The U.S. Presidential Election – Can It Get More Shameful?

If I were an American I would hang my head in shame at the antics of Romney and Obama who are vying for the most powerful position in the world, that of American President. To have watched from the sidelines this war of words between two heavyweight contenders for the post, is to say the least, a travesty, and an insult to intelligent men and women everywhere.

The Fight Is On.

Why the American public has put up with this comedy during elections over the past twenty years or so is totally beyond me. For almost a year the two contenders trade insults and barbs, drag up whatever dirt they can find and call each other liars just to gain the public favour in a vote that will take place in November. In my opinion, this diminishes both the persons involved, the American people and the country. If this is politics in the 21st century I want nothing of it.

Whatever happened to the times when men of power were voted in on their suitability, their politics, and their trustworthiness. All that has gone out the window, and now its a mud-slinging contest with the one to whom the least amount of mud sticks becoming the winner (I heard that somewhere before). Sorry, but that is not how it should be!

Grrrrr! – Grrrrr Yourself!

The sad fact is, that this current campaign system has become so entrenched over the past twenty years that it is unlikely to change. It will just get dirtier and more sordid. Maybe it might be better to just give them each a gun and let them fight it out cowboy style! At least the world would not be bored to tears  with a battle of words.

The entire election system in America is in desperate need a major overhaul with (a) the election campaign restricted to say no more than three months (in fact the shorter the better), and (b) no more mud-slinging. Aspiring Presidents should be made to stick to laying out their credentials for the post, their policies, and what they think they can do for the country and its people. The re-election of Presidents should also be weighed on the their past record in office.

Another thing I hate about the current system is this drumming up of campaign contributions from the rich and powerful, because there is often a payback. From my point of view it seems more like a way of gaining influence. In this world you get nothing for nothing, and you can bet your last dollar that all these rich and powerful business people want a favour in return for the millions they contribute. It’s the old ‘You scrub my back and I’ll scrub yours’ syndrome. In an election for the post of most powerful person on the planet it stinks to high heaven!

You Scrub My Back…..

I may be an outsider  when it comes to America and its politics, but what I see daily on the news does not inspire one little bit of confidence in me for the future. I know for sure that if I were an American citizen, I would start campaigning for a change in the system and do my utmost to start cleaning up Capitol Hill and the White House. I would consider it my duty as an American citizen!


3 Responses to “The U.S. Presidential Election – Can It Get More Shameful?”

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  2. If you don’t like it, foreigner, don’t watch it. You and your breed aren’t entitled to opinions on the matter. Tend your own house so that we don’t have to…again.


    • Ouch! I guess someone got out the wrong side of bed this morning! Like everyone else you are entitled to your opinion, even if it is somewhat offensive. You are right insofar as I do not have to watch it, and to that I say Thank God! Actually, I believe that everyone has the right to an opinion, even people of my ‘breed’.
      But tell me honestly, are you really satisfied with the way presidents are elected in your country? Do you really think that your president and the presidential hopeful should be muck-raking in order to get (re)-elected? Can it be true that you are not really interested in how either one of them will actually run the country? Are you not interested in whether they will be good for the country and its people? From what I have seen of the two campaigns, neither candidate has satisfactorily said how they will tackle the unemployment issue and the growing deficit, and you must admit, never has a presidential hopeful had such a series of disastrous foreign visits as Romney.
      I find it amusing that you refer to a time long before you were born in your final statement. It is without a doubt true that Britain would never have defeated Hitler without the intervention of the United Sates, but it is obvious that you need to read up on the subject. The intervention was also an act of self-preservation for the USA because your leaders at the time knew all too well that America would have been Hitler’s next target once he had conquered Britain. You dishonour the brave men who fought to defeat the Nazi Regime so long ago with such a rash statement. But never mind, everyone is entitled to an opinion.
      Best Regards,


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