Tired Of Dirty Politics?

Don’t you find election campaigns rather nasty, sordid affairs that do little to help you, the voter, choose the right candidate for the job? Both the American and French presidential elections are in full swing and isn’t it getting downright dirty!

These days it would seem the person who finally gets elected is the one to whom the least amount of mud sticks.

I Am Really One of You

Naturally a lot of PR tricks are used by a candidate, like removing the jacket and tie and rolling up the shirtsleeves to bring himself down to what he perceives as the level of the ‘common man’ – “I’m not really a multi-millionaire, at heart I’m one of you”!

Giving The Right Impression?

Quite often the politics of the person concerned, and even the decisions they will make in office, are of little significance in the run-up to an election. Once an election campaign gets rolling it does not take long for the mud-slinging to start by one party or the other. American elections have been prime examples of this for at least twenty years and it has not taken their European counterparts long to learn the tricks.

Me! The Next President? Mon Dieu!

Currently leading the action in Europe is the accusation by backers of Socialist Francois Hollande against President Sarkozy that his last campaign was partly funded by Muhamar Gaddafi, ex-president of Libya. The Sarkozy camp are calling this a lie and it is reported that the president will take those responsible to court. During their televised debate both candidates spent much of the time calling each other liars.

It is not really important any more what policies the various candidates have and what they will and will not do for the country. Elections have become a battle of secrets and lies about the other candidate, and whatever skeletons can be found in the other’s cupboard. The one with the fewest wins, its as simple as that! Wouldn’t it be nice to return to the days when a candidate’s policies were important?

But there again, campaigns now are all about telling the voter what they want to hear. Currently, “I am going to get everyone back to work” is the favourite line. Politicians are masters at telling everyone that they will solve this or that crisis, but will never tell you how! During the last election in Britain Labour’s Milliband was shouting his head off that they were the party to solve Britain’s debt problems, but when asked what measures they would  take to solve the problems, the only answer was pure bluster and a blank stare.

Your Vote Counts?

Its not just one politician, they are all as bad as one another, and we poor dumb voters are expected to swallow the campaign lies hook, line and sinker. It does not matter if the candidate is Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Liberal, Labour or Conservative, they all spout the same message, telling us what they will do when elected. Sadly, in most cases these promises are quietly forgotten after the results are in.

In an American election campaign money too has to raise its ugly head, for the winner is often determined by who has the big bucks. It’s true that an election campaign can be very expensive, and he who has the most to spend on billboard and TV advertising, and naturally on investigating the opposition, will often come out ahead. Not to forget the ‘quid pro quo’ of politics, if I put ‘X’ million dollars into your war chest what will you do for me or my company after you are elected?

The Lincoln View?

It seems to me that in most elections these days we are often dealing with a load of self-centred, self-important egomaniacs who don’t give a rat’s ass about the voters, the economy, the nations health, and even the country, just so long as they get elected. They want the top job at any price, and don’t care what they have to say and do to get it! As we all know, in countries where they can get away with it, like Russia, Azerbaijan, Burma and many others, the votes are rigged and a complete farce. Personally, I find it sad that we have finally sunk so low.

Could Be!

I have no wish to get involved with American politics because I don’t know enough about it, but I have to say that this Romney character seems to me to be a somewhat slimy type, and as I watch him on the TV news I get the impression he does not fully have the best interests of the American people at heart, only his own. He seems to me like a mega-rich man ($250M)whose only unconquered mountain is the presidency of the USA, and he will do anything to get this last crowning achievement. He certainly does not seem driven by a will to help the people and the country to recover from the present crisis, especially as it seems he hardly pays any taxes on his amassed wealth! Not what I would call admirable qualities for a president.

Obama on the other hand has not delivered on his last campaign promises like closing Guantanamo, but to be fair he has been fighting an extremely hostile Republican Congress during his term of office, so he is really running with his shoelaces tied together. But all that aside, I would trust Obama before I did Romney, but that’s only my uninformed opinion.

You Know What They Are Thinking

So far as the other two, Hollande and Sarkozy are concerned, I really don’t know. Hollande to me is an enigma, but I can only say that the little I saw of the debate on the news, Sarkozy seemed to score the most points. Either way its the French people who must decide.

In the up and coming elections in both France and the USA we have become used to the fact that the best man for the job may not win, because the result will depend purely on how much mud one party can dig up on the other, and how much of it sticks on the day. Not what I would call a recipe for success. However you look at it, politics today is a dirty, murky business that only those driven by an all-consuming ambition will become involved in. The idea of doing something for your country and its people is, to put it bluntly, out of date!


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