The Shame of Islam In Libya

An Innocent Victim

I read today with disgust the breaking news that among others, the American ambassador to Libya was killed in an attack by Muslims on the US Embassy in Benghazi, all because an Israeli Jew living in America produced a film that in their view, insulted the Prophet Mohammed. With yet another disgraceful crime being committed by the fanatics who make up the Islamic religion I cannot help but ask; “Just How Long Are The Free Peoples Of The World Going To Stand For This?”

As free people living in a free country with the inalienable right of free speech, how much longer are we going to sit on our hands and accept these attacks on our culture and way of life. We regard free speech as sacrosanct, meaning that right or wrong, everybody has the right to say what they think on any topic, so why should we accept some outside group of maniacs killing someone for using that right.


The Muslim clerics tell us continuously that Islam is a religion of peace, but tell that to the American ambassador and his staff in Benghazi. Tell that to the countless Christians who have been murdered and in some cases burnt alive to satisfy the blood-lust of the Muslim population. Time and again the vicious and evil side of this religion hits the headlines across the world, often with flash mobs killing indiscriminately.

It makes me wonder if this ‘flash mob’ idea isn’t the latest tactic of al Qaeda, using ordinary Muslims to do their dirty work and ferment trouble. Otherwise, in my opinion it can only be Muslim clerics who are inciting their followers into acts of hatred against other religions.

The Holy Book Of Islam

A fine example is the case of Risha the young Pakistani girl recently jailed for ‘desecrating the Koran’. But the local Muslim cleric was arrested later and accused of deliberately planting pages of the Koran in a sack of rubbish she carried. He admitted to wanting to rid the area of undesirables, i.e. the small Christian minority in the town.

Make no mistake, Muslim clerics hold the power when it comes to violence perpetrated by these flash mobs and terrorists. In England there have been countless proven cases when bright young Muslims with a good future ahead of them have been persuaded by such men to strap on a bomb and blow up innocent people.

The Mob Outside The Embassy – Faces Filled With Such Hatred! Why?

I am fully aware, and accept that not all clerics are like the one in Pakistan, and in no way wish to insult the Islamic religion. I will therefore cheer loudly for all clerics who do what they can to promote peace, but as the months and years go by, and non-Muslims are forced to accept more and more of these direct assaults on their culture, I get the impression that the peace-loving clerics are a distinct minority. I have already written that I believe the vast majority of Muslims secretly agree with all the terrorist attacks on the West, for I never hear a voice crying out against them from any Muslim, especially the clerics.

Leaving A Legacy Of Hatred

When bin Laden committed the treacherous attack of 9/11 he opened up a whole new world among Muslims, fermenting a hatred among them for anything non-Muslim and the belief that Islam will one day rule the world. There can be little doubt that we will all be living with the legacy  of one man’s hatred for a very long time.


4 Responses to “The Shame of Islam In Libya”

  1. Sam Davis Says:

    I have a few questions to Islamic Clerics. 1. Does Allah want Muslims to Convert Infidles (as Muslims know and call Non-Muslims), or Kill them? 2. Is being a Muslim a matter of Birth or Conversion? If Conversion, are children born to Muslim parents Muslims by conversion or by a. biological factor. 3. Is Islam’s goal to win to Allah the whole human race or to take over the whole earth’s geographical space. I ask this because I have never heard of Muslims having an open Crusade or Campaign aimed at trying to convince the nonMuslim public of the need and profit of embrasing Islam. All I hear is suicide bombers being sent to kill as many people. Does Allah need this much of human blood to be Allah?
    Finally, is Islam a Perfecting Faith? Does becoming a Muslim make a human being Sinlessly Perfect? Is Iran, Malasia, Iraq and Saudi Arabia Sinless Zones of the earth? Two weeks ago, a Drunken Muslim ran into my car, damaging both his and my car. His fellow Muslim with him ( a Fulani), was even more drunk than the former. I asked them if they were Muslims. They echoed a loud ‘Yes!’. Then I ask them, ‘do Muslims drink alcohol?’ They went silent. I reminded them of the daily troubles Non-Muslims are forced to face in Northern Nigeria in the name of Islam and Sharia. They couldn’t say a word. Do Islamic Clerics think their followers do not take drugs, smoke, drink alcohol, commit fornication and adultry? I’ve lived among them for over twenty years and know most of their hypocricies. By the way, it seems Islam will gradually destroy itself, in the face of what we are seeing Syria, Iraq, Bahrain, Yemen and the Palestinian territories. Their homicidal tendencies are working effectively against the entire madness … Religion.


    • Hi Sam,
      Glad you could join me. You make some very good points, and I am sure we both would like to hear an explanation from Muslims about their behaviour and their beliefs. Personally, I would like to see Muslim clerics on a TV chat show telling everyone what it is exactly that they believe, and condemning the atrocities that are committed daily in the ‘service of Allah’. We both know this will never happen for I have never heard of a Muslim condemning these acts of violence.
      However, on a previous post “Why Don’t Muslims Condemn the Terrorists” posted on 25/6/12 I did get a comment from a young Muslim who said his friends secretly agreed with terrorism and what the insurgents were doing. From my standpoint if the ordinary Muslims don’t condemn it, they must at least condone it.
      I hope you are right in that the whole Islam thing will eventually implode, for if it does at least the rest of us can live in peace.
      Best Regards,


  2. The murdering muslims claimed to belong to Ansar al-Sahria and were so enraged thier spiritual leader Mohammed was depicted in the movie as a child molesting, womanizing murderer that they wanted to correct this mischaracterization, so they went out and slaughtered some Americans. It doesn’t take a genuis to figure out the problem; 1. Islam is a violent, ignorant belief system designed by degenerates for barbaric people. 2. Our foreign policy with Israel and all middle eastern countries needs revamping.


    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for your view. You may well be right. If most Muslims are against this senseless violence why don’t they speak out. If they do not it will never end, well maybe until there is war between the Muslim world and the rest of us. I hope it never gets that far.
      Best Regards,


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