Where Women Are A Target For Abuse

In the West we have Human Rights Laws to protect women, and we have other laws that make it illegal for any man to force his intentions on a woman, but sadly, this is not so everywhere. Ever since the tragic episode in December last year of a young medical student who was gang-raped on a bus in New Delhi, the plight of women in this mostly Hindu nation has been brought to the fore. As we all now know, she was repeatedly raped for over an hour and then thrown from the bus like a piece of garbage and left to die.

This terrible incident has given impetus to the Indian government to begin putting laws in place to protect the rights of women, however, it remains to be seen how successful this will be. In India rape is a widespread problem as men seem to think that women can be abused at will and there will be no repercussions, which is often true.

Latest Atrocity:

Child Forced Labour Is Widespread

Child Forced Labour Is Widespread

A Small Unwanted Girl Child Is Put To Death - Sorry, But This Meant To Shock You

A Small Unwanted Girl Child Is Put To Death – Sorry, But This Is Meant To Shock You

It is also sad to note that child rape and general abuse is also endemic in the country. Many children as young as five are forced into slave labour. According to Indian government sources one in two children suffer abuse at some time or other, and more to the point, most cases go unreported so the actual number is far higher.

A Woman Is Abused By The Military

A Woman Is Abused By The Military

In other cases, many Egyptian women have been raped and molested in public by large crowds of men in Tahrir Square in Cairo, scene of many demonstrations. Most notable was the recent incident where a woman had her clothes ripped off and was groped by a very large group of men. There have been at least three cases where western women have been attacked in the square by gangs of up to a hundred men, had their clothes ripped off, and while no actual rape was committed, they were subjected to abuse the likes of which are difficult to imagine.

So what does this kind of attitude towards women tell us? It is well known that in the Muslim world women are second-class citizens, and to put it in a ‘nutshell’, are put on Earth only to serve men. In some countries the strict laws regarding woman have been somewhat relaxed, but sadly not all.

Trapped - With No Way Out

Trapped – With No Way Out

In the strictest Muslim countries women are required to wear the infamous burka which covers them from head to toe. The following is from the Quran: “O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters and the believing women that they should draw over themselves their jilbab (outer garments) (when in public); this will be more conducive to their being recognized (as decent women) and not harassed. But God is indeed oft-forgiving, most merciful. (33:59)” While this text does not specifically say that women must cover themselves from head to foot, it has been interpreted as such because otherwise women will “inflame the passions of men”! It would seem many Muslim men think of nothing but sex and have a difficult time controlling themselves, as the sight of even a small amount of female skin will get their blood racing!

Guwahati India - A Young Woman Is Attacked On A Busy Street. No-one Called The Police But Many Filmed It On Their Phone

Guwahati India – A Young Woman Is Attacked On A Busy Street. No-one Called The Police But Many Filmed It On Their Phone

In India there is much the same feeling that women are there to serve men, and a man can do as he pleases without fear of retribution. Although the government is trying to put laws in place to protect women and children from abuse, I fear it will have little effect, because like the Muslim world it is part of their culture, and it will take much more than a few laws to bring about change. Among the ‘Laws Concerning Women in Manu-Smriti’ (Hindu Scriptures) can be found the following: “13.1 (women will be) Always dependent 13.2  (she will always) Worship and obey (her) husband 5.148 In childhood a female must be subject to her father, in youth to her husband, when her lord is dead to her sons; a woman must never be independent”. So you see that women have very little chance of being better off with the passage of new laws introduced by the government.

It is pretty much the same with both Muslims and Hindu’s that women have little or no rights as human beings except to serve their masters, i.e. their husbands. Laws will not change this fact. It becomes evident that both religions have a lot to learn in this day and age. 

4 Responses to “Where Women Are A Target For Abuse”

  1. cvheerden Says:

    Unbelievable. I am crying for these little girls. We are trying to change mindsets about this in South Africa, a Christian Nation with just as heartbreaking incidents of violence. What you write about nobody helping the girl on the bus but people filming – and someone taking a photo of a toddler being murdered – angers me beyond words. We need to teach civilian courage, it is every good man and woman’s duty to step in!!!! http://cvheerden.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/down-with-the-rape-apes/


    • Hi CV,
      Nice of you to visit. It is indeed a shocking story and one that should wake up western nations to force through change, but unfortunately, as I said in the article, attitudes are based on the religion of these countries and consequently may never change.
      Best Regards,


      • cvheerden Says:

        Hi Roy, I see word press just refers you to my about page when I like your blog. I do not know what to do to change it. I have written on the subject of rape in my last two posts on cvheerden.wordpress.com I am from South Africa and actively involved in teaching our community how to stand up against it. South africa according to interpol is the rape capital of the world with one rape happening every 17 seconds. It happens by people the victim knows and trusts, in 85 %of cases. That means we need our community to stand up and speak up against any form of sexual violence as soon as it happens. Pls visit my recent posts about it. Thanks, C


      • Hi C,
        So requested, so done. You will find a comment on your post and I hope it encourages you to do more on this subject. Without doubt there is a sickness in parts of the world that must be addressed. I cannot see laws turning Muslims and Hindu’s from their current path for the reasons I have already described, but in South Africa, where it is not a religious thing, it may be possible to curb it eventually with strong anti-rape laws and very stiff sentencing. It will take a massive upswell of protest to get the politicians to act on this, but I wish you luck.
        Best Regards,


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