the London/Madrid bombings, a tactic that clearly failed, al-Qaeda has become much more subtle in its approach to terrorism. Agitation has become their main weapon whereby they get the common people to do their work for them, like over-throwing governments.

The Spread Of Muslim Unrest

Muslim Political Freedom – Green – “Free”. Yellow – “Partly Free”. Purple – “Not Free”.

Seldom in man’s history has there been so much trouble across the world involving so many nations, and it is all to do with the wish for Islam to dominate the world. It will not succeed, but the will is certainly there to try. Islam has become the focus of world attention because one man, bin Laden, had a grudge and wished to impose it on everyone. He was without doubt the catalyst for this current wave of  terror, and in my opinion, his group are at the heart of it all. It is for this reason they must be hounded to extinction by every nation on the planet, for otherwise there will never be peace.


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