Ridiculous Internet Company Technicians

When you have internet problems it’s normal to give the company technical help a call right? Wrong! We are with Vodafone in Spain and while you often get a really helpful guy on the line, sometimes you get a real idiot.

Our ADSL line went dead earlier today so we did what we always do, rang the Technical Help line. We got a real dipstick on the line who after messing about for a few minutes came back to us and said: “Your phone lines are ‘dirty’!” and then hung up! We rang again and thankfully got one of the helpful guys on the line who eventually sorted out the problem.

I said to my wife, who made the call, “If they try that one again tell him they can’t be dirty because the last technician to come to the house took them all out and washed them!!!!”

However, the one burning question in my mind is; Where do they get these idiots? Did he think perhaps we were country yokels and he could baffle us with science in the hope we would go away and not bother him any more? I am sure many people with no understanding of such things would just thank him, ring off, and be stuck with the problem.

In my opinion such a diagnosis must rank among the most stupid ever uttered by someone in a technical position. It must also leave doubt about a company that hires idiots like him.

May your speed always be adequate.


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