Cutting The Foul Language In Football Is A Start!

A week ago last Friday the Professional Footballers’ Association chairman Clarke Carlisle called for a clampdown on foul and abusive language on the football field, and what a good idea it is. After the revelations of the John Terry saga in the last few weeks it is clear the ‘Great Game’ is in desperate need of a thorough clean-up.

The Terry/ Ferdinand Incident

We have had to accept for far too long abusive players and those that stretch the rules to the maximum. Whatever happened to a skilled ninety minutes of fair and honest play?

The UK football teams now have ten times more foreign players than British, and it shows with the increasing number of racial incidents. Racial abuse, foul language and vicious tackling are all part of the current football scene and are accepted, and in some cases encouraged, by both managers and fans alike.  Sometimes it seems that the more violence on the pitch the better the Neanderthal fans like it, but for those who love the game, the whole situation has gotten way out of hand and needs some urgent action. Clarke Carlisle’s statement is but the tip of the iceberg in my view.

Fair Play – Look Again

What all teams seem to forget, is that football is a sport! But unfortunately it ceased to be that when the money men moved in. Now its nothing more than a multi-million pound business and a way to make money. Along with the money men and the exorbitant salaries came new rules; Win at any cost!!! It has all led to an increase in violence on the pitch and a total lack of respect between players and teams.

Something most footballers either don’t know, or worse, don’t care about is that they are role models for the majority of young fans who look up to them and in some cases it borders on idol worship. Their antics on the field are helping to make our youth the most disrespectful and violent in the history of our country. But it is not only the young ones, everywhere you go you hear both men and women mouthing off with the most foul language you can imagine.

Typical Fans

It has become a facet of everyday life as evidenced by the British tourists who come here to the Costa. Practically every day we sit in a local bar or cafe and are forced to listen to the filth coming from the mouths of English tourists with the ‘F’ word being used ten times in every sentence. Among us are Spaniards, Germans, Norwegians, French and many other nationalities, and you can see by the look on their faces how disgusted they are at this English habit.

Of course most of it began when Hollywood started including foul language in films some years ago, and like football, it has gotten completely out of hand.

It’s All Down To You And Your Kind Mr. Furguson!

So as a start, I would love to see team managers cracking down on abusive and foul language, racial abuse and vicious tackling on the pitch because it is a dark road that leads to nowhere. If money is more important than the ‘Great Game’ then we might as well give all the players an AK47, and the last man standing is the winner. Thankfully, there are a few countries where football is still the sport it was intended to be and we should all use them as a role model to reshape the British game.


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