Need A New Car? Try Walmart!

By now Wal-Mart customers are world famous for their fashion sense, but what about the cars they drive? If you are in the market for a budget priced car you might want to try Wal-Mart.

Unique Trunk Design


Missing Fender, No Problem

With Special Safety Seat

Unique Design


Own You Own Camper


Body Needs A Little Work


Missing Door Handle – No Problem


Can Also Be Used For Washing The Car


Special Security System Installed


Wide Angle Rear Mirror Included


Guess My State!


Airbag May Be Inoperative!


‘Get You Home’ Feature Built In



Wide Tyres Fitted


Pickup Anyone?


Wipers Extra!


 It’s nice to know that cheap cars are available for those that need them, and as we all know, Wal-Mart is something special in the design of clothes. Let us hope they never expand into other fields like aircraft, trains and shipping.

My thanks to the anonymous photo donor.


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