Did Julia Gillard Give A Controversial Speech on Muslims in Australia?

E-mails are right this minute flashing around the globe saying that Julia Gillard, Prime Minister of Australia, made a speech saying ‘in a nutshell’ that “Muslims must adapt to the Australian way of life and accept the country for what it is, or leave”.

The Julia Gillard Premiership.

A little research however has proven this not to be the case. It does however highlight the on-going controversy among private citizens in most western countries, that the minority Muslim populations have far too much power, and are trying to turn them into Muslim states. I write of course of countries like Great Britain, Canada, America, France, The Netherlands and Germany among others.

In all of these countries the Muslim minority refuse to integrate, demonstrate openly on the streets for Sharia Law, and refuse to accept the culture and traditions of their adopted country. All this makes me think it is perhaps time that the leaders of these countries have balls enough to stand up in public and let these people know we will never surrender our lands to their ideology!

In conclusion, I add the ‘so-called’ Gillard Speech:

‘Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia Law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks. Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques.’

Prime Minister Julia Gillard-Australia: 

Julia Gillard – Australian Prime Minister

‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT Australians, MUST ADAPT . Take It Or Leave it.
I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali, We have experienced a rise in patriotism by the majority of Australians. ‘

‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.’

‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian,
or any other language. THEREFORE, if you wish to become part of our society … Learn the language! ‘

‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented . Certainly it is appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture. ‘

‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us. ‘

‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you to take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE’. ‘

” If you are not happy here then LEAVE. We did not force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU adopted. ‘

Some people will consider this a hate speech, but it is not, it is purely an attempt by the indigenous populations of many countries to assert what is theirs by right and by God.

So come on Prime Ministers David Cameron, Stephen Harper, Mark Rutte, Jean-Marc Ayrault, Angela Merkel and President Obama, where are your balls? This is after all what we are all thinking!


41 Responses to “Did Julia Gillard Give A Controversial Speech on Muslims in Australia?”

  1. kashif Says:

    Hey !

    I agree with most of you all that yes the immigrants should adopt to the way of life when they choose to migrate there.

    However all the hate mongers..this war was initiated by the western world in the name of revenge which was basically greed..the immigrants are migrating coz the west has left them no homes…created a radical physco bin laden to use him against Russia and then killed him along with millions of people and yet Muslims are the ones that are criticized..true you all have made a good home for urself but after destroying ours..no one here should be pointing fingers at religions but some radical politicians who destroyed arab countries..true u all have suffered but not as much as a ounce when compared to what Muslims are suffering..so the so called kind ( Muslims ) are the most suffered so far..and politicians like Julia wouldn’t let it rest and like kids you all are siding with them..imagine if u were born in these arab countries or if Australia was Palestine or Iraq or Afghanistan what would ur life would have been..true one idiot started it by 9/11 but who created him ?

    Wake up from your hatred and at least be good human beings for the sake of not making your future generation the monsters your political leaders have made you all today.

    Peace out.

    PS : Saudi Arabia might even consider having a church anywhere if even 500 Christians lived there..grow up

    • Hi Kashif, and welcome. It’s nice to hear from you.
      I am glad you are in agreement with the way immigrants should behave in their adopted countries. I must however disagree somewhat with your following statements. I too believe that the Iraq war of 2003, was to some extent unjustified as do many other westerners. For this, the then President George W. Bush and Tony Blair were to blame. I do feel that at the time other measures could have been used without going to war. It was later proven that Saddam Hussein did not have the weapons of mass destruction Bush said he had, which verified what many nations and people thought at the time. I think the WMD accusation was nothing more than an excuse by George Bush to go to war.

      The war in Afghanistan was justified by the removal of a regime that terrorized its own people with barbaric practices to ensure they maintained complete control, and many thousands of Afghani’s died. The Taliban also offered safe haven to al Quada which was responsible for the deaths of almost 3,000 people in an unprovoked attack on 9/11. In this I feel the U.N. was fully justified. The possibilities for terrorist attack would have been endless if the Taliban had maintained control and allowed al Quada to flourish,

      You say the bitterness among the Muslim people is because ‘the West’ destroyed their homes forcing them to go elsewhere. In this I have to disagree to a great extent, because most of the damage done to Muslim towns and cities has been done by the likes of the Taliban and al Quada with their car bombs etc, and all for their own ends. There was very little damage from the Iraq and Afghan wars compared to today. From my perspective, much of the damage today in Muslim countries is caused by the on-going war between Shi’ite’s and Sunni’s, the two basic religious sects of Islam. For this same reason, Islamic State has been responsible for thousands of deaths and the destruction of entire towns.

      We also have to remember that in many Far Eastern countries, in Pakistan and India there are constant attacks against Christians by Muslims. These have nothing to do with the situation in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan but are purely based on their new hatred of Christians. Strange that for centuries Muslims and Christians lived side by side in peace until bin Laden came along.
      Much of the hatred that currently exists between Muslims and the western people is in my view the work of the many radical imams and clerics who daily preach hatred for the West, and encourage young Muslims to fight for the Islamic State for example. They have been very successful in Europe where many hundreds of impressionable young Muslims have gone to fight and die in Iraq and Syria for I.S. and committed many terrible atrocities.

      The Holy Qu’ran states that Muslims must live in peace with those of other faiths, but in Saudi following the Christian faith is against the law. There are no churches, and anyone of the Christian faith must meet in private behind closed doors. If discovered they are jailed. Anyone caught on the streets wearing a Christian religious symbol like a cross for example is immediately arrested by the Religious Police. It has happened on many occasions. There is NO religious freedom in Saudi for Christians.

      In conclusion, I would just like to say that I sincerely hope the Muslim people will stop listening to the radical preachers and stand up against the terrorists and tell them they are not fighting for Islam. It is true that wrongs have been committed on both sides, but this age of hatred has to stop some time, and the sooner the better.
      Go In Peace Kashif.
      Best Regards,

  2. so much courage. minority muslims go all over the countries to turn the place into theirs, Israel only take 1 small piece and they want all back.

    • Hi TK and welcome.
      It certainly does Islam no favours when these people move into a country and try to take it over. All they are doing is seeding distrust, and in many cases hatred for their kind. It is indeed a sad situation and one that will see no end unless countries track down and remove the hate-filled clerics who sow the seeds of insurrection in the local mosques.
      As to Israel, that country has proven time and again that it is perfectly capable of defending itself against the Muslim extremists. I do however think that the government has made a big mistake in building Jewish homes on Palestinian land for it has perpetuated the problems.
      Best Regards,

  3. Jalal binthaneya Says:

    To the author,

    There is an error on her speech.

    Christians didn’t create austrailia,prisoners from the United Kingdom did.

    The land belongs to the aboriinal people and you cannot argue that the land has been stolen from them.

    • Hi Jalal,
      Nice of you to drop by. I agree 100% with what you say. Australia, or the ‘New Land’ as it was then called, was used as a penal colony by Britain. She was not 100% at fault though because the people sent there were Christians. The land does in fact belong to the Aborigine’s just as North America belongs to the Indians. But these events are now so far back in history that many people forget.
      Best Regards,

  4. Ali Basharat Says:

    Yeah this is main question that if you are so much crazy for your ancesstery religion then why the hell you left your country and why bothering others with this extremist religion acts?
    I think host countries have this right to criticise your harassment acts.
    I believe that these wild acting one day give you the worst life situation than Quetta, Kabul and etc places.

    I cordially requesting all of you not to do it because Hussain, Ali,Hassan and rest of Arabic men who last their life for religion can not do anything for you guys now.
    Julia Gillard we support you and I would like to mention this also that all Muslims are not extremist I am Muslim but don’t care What Mohammad said 1400 years a go I choose my path by myself in order not to hurt someone.

    God we believe is one let’s live as one human irrespective of the faiths.

    • Hi Ali. Nice of you to drop by.
      I have to say that I am pleased to hear what you have to say. As a Muslim you certainly seem to have adapted to the 21st Century. You are correct that all Muslim immigrants should respect the laws of the country in which they choose to live. I for one wish more thought this way. I can well understand those who wish to flee the fighting that is going on in many Arabic countries, e.g. Syria and Iraq etc. but if they choose to live in another country, they become duty bound to respect not only the laws, but also the beliefs and culture of their adopted country.
      I am sure Western people are fully aware that most Muslims are not terrorists, for the despicable acts carried out by these radicals goes against everything that Islam stands for. Like the Taliban with their version of Sharia Law, these groups have twisted the laws of the Koran to suit their own purposes. It is time for all good Muslims to stand up and say out loud for all the world to hear that these people do not fight for them, and what they are doing makes them traitors to Islam.
      Let us all live in peace once again.
      Best Regards,

      • Amar Says:

        every musalta is a terrorist, direct or indirect/ more of less violent. anyone denies he is having some ulterior motives.

      • Hi Amar,
        Thank you for your comment.
        Best Regards,

    • mohammad umair Says:

      Ali Basharat You saying “I am Muslim but don’t care What Mohammad said 1400 years a go” certainly shows your thinking.

      Accepting the ways of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) in way of living is binding on everyone who was born as his Ummah. So you saying such a moronic and idiotic thing certainly shows you’ve chosen path other than what Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) showed.

      Those legends you mentioned in your disrespectful comment:

      “because Hussain, Ali,Hassan and rest of Arabic men who last their life for religion can not do anything for you guys now”

      laid down their lives to save Islam so that the likes of you can practice it with ease. And you are saying that they cannot help you. Someone laid down thier live for your ease and you say such a stupid thing.

      May Allah(SWT) have mercy on you and put in some sense to understand what you wrote.

      Good luck.

      • Hi Muhammad and welcome.
        We all have the right to follow our faith in the way we choose. I believe Ali was only making the point that Muslims and other faiths should live together in peace and not be fighting each other. If you follow the true word of Allah then it is not right to be waging war on non-Muslims for we are always told Islam is a religion of peace.
        I have to say that I agree with Ali in so far as Muslim people who move to other countries should respect the laws and beliefs of those in the country they move to. Just because a Muslim moves to another country does not mean they cannot remain true to their faith of Islam but should not attempt to inflict their religion on the host country. It is possible for us all to respect the faith of others without causing trouble.
        In Britain we have Muslim radicals demonstrating on the streets with placards saying ‘Islam will rule he world’, and ‘Death to the infidel’. Is this really necessary? How would you feel if Christians began doing this on the streets of any Muslim country?
        The people of Islam and Christians for example, have lived side by side in peace for centuries until bin Laden carried out the atrocity of 9/11 which started the whole ‘war’ between the two religions. Is this the will of Allah? Not according to the real version of the Qu’ran!
        This Islamic ‘Bible’ has been corrupted by evil people (Imams) and has cast the world into a ‘Holy War’ the likes of which have not been seen since the Middle Ages. It does no-one any good so Ali’s message of living in peace with the people of any country Muslims move to is correct. Muslims who wish to do this will be welcomed as immigrants by any nation on the planet, but the constant agitation and acts of terror by terrorist groups and immigrants now makes this impossible.
        Islam like all other religions must move with the times and take into consideration the changes that have taken place throughout history. In today’s world you can still follow your religion in peace and that, in my view, is what Muslims should be doing instead of going on a rampage of killing and torture.
        In conclusion, I respect YOUR religion, why can Muslims not respect MINE?
        Go with God.
        Best Regards,

  5. Laura khourey Says:

    Let me tell u this , a day will come that u will not find ur country it will be the immigrants country ( America , Canada , France , England ………….) all these country will be Muslim country soooooooon , cause all of u r sleeping specially ur leaders . And when u will wake up it will be toooo late . . Can someone answer me why we r not allowed to have church in Saudi Arabia and most Arab country while there is more then one mosque in z Vatican , and in all European country .
    They come as emigrants and later they want to change all the culture , tradition n specially spreading their culture ( Islam culture ) .

    • Hi Laura,
      Glad you could comment. Its true what you say, for some day there will be a huge awakening among the indigenous population and I just hope it won’t be too Late. It is also true that our politicians need to wake up and take the necessary measures to prevent such a thing happening. It is past time when they should take the power away from these people and return it where it belongs.
      Best Regards,

  6. Peter Says:

    This was never said by Julia Gillard as she wouldn’t want to upset the immigrant population. It was actually said by then Prime Minister, John Howard back in September 2007. Gillard doesn’t have the balls to say anything like that.

  7. It’s a real shame that no prime minister or leader could say what everyone else is thinking. Enoch Powell had the right ideas. For anyone who thinks these views are harsh ask yourself this, in the event of a civil war against the Muslim population in your country would you stick together and fight?? Would you hell? Why? Because you’d try and talk sense into these people who have no capabilities to listen and respect our countries, our beliefs and traditions. We are told we can’t do this and can’t say that in case it offends people, typical examples are ridiculous: the robertsons gollywog logo, ba ba rainbow sheep, because the word black offends. What a joke that not only our countries but others have had to do and change because certain people of religion don’t like it!! Guess what, this is our country with our language, out traditions and our way of life. Don’t like it then disappear!! If I was prime Minister I would say it publicly, I’d shut the door on immigration and all the handouts they receive, I’ve seen it first hand you’d be amazed at what they get. Lets all stick together and fight for our own first.

    • HI Les,
      Nice of you to drop by. I agree 100% with your comment. Its about time people started waking up to what is happening in our country. If people wish to see our way of life disappear then keep doing as they are now. I am sick of British people who pander to the immigrants!!!
      Best Regards,

      • Exactly, why do we give in to their demands? I fear that one day we will be the minority. I am myself mixed race as my great grand – father was from Africa, however when he came to this country he dedicated his life and learned afresh our culture and left those he had grown up with behind, my father was born here as was his father and both worked hard and took in our way of life. Today however they come here and take take take. They give nothing! Having worked for local authorities across the country I have seen first hand the level of support immigrants receive, immigrants who have no intention of becoming part of our history but here to try and make their own. One quick story sheds light on the farce that is our governmental policies, I visited a lady in Leicester who’s husband was a doctor for 35 years and had recently passed away. She and her husband were born here and had descendants from Kenya. This doctor had worked all his life and claimed nothing from the state as did his wife. Upon his death she alone could not afford the family home and sold it to secure their daughters future and education and to pay bills etc. to cut a long story short she ended up in a pokey one room bedsit on top if a takeaway, with a back door entrance that can only be described as a hovel. I did my welfare visit and moved on to the next address. After arriving I rang the office to check I was in fact in the right location, a quite affluent area on the outskirts of Leicester. A brand new property, 4 bedrooms with all the trimmings, 32 houses on this new estate, with their own main gate into the estate and private play areas for the kids. Very nice indeed and I’m sure you get the picture. After confirmation I was in the right place I was amazed at what I saw. The carpet fitters were just leaving and outside waiting to get in was a fully loaded 7.5 t truck full if furniture, and all brand new in packaging, from beds to duvet covers, washing machine to knives and forks. It was for four immigrants who were being collected as I stood there from east mids airport! I kid you not. They hadn’t even applied for asylum here but from Somalia their home country, absolute disgrace. Three weeks later I left my job because I couldn’t guarantee I keep my mouth shut. £200 per week for food vouchers fir immigrants, free vehicles because they cannot read English enough to use public transport. And all of this goes in and you don’t even know it. That’s without the problems Muslims cause, claiming benefits for family not even in the country, where do I start. Shut the door on immigration shit the door on the lazy arses that come here for a free ride, and send them all back if they so much as ask for anything they couldn’t earn or do for themselves. Our so called free speech now carries a prison sentence, how wrong is that. Any rant over, sort of, European leaders, grow some balls, stick together and sort this problem out once and for all before we end up the minority!

      • HI Les,
        Welcome back. A very interesting experience you have had, and I am sure it is by no means unique. I too have heard of disgraceful things happening with immigrants, like the family of five who are housed in a £2.6mn mansion in London because, according to the council, ‘there is nowhere else big enough’! All funded by the tax payer of course. We need to start by putting a muzzle on the ‘politically correct brigade’ and all the other do-gooders who can find no other way to get their names in the papers and impress people, then we need to let our local councils and the politicians know how we all feel about these travesties and get them to start doing something positive to wrest control of our country from the immigrants.
        Best Regards,

      • But how do we get them to listen? Even though its our country we don’t stick together enough to be able to get our voices heard. The EDL, try this regular but they are deemed as racist and fascists. They are portrayed as the people who just want to cause trouble. Although there are a few idiots who use the EDL as an excuse to riot and fight their intentions are that of ours, the views that many people have expressed through your blog. But yet if the Muslim or immigrant population wanted to demonstrate we let them and they are heard! Sick to death of this country being dictated too by people from third world countries who come here and want everything for nothing, go home, go home, GO HOME!!

      • Hi Les,
        I think the EDL, whilst perhaps formed for the right reasons, has been hijacked as an organization by those who are looking for an excuse to ‘have a go’ at the police, i,e, malcontent youth. Perhaps it is time it was disbanded because it sends all the wrong signals about our fight against this problem. In my second post on this issue (https://floroy1942.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/question-should-julia-gillard-have-made-her-controversial-speech/) Alan had a good idea with his comment. It is perhaps time for all good citizens to go and see their local MP to demand something be done about this. For myself, I am sure David Cameron would like to take action on the problem but is hamstrung by other politicians. He did pledge to greatly reduce immigration but is meeting a lot of opposition, especially from the ‘Politically Correct’ brigade and do-gooders. If sufficient people, and by that I mean a few million upstanding citizens, demand action on the issue from their local MP perhaps things will change. The people must leave their government in no doubt that something has to be done. It can begin by banning all these destructive Muslim demonstrations by radicals and giving the police the power to act against them. We should deport all immigrants with a criminal record and those that incite violence like Abu Hamsa, and SOD international law and the human rights brigade! It is time these people were made to understand that this is OUR country – and we want it back!
        Best Regards,

  8. Ross Says:

    I hear a rage for simplicity.

    It would also appear to be false.


    • Hi Ross and welcome,
      I read the page you highlighted in your comment and it seems someone else has been taken in by the misleading messages that are flashing back and forth. I too find it a great shame that she did not make this speech, for someone surely has to. It is time for the record to be set straight, but also for immigrants to know they cannot move to a new country (often as refugees) and throw their weight about. My next post on the subject is ready and in a couple of days it will clarify where the material for this so-called speech originated – so watch this space!
      Best Regards,

  9. Geoff3 Says:

    Shame they didn’t apply the same principles to the Aboriginal way of life, not sure they’d agree that their country was founded on Christianity.

    • Hi Geoff3,
      Glad to have you aboard. You have a good point there and it brings to mind something Desmond Tutu said about South Africa: “When the white missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.”
      Best Regards,

  10. abn1976 Says:

    Assimilate is a negative word that reminds of anti-semitic-Nazi ways or ways Native Americans were made to by conquistadores or settlers of the New World. How about integrate? And yes I agree, you can’t or don’t like it you are welcome to leave. We don’t need you as much as you don’t need us, whether you are Muslim, Hindu or whatever creed/religion. I think it is shameful we are having this conversation with Muslims. I am a tourist in Saudi Arabia, for example, and I wanna go see the Holy Cites as history buff. But can’t because I am Christian. I live in Yemen or Bahrain and work, for example, I wanna practice my religion and pray in a church. But can’t because we are considered infidels and no churches are available. On the other hand, we afford Muslims even in our airports in the Western world prayer areas for them, let alone the ability, in our democratic societies, to raise funding for them to build Mosques.
    The debate, on a rational lever and not philosophical, is quite simple and based on tolerance which we afford in the western world and they do not.
    Thank you for allowing me to post.

    • Hi Andreas,
      Welcome. I am glad you enjoyed the post and as far as your comments are concerned they are ‘spot on’. It’s true that in most Muslim countries Christians are unable to have a church, and there are recorded cases of them being put to death under Sharia Law when caught in a religious meeting, even in a private home. So much for equal tolerance!

      • Kevin Says:

        I agree mate, I am sick to death of Muslims having a right in a Christian country, what gives them the right to preach on the streets in our country, we could not do it in theirs, or we could but be stoned to death for it…….Their are Muslims in my daughters school who do not have to attend religious education classes based on Christianity, as this offends them, yet Christian children have to attend classes based on Muslim religion, wether it offends them or not, I think it’s about time that people start to realise these people will never change their views, and see us all as infidels, get out and stay out of Christian country’s if you do not intergrate to our way of life……

      • Hi Kevin and welcome,
        I agree 100% with what you say and it is certainly time for the not only the British people, but all western countries to wake up to this viper in our bosom.
        Best Regards,

  11. Lindsay Says:

    Did Julia Gillard really say this?
    She is an atheist. Australia is surely more secular than Christian?
    And white Australians do not constitute the “indigenous” population now, do they?
    This is a nasty speech. It’s not brave, but quite the opposite. If she really did pen it, then Ms Gillard has plummeted in my estimation.

    • Hi Lynsay and welcome,
      If you read the post carefully you will find that she did not give this speech at all. Many of the lines were taken out of context and put together to give the impression of a speech. I seriously don’t think any politician would have the nerve to say such things in public, even if they believed them. So you can rest easy and not worry any further about it.
      Best Regards,

    • Alan Says:

      It;s a pity that the speech is possibly a hoax, but hey, that’s what people in the countries mentioned feel. I don;t know where you are from Lindsay, but here in the UK where asian gangs have roamed the streets raping young white girls with impunity for years, plus other anti social crimes, people are right to say enough is enough. It is said that oil & water don’t mix, a perfect metaphor for backward, medieval tribes mixing with sophisticated, western races. You have to face up to the fact that the human condition on this planet will NEVER allow such harmonious mixing of races to happen. Of course, you are quite welcome to vist their countries to try and convert them, I understand that in Pakistan Christian girls are burned or stoned. Perhaps that is the future that you would like for our countries. My opinion, get real Lindsay and wake up, a nasty speech indeed, about some very nasty people..



      • Hi Alan and welcome,
        Of course you are perfectly correct. So long as we have one-sided tolerance things will never be right. I have always felt it is time for people of western nations to wake up to what is happening in our own countries and the way these immigrants have manipulated our laws to get what they want. I stand behind the remarks attributed to Julia Gillard and share your opinion that its a great shame she did not actually give this speech. Its about time all free nations gave these people notice that we have had enough, and either they respect our beliefs and culture or go back where they came from.
        Best Regards,

    • Kevin Says:

      Sorry Lindsay I for one have to disagree with you, if Julia Gillard made this speech I would congratulate her for being brave, my only wish would be more governments would follow suit, and no it’s not racist, and she is not being atheist, she is just saying what millions of Christians in Christian country’s want to say.

      • Hi Kevin,
        Although Julia Gillard did not actually give this speech, I do agree that it’s time politicians throughout the western world came out and said what everyone is thinking. It will only take one brave politician to come forward and make a stand before hopefully the rest will follow before its too late. As it is, these immigrants can get away with crimes we would be arrested for because they hide behind the Human Rights and Equality Laws. Anyone who says something against them is considered a racist, and that is wrong.
        Best Regards,

  12. jeff Says:

    I truly wish, our govermant, could find someone with the balls too tell, the people who live in the country of Canada. The same like it or leave, just try and find a better place. But if we let new comers of this land to bring there “Jihad”? with them and allow them to terrorize the general public, Enough is ENOUGH ! leave your religion at the door, and asimilate, enjoy your new life , don’t bring your problems with you.
    A Proud but disapointed Canadian !

    • Hi Jeff and welcome.
      I have to admit, I couldn’t have said it better myself. It is surely time that all western nations wake up to this adder in our bosom and refuse to be subjugated by these people. Assimilate, accept our country for what it is – or leave should be the watchword! A proud but disappointed Brit.
      Best Regards,

  13. sally nicolaou Says:

    i am an Australian citizen currently residing in Cyprus the past 20 years. I wish we had a Prime Minister like Ms Julia Gillard.Today we would not be facing any problems with the moslem minority. Unfortunately they do not wish to adapt to our living conditions nor do they respect our culture. I know this by first hand. My sister married a moslem. He obtained citizenship in Cyprus after 7 years. Now unfortunately he is working in Australia on a working visa. Their only incentive is to obtain citizenship and then if possible arrange relatives to immigrate.
    Thanks for listening.
    Please keep up the good work. We need leaders like you.

    • Hi Sally,
      Nice of you to drop by. You are right of course, it’s a story that is repeated throughout Europe and North America. I think its a shame Ms. Gillard did not give the speech as written, for we need our politicians to stand up to these people and stop handing out social security to them. Cyprus is a great place, I know it well.
      Best Regards,

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