The Football Menace

The game of football is not what it used to be. We now have grossly overpaid ‘prima donnas’ inciting violence with their tactics on the field which is having a negative affect on the public in general. The increase in viciousness on the pitch over the past few years is doing nothing to reduce the levels of violence on our streets, especially among the youth.

Is this Football?

When they see footballers at the saturday game kicking, punching and insulting each other with racist comments, it is natural for them to think it is acceptable behaviour. It is clear that social attitudes are often greatly influenced by such things, as is amply demonstrated by the number of football hooligans in recent years. Another example is the foul language so prevalent in Britain after Hollywood introduced it as ‘normal’ in the films of the seventies and eighties.

These ‘sportsmen’ are icons to much of our youth today and in my opinion they should be setting a good example, not a bad one. The game of football is the number one sport in the UK, watched by millions of spectators every weekend, and what do they see for their hard-earned cash, players insulting each other, players kicking each other, and sometimes fighting openly.

Terry and Ferdinand

In the  news this last week it came to light that the FA even allowed the shaking of hands between teams QPR and Chelsea to be cancelled because of a row between John Terry and Anton Ferdinand. Is this show of sportsmanship now to become a thing of the past? It happened because of a racist slur aimed at Ferdinand by Terry during their match last October. Now, someone has sent a bullet through the post to Ferdinand as an obvious threat. Terry was booed by QPR fans every time he touched the ball and was verbally abused by many fans since the incident. Racial abuse is not confined to these two however. An eight-match ban has been imposed on Liverpool striker Luis Suarez for racially abusing United captain Patrice Evra. The incidents are increasing week on week.

Bobby Robson When Football Was a Sport

Whatever happened to the wonderful clean game of yesteryear? Well, I think money is to blame. We have reached a stage where there is so much cash riding on a single game that teams are expected to win at any cost! The glory is, as always, being at the top of the league but now it means massive amounts of money for the teams if they can get that far. The entire ‘sport’ has become a money-making machine and sad to say, the days of a sportsman-like game are fast disappearing.

Following a Fine Example?

The antics of today’s teams does nothing to enhance football, it just drags it down into the gutter, and it seems the FA is either incapable, or not interested in cleaning it up. Sure, we had the ‘Fair Play’ campaign which began at previous world cups, but it is sad that it could not be sustained, or dribble down to national matches. It is way past time the FA took a firm stance on pitch violence and racial hatred in the game, for otherwise it will suffer a catastrophic collapse. If I was a father today, I would no longer take my son to a saturday match, or allow him to watch it on TV for fear the on-pitch violence warped his decency.


2 Responses to “The Football Menace”

  1. Roy. Another top notch post that encapsulates the thoughts and feelings of many. I sense a little anger at “the beautiful game”. That’s ok. You’re not alone! They say that football mirrors life. I (sometimes) wish it didn’t. Keep posting! AJ


    • Hi Andreas,
      Thanks for the comment. As to the ‘anger’, its more likely to be despair these days for things never seem to get any better. But as an optomist, I keep on hoping and who knows, maybe someday it will. Keep smiling!


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