American Muslim Prisoner Wants Daily Group Prayers

John Walker Lindh

There not being much news I can get my teeth into today, I’ve decided to rant about the American Taliban prisoner John Walker Lindh who last week had the audacity to take his case to the Indianapolis Federal Court. He contends it is a breach of Muslims human rights when they are not allowed to pray together every day in Terre Haute federal prison. Despite the security risk, the prison authorities allow the Muslim population to pray together once per week, but that is not enough to satisfy Lindh.

As an American who converted to Islam, he was arrested for supplying services to the old Taliban government of Afghanistan and carrying explosives for them, for which he received a twenty year sentence. He is taking on the might of the American justice system for his Muslim ‘brothers’, and like many before him, playing the religious rights card!

Terre Haute Federal Prison

Personally, I am sick and tired of these people who pervert righteous laws for their own ends. Yes! It is necessary for Muslims to pray five times a day and from I have read, no-one is stopping them. With Islam, its when these people get together and listen to the ravings of some Christian or Western hating cleric that the trouble starts. So many young Muslims have been filled with an over-powering hatred for the West, Christians, and anything else non-Muslim. Many fine upstanding young men have blown themselves up in a crowded place because they listened to such people.

The whole tragic story knows no end and yet, these same people have the nerve to demand their ‘human rights’, well to that I answer, what human rights did your victims have? When they ran Afghanistan, what human rights did the people have? They were slaughtered in horrific ways to satisfy the Taliban’s evil version of Sharia, the Islamic system of law.

In my opinion, convicted terrorists should receive only the most basic human rights; i.e. three meals a day and a place to sleep. Above that they should get nothing!

For Having A Few Dollars In His Pocket

That is one of the problems with modern society, we have become too soft. The justice system in most western countries goes to ridiculous lengths to pamper the ‘human rights’ of terrorists, killers, thieves and rapists. How are these people to learn that such behaviour is unacceptable unless they are given a sharp lesson. The mind boggles!


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