The Callousness of Modern People!

I have just read a story in the news about an 83 year-old war hero who was mugged in broad daylight in a Tesco Supermarket car park, and even though he called for help, his pleas fell on the deaf ears of those walking past. Michael Saxby, who needs crutches to get around, was robbed of his bank card and then the thieves took £720 out of his account. He is fairly sure that a young woman filmed him putting in his code as he took money from a cash machine before the robbery.

Michael Saxby

It happened in the middle of a busy car park but despite his cries of help to passers-by, not one came to his aid. To me this is intolerable! Are modern people gutless, or is it the ‘it’s not my problem’ attitude, I can’t quite make up my mind. I know for a fact that even though I am 69 coming on 70 I would have done what I could to help the poor man!!!!

Mr. Saxby said afterwards that when he was younger he would not have hesitated to help someone in that situation and I know how he feels. Back then when men were men, practically anyone would have stepped forward to help, but now no-one wants to get involved, and in my view people today should feel utterly ashamed of themselves. Having spent a good deal of his own life helping others its downright disgusting that no-one came to help him.

In 1942 he received an award from the Royal Humane Society for saving a young boy from drowning in a Cambridgeshire river, and after leaving the RAF where he served as a medic, he worked at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge for more than 40 years.

Tesco Cambridge UK

Mr Saxby told reporters that he called for help but people in the car park just “walked on”. Later he said, “I’ve helped people all my life, but no-one came to my aid. One woman did walk over but she was sort of brushed away…….I’ve always been very conscientious, especially as a younger man, even if it meant putting my own life in danger. I always helped people.” Well thanks Michael, some of us do appreciate it!

It brings to mind a piece I wrote some time ago about people walking past a mugging victim who was dying on the streets of New York one night. He had gone to help a girl being mugged and got stabbed. The thing is, if he had received help he would have lived, but the people just walked on by. I can hear some say already, ‘see what happens when you go to help someone, you get stabbed’! Well to them I say, there is a big difference between a dark street in New York and daylight in the middle of a car park, and I am sure that if just two people would have approached the muggers they would have run off.

Morbid Interest At An Accident Scene

Believe me when I say I am very glad that I am old, for to live in today’s society you have to be so self-centred, and that for me is impossible. Like many of my age, I just don’t fit in any more. I could no more watch a mugging, or stand around at an accident or murder scene waiting for the bodies to be carried off than I could climb Everest, well not at my age anyway.

We live in a sick society today where the over-riding factors are greed and a callous disregard for anything that does not affect ‘self’. Its time everyone woke up to the fact that as a person, we are not alone on this planet, and as a species we need to help each other as much as possible, for there are very hard times ahead for humanity.

End of rant!


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