Childrens Fairy Tales and Political Correctness

I really could not believe what I read today on Yahoo! It seems many of today’s parents do not tell their children traditional fairy stories because some scare them. It seems also that political correctness has struck at the fairy stories we all loved as children.

When questioned by TV channel Watch, one in five of the 2,000 parents questioned on the subject said that in some cases their little darlings were scared when Little Red Riding Hood was read to them because the Big Bad Wolf ate the grandmother. Others said they did not read Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to their children because the term ‘Dwarf’ did not seem appropriate! Some would not read Cinderella because the idea of Cinderella being in the house doing housework all day was ‘outdated’! Goldilocks and the Three Bears was thought to ‘promote stealing’. The stories of Rumpelstiltskin and Rapunzel are considered inappropriate because they feature kidnapping and executions.

It would seem that most parents these days don’t even bother to tell their offspring fairy stories until they reach the age of five. The reason? The kids ask too many awkward questions!

I have to admit that I told my two children fairy stories from the time they were old enough to understand them, and they loved it. In fact I was blackmailed every evening, because they wouldn’t go to sleep without one. After listening to the stories they both quickly fell into a deep untroubled sleep. As you can imagine, it did not take long to go through all the regular tales and so I used to make them up as I went along. Thank goodness I never got asked to repeat a story from the week before!

Wow! Snow White Never Looked THAT Good When I Was A Kid!

Neither of them ever cried or had nightmares from the stories I told, which included Little Red Riding Hood, so I can only assume we are raising weak minded children these days, or the parents are not telling the stories as they should be told. Some of them have been around for over a hundred years and I never heard of them scaring children.

As to the farcical ‘political correct’ approach to fairy stories, the only thing I can say to all those parents is – Get a life and don’t be so childish!


2 Responses to “Childrens Fairy Tales and Political Correctness”

  1. Wow… I enjoy the original folk tales more than the Grimms’ and Perault’s later rendering into fairy tales at that! Try reading some of those to the kids 😀 Each story has a moral and the purpose is for children to learn from a young age what is right and what is wrong, how to act in certain situations and the types of problems life might throw at you in a manner that would be easy to understand. Parents today are so confused about how to raise a single child, they have forgotten their own childhood. Really, I don’t think fairy tales traumatized any of us for life….


    • Hi Tamar,
      Nice to have you back. I have to agree with all you say, for fairy tales never did any child harm in my experience either. I think parents today have lost their way, and are so busy with their own lives they have little or no time for their children. This will, in my opinion, only get worse as the years go by, and for so long as we having working mothers. I have always thought that a mother’s place is in the home with the child until it is old enough to go to school. Old fashioned? Maybe, but in my childhood years the system worked beautifully!
      Best Regards,


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