Is Greed Holding the 2012 Olympics to Ransom?

With the Olympics less than six months away we now see the greed of some British workers surfacing. First of all we had the London Underground workers last year demanding pay rises and a bonus for the Olympics. Now the taxi drivers are demanding higher pay, knowing that if they go on strike during the Games it will cause chaos. Sometimes I despair at my fellow man and wonder where they get the audacity to hold the entire Olympic Games success to ransom.

London Underground - Fast and Efficient, Normally

Bob Crow, notorious leader of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), wanted a deal similar to the one previously agreed with Network Rail staff of a 10% pay rise over a two year period, plus a one-off payment of £500 for RMT members. Last May a deal was reached, and the prospect of underground train drivers staging strikes during the Games was averted. Now with little more than four months to go the taxi drivers are trying it on.

Internationally Famous

London’s black cab drivers are wanting to raise their fares by 22%, which to my mind is blatant greed just because their industry will be heavily relied upon by those attending the Games. They also demand access to the 50 kms of special traffic lanes set aside for the Games designated to ferry athletes, officials, media and VIPs to venues on time.  The threat of industrial action by the cabbie’s must be taken seriously by Boris Johnson and the London Council for they are, and have always been, an integral part of the London transport system. The Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) union said between 30 percent and 50 percent of its members did not intend to work during this period. The LTDA, representing up to 10,000 of the capital’s 25,000 black cabs, has suggested allowing their drivers to use weekend and night-time premium rates during the Olympics, in an effort to get some back on the road. As a result, this means fares would rise by between 13 and 22%. The drivers rejected the deal.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Subsequently, there may be a serious shortage of black cabs over the period of the Games, although the minicab drivers will not mind for they will probably have more work than they can handle. If the black cabbie’s do go on strike, I hope they don’t make a cent during the games, and let’s face it, it will be their loss in the long run. The only sad part about it is, it will tarnish the reputation of Britain immeasurably. I just wonder how long it will be before someone else jumps on the band wagon!


2 Responses to “Is Greed Holding the 2012 Olympics to Ransom?”

  1. Florina Says:

    They should provide busses in this case, especially since there are special lanes provided for the athletes. This will probably make the cabbies think twice before ripping people off with their absurd and unfair taxi fare.


    • HI Florina,
      Nice to hear from you. I think busses will be laid on for most of the rank and file. It is quite possible that taxi drivers may eventually see the error of their ways and not want to miss out on this money-making bonanza.
      Best Regards,


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