Ending Aid To India – About Damn Time!

I read yesterday with some joy that at last the UK government is to end financial aid to India. In my opinion, this should have happened soon after they began creating a nuclear arsenal and a space programme. I am well aware that children are dying of hunger in the poor areas of the country but pumping in millions of pounds over the last few decades seems to have done little to improve their plight.

The sad thing is, India has received an average of £272m a year from the UK over many years which was originally intended to help those in desperate need, but sad to say, most of it has disappeared in the wrong direction. Corruption is rife in the land, and there is no doubt that many people have become very rich by siphoning off much of the money into their own accounts.

India's Population Growth

India’s Population Growth

To its credit, India has made some progress in feeding the country’s poor but it’s not enough. The population has trebled since 1960 and currently stands at around 1.25b. As the second most populated country in the world after China it’s perhaps time the government started doing something to curb the rampant birthrate, for the current situation is getting them nowhere.

India's Nuclear Weapons

India’s Nuclear Weapons

It is a great shame that the Indian government find it more important to have a nuclear arsenal and a space programme, than use the money to feed their people, give them an education and a reasonable standard of living. From the latest report, India spends £70bn on its social welfare budget, compared with £2.2bn on defence and £780m on space exploration. These figures may seem to be in the right proportion but you have to ask, why does this country need a nuclear deterrent and a space programme? I understand their wanting to protect themselves from Pakistan which also has a nuclear arsenal, but there the same problem exists, people are starving while the government rattles its missiles. As for the space programme, that in my opinion is a waste of space – forgive the pun!

A Starving Child

In these times of hardship in the UK I have to applaud the actions of David Cameron and his Liberal partners in making this decision. The money can far better be used to help the people in dire need in our own country, rather than make a select few in India richer every year.

Aid will not stop completely for India, but the British government has finally decided that they should concentrate more on technical aid and not financial. The heartening fact about that is it is harder to siphon off technical knowledge and machinery than hard cash!

India is fast becoming one of the major powerhouses in the world alongside China, but in my opinion, a land as wealthy as India should look closer to home when deciding how to spend the nation’s wealth.


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