The British Government Catches ‘Gay’ Fever

Last Tuesday the UK House of Commons gave their consent by a large majority to the introduction of homosexual marriage in Britain. This is indeed a sad day for the country, even though the decision is not final as it still has to go through the House of Lords. In my opinion, this issue has become so politicised that governments are bound to adopt any motion of this type because they think not to do so will hurt their chances of re-election.

The Seat Of Government - What Are These Idiots Thinking?

The Seat Of Government – What Are These Idiots Thinking?

The politicians who are responsible for running any country should be more respectful of the wishes of the electorate, and not be thinking purely in terms of the homosexual vote and their re-election chances. It is a sad indictment of politicians today that they think more of doing what they can to keep the masses voting for them than doing what is right for the country and its people. This is true of very many democratic countries, not just Britain. It is a fact that many countries have over the past ten years softened their stance on homosexual marriage but I still believe the majority are against it.

The Younger Generation May Be In Favour, Wiser Heads Are Not!

I am well aware this idea of homosexual marriage has been adopted by many other countries, but I am ashamed that it has got this far in Britain. The whole business of homosexuality has been pushed on the grounds of ‘human rights’ and any other excuse these ‘people’ can find to justify their behaviour, but it won’t wash with me, and many other upright citizens. The problem is we have been bombarded with the business of homosexuality from every angle, and I think many people have just got tired of it and put their hands up in surrender. They even want the right to marry in church for goodness sake, and we all know what God thinks of this issue: “Man shall not lie down with another man….etc”. If such a thing were ever to be allowed it would tear apart everything the church stands for.

Very Funny! Where Are The Police?

Very Funny! Where Are The Police? Do You Want Your Young Child To See This?

One thing I am thoroughly sick of is seeing these idiots cavorting on the streets in various levels of undress and shoving their deviance down the throats of ordinary people with their ‘Gay Parades’. Because they are ‘Gay’, they get away with things that you or I would immediately be arrested for. I know that if you ask many of those watching such an event what they think of it, the idiots among them will laugh and say its just a bit of harmless fun. But its not, its their way of trying to bring the public over to their side before they start pushing for more and more legislation in their favour.

My wife and I were visiting friends last Sunday evening, and during one conversation I asked him what he thought of homosexual marriage and adoption. He replied that he thought it was OK. So I followed this up by asking him if having two parents of the same sex would affect the psychological health of an adopted child. I pointed out that any child growing up with homosexuals would eventually come to realize that they were different from other families. It could lead to bullying in school and it would most likely end in the child itself becoming a homosexual. He stopped and thought for a few seconds, and then admitted he had never thought of that angle, and agreed that children could very well be seriously affected mentally by such an arrangement.

Now that the homosexual marriage act looks like becoming law, unless the Law Lords fail to approve it, you can bet your life the next thing ‘they’ will demand is the right to adopt children.  

If You Want Something To Care For Elton – GET A DOG!

I was thoroughly disgusted when Elton John first announced he was to become the father of a child, and equally so at the second announcement a short time ago that he now has another. Both were obviously conceived through a surrogate mother, i.e. a woman who had the children for him from donated sperm, and I am sure she had no qualms about doing it if she was paid enough money, which I am sure she must have been. Some people will do anything for money these days and Elton has very deep pockets.

I am well aware that homosexuality has been around for centuries, but I prefer the old days where it was not thrown in our faces. What are these people trying to do, turn the human race into bisexual beings at some time in the future? It’s all about me, me, me and what I want. It has nothing to do with the affects such a relationship will have on a child brought up by a homosexual couple.

He's My Mummy - I Think!

He’s My Mummy – I THINK!

I am afraid I do not agree with the so-called ‘experts’ who think that any child raised by two men will grow to be a normal person. How can they? I guess the couple will decide among themselves as to who will be ‘mummy’ and who will be father, but as a child reaches the age of understanding how can they look at a man and think of him as a woman when all their friends have a real woman to call mummy. What sort of reception are they going to get from their friends when ‘mummy’ comes and picks them up after school? How will their sexual orientation be guided by a father and a man posing as their mother?

What The General Public Think.

What The General Public Think.

Their ‘parents’ will of course teach them that there is nothing wrong in their relationship, so how will a young boy react when puberty is over and he start to think about girls, or heaven forbid, boys? Mentally they will be at a crossroads and I suspect they may not know which way to turn because they have been told that both are right? Naturally, their friends will be out looking for girls because they are normal, but an adolescent young male brought up by a homosexual couple will not know which way to turn. The same would be true for a girl brought up by a lesbian couple.

Dream On Boys!

Dream On Boys! You Need The Real Deal To Have A Child!

In many countries where this sort of atrocity is now allowed, in the future there will be a whole lot of kids who have been psychologically damaged simply by the fact that their parents are of the same sex. None of these children have yet grown old enough for there to be any definite evidence of these facts, but as they get older we will begin to see the results of these misbegotten laws.

I know I am not a psychiatrist, but to me it doesn’t take one to recognise the obvious pitfalls that will beset these children in the future. They have a very good chance of becoming to some extent ‘unbalanced’ by their position in society due to their upbringing. Not many of these children will be able to ‘leave the nest’ and lead a normal healthy heterosexual life after being brought up to believe that anything goes in this world.


4 Responses to “The British Government Catches ‘Gay’ Fever”

  1. Jeff Black Says:

    Hi Roy,

    In my experience and knowledge, there are none of the psychological issues that you allude to in your piece. That said, I too cannot see the future.

    What is “normal” in the year 2013? I wish I knew!! I think it’s normal to be a gay couple and (ergo) it’s normal to be a gay family.

    I think that the opinions you expressed above are actually forcing the government to take the legislative action that they are embarking on!

    Thanks for apologizing for the use of SOME of the wording. I’m sure that you stand by ALL of the content and I applaud YOU for that.

    And don’t worry, in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger – “I’ll be back”.



    • Hi Jeff,
      I think you’ll find that there are none of the phsycological issues around at the moment simply because homosexual adoption has not been around all that long, and therefore the children have not yet reached an age of understanding and certainly not the age of puberty. Naturally a baby or a five year old will not show symptoms but that could come later. I really hope these children do not suffer as I think they may, but only time will tell.
      Its true that homosexuality is being accepted more and more because it is shoved down our throats whether we like it or not, not least of all by the politicians. Polls suggest that it is the 18 to 29 year-olds who are the most tolerant, so it is fairly certain that as the older generations fade away we will eventually see almost total acceptance, at least in democratic nations. I doubt things will change much in rest of the world though.


  2. Jeff Black Says:

    Hi Roy,

    First and foremost I will give you some background. I am not gay but I am an adopter (of a daughter now 10). Your post above is exactly that. Yours. The views expressed by you are not overly controversial and probably widely held by moderate Christians. I do totally agree with you that this (and successive) Governments have politicized issues that they should steer well clear of, including Homosexuality. The current (Conservative/Liberal Democrat) administration have what the press call a “modernizing agenda”, hence their meddling in this issue.

    I would also say that I would be one of the first to defend your right to speak as you find and offer your opinion. That said, your piece above claims that people have become tired of the business of Homosexuality and yet you were sufficiently excised to sit at your keyboard and offer your views.

    Your piece above contains words that have somewhat excised me. Firstly your use of the word ‘people’ in captions implies that homosexuals/gays are some sort of alien species, They are not. They are Human Beings just like you and I. Your implication by using the captions is that they are not and is (as such) offensive. You may not like their lifestyles or genetic make up but theirs is the right to request that which would be granted to you and I automatically. Namely marriage. And it is the governments job to legislate if the Church is unwilling to modernize itself.

    As is your use of the word parents (also in captions). Do you know a lot of adopters Roy? I do. Both heterosexual and same sex adoptive couples. These adopters have given children homes. These children have often come from backgrounds that are truly, horrifically unimaginable. Backgrounds that would make ANY loving, caring and supportive environment better than the hell that they (the children) have come from. Please remember this?

    You say that these children are likely to be psychologically damaged by being parented in a same sex relationship? WHERE DOES THAT COME FROM? To describe adolescence in a same sex adoptive household as an “atrocity” is totally un-called for. Personally speaking I think adolescence is likely to be tough regardless of the family structure. It’s a difficult time in EVERY child’s life.

    I regularly read your pieces. I like them normally but one or two of them are (in my view) clearly worded in such a way as to antagonize your readership. I hope that is not the case. We can debate and disagree without some of the inflammatory expressions you have used here. I hope so, anyway.



    • Hi Jeff,
      Nice of you to comment. I am glad you agree with some of my views at least, and I think you are right in that the government should stay well away from this topic. I don’t think I said that people are tired of the homosexuality subject, but in my view more people need to let the world, and in particular their governments, know what they think on this issue. If you consider my use of captions inappropriate I apologise, but in my opinion these people are far from normal and as for the parents thing, I don’t think they are proper parents which I believe consists of a man and a woman. I am of the opinion that there is a very good chance of such children growing up at a phsycological disadvantage, maybe not in all cases, but enough to be concerned about. Only the future will tell. I am happy that you were able to give a child a good home and I applaud you for it, I just hope that with homosexual couples its not out of the frying pan and into the fire, phsycologically speaking. I hope to see you back.
      Best Regards,


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