Prince Harry Comes Under Fire

Prince Harry is on the way home after his tour of duty as an Apache gunship pilot and already the slanging match has begun. This impressionable young man who has served his country well is now coming under fire from not only the Taliban, which one would expect, but also from the Afghan President, the British Press and of course, a Labour politician.

The Deadly Apache

The Deadly Apache

An agreement was made with the Press that he would give an open-hearted interview once his tour of duty was finished, provided they didn’t hassle him while he was in Afghanistan.  Now he has given it he is being criticised from all sides.

As you would expect, The Taliban has naturally jumped on the bandwagon with hunted Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar calling the Prince a ‘hyena’ and saying that the prince “comes to Afghanistan to hunt the innocent Afghans while he is drunk.”. That’s funny because another report has said that Harry, now in Cyprus, has just had his first drink of alcohol in five months.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar  - A Confused Man?

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar – A Confused Man?

Mind you, Hekmatyar also told the newspaper that his Hizb-i-Islamia party was prepared to fight in the 2014 presidential elections, which will precede the final withdrawal of British and American troops from Afghanistan. Hekmatyar insisted that he wanted a “peaceful transition” from the present Afghan government to a new administration based on “free and fair elections.” once the troops leave. Believe that and you’ll believe anything because he also predicted that Afghanistan “will collapse into murderous civil war after Nato troops withdraw in 2014”. So it seems he is somewhat confused!

During the frank interview Prince Harry made a reference to his love of playing X-Box and PlayStation games during his free time and said: “It’s a joy for me because I’m one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox, so with my thumbs I like to think I’m probably quite useful,” referring of course to operating the many switches controlling the Apache weapons. Innocent enough, but my how the words have been misquoted and twisted by all. Zabihullah Mujahid, Taliban spokesman, is quoted as saying: “To describe the war in Afghanistan as a game demeans anyone – especially a prince, who is supposed to be made of better things.”

Sharifullah Kamawal

Sharifullah Kamawal

Sharifullah Kamawal, a member of the Afghan parliament, is of the opinion that Prince Harry’s comments will hasten the withdrawal of NATO Forces from Afghanistan, saying: “This makes the withdrawal process much faster, because for now half of the people say the foreign forces must stay for longer, but if they say these kind of things then more people will want them to go home.”

Labour's Jim Murphy - Get Off Your 'High Horse'

Labour’s Jim Murphy – Get Off Your ‘High Horse’

The one unnecessary criticism I found distasteful came from Labour’s Jim Murphy, the shadow defence secretary, who questioned the language the Prince had used. He is reported as saying: “I’m not going to second guess whether he should or shouldn’t have said it…..He’s obviously a young and brave man. He was candid. Perhaps he may have been more candid than the Palace may have wished.” Get off your high horse Murphy, or better still go out and defend Afghanistan from terrorism yourself instead of pontificating from the sidelines!

The fringe groups also had words of condemnation for Prince Harry’s interview when Lindsey German, who is convenor of the Stop The War Coalition, said the Prince’s comments were “crass” and asked how he knew those he killed were members of the Taliban. referring to the Prince’s comment that he had killed insurgents during his tour. Well, Ms. German I have news for you.

Lindsey German Of Stop The War.

Lindsey German Of  Stop The War Coalition

Let me put it to you straight Lindsey. If someone in Afghanistan is pointing a weapon at you or your comrades, you can be pretty sure he is a Taliban and intends to kill you!!!! In war the one thing you don’t do is hold up your hand to someone aiming a gun at you and ask: “Excuse me, are you Taliban?” before you shoot them.

I deplore these ‘high and mighty’ individuals who have no idea of the hard facts but just swallow the lies and half-truths put out by the Press, before getting up on their high horse to pontificate about something they know little of! If it were up to me I would give you a gun Ms. German and put you in the front-line alongside the troops, so that you have a chance to wake up to the real world and not the dream world you inhabit! Personally I wouldn’t give an inch of press space to someone making such stupid comments.

Shot For Wanting An Education - This Why We Fight The Taliban

Shot For Wanting An Education – This Is Why We Fight The Taliban


Please remember Ms. German that it was the Taliban that shot Malala Yousafzaia a short time ago, and all she wanted was to be educated. It makes no difference that the attack on Malala happened in Pakistan, they are all the same group. Do you support the Taliban who shot her? For if you want the war against them to stop you surely do! These insurgents were responsible for gross atrocities against women when they controlled Afghanistan. Think about them apples!

Whatever criticism comes his way, for me Prince Harry has done an outstanding job in Afghanistan, and although the restricted Prince William is doing a brave and necessary job in Search and Rescue, it is Harry that has actually put himself in the firing line twice against an insurgency that must be beaten, one way or another.

The sad thing is, it seems members of the Royal Family are easy targets for the Press and anyone else who wants to ‘have a go’ at someone. As you would expect, St James’ Palace declined to comment.


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