Unemployment = ‘Catch 22’

The latest unemployment figures for Britain are causing widespread concern, and so they should. It is stated that currently, 2.75million people are without work, which is the highest figure since 1994. But how did we get to such a situation?

Looking For Work

I believe there are several reasons. Chief among them is the high rate of immigration fostered by Labour in the preceding 14 years. Why? Because its basic maths! Simply put: If a country has 10 million workers and there are 10million  jobs, everybody works. If however, you have 10million jobs and 10million workers, plus 3million immigrants, then it stands to reason that 3million will be unemployed.

Unemployment – The Labour Legacy

Labour got around this by creating what I call, artificial jobs, i.e. by ‘manufacturing’ jobs in the Public Sector that were unnecessary, but at least lowered the jobless totals. It meant in effect, that we had three people doing the job of one. Now we have a scenario where this is coming back to bite us in the ass! Public Sector jobs fell by 111,000 in the three months up to June this year. Money is tight and most government services are having to cut back, thereby shedding the ‘artificial jobs’ created previously. Labour Leader Ed Miliband conveniently forgot Labour’s responsibility for the current mess by saying to the Prime Minister during Question Time : “he’s doing nothing to save the jobs of hundreds of thousands of people up and down this country,”

Bad Place To Live!

Britain is learning the hard way that you cannot open your doors to everyone who wants to come in, and then expect them, and the indigenous population, all to find jobs. The truth is, there just aren’t enough jobs for everyone who wants one! With money tight, companies are shedding staff right, left and centre, because they cannot sell the goods produced and need to cut back to survive. People are not buying the goods because they have no money. If High Street spending is buoyant, manufacturers employ more people to meet demand, but sadly the reverse is true at the moment. All this goes to add to the burden of unemployed.

If you think this is a ‘cock-eyed’ theory, then take a look at all the other countries in Europe which have not opened the floodgates to immigrants, and look at their unemployment figures. Of course they are higher than normal, but that is only due to the economic crisis. They are not suffering the ‘double whammy’ that Britain is!

A Future Bank Manager – I Think Not!

Another factor in my view, is the poor standards of education that are hindering our youth from finding work. As any intelligent person knows, education standards have slipped disastrously over the last decade and now the effects are being felt because many of our youth today are literally unemployable.

Future Nurse? Secretary? Doctor? Not Really!

It is not only their low standard of education that is at fault, but also their slip-shod ways, lack of discipline and  general tardiness that goes against them. It is not surprising we had the riots a few weeks ago, for there is a whole generation of youth who feel forgotten, and its not all their fault.

I will be the first to admit that not all youth fall into this category, but sadly, very many do.

Migrant Workers Can Be Better

As I see it, the only way out of the first problem is for UK companies to hire indigenous people over an immigrant, but then we come up against problem number 2. Why should a company hire someone who is semi-literate, always late, lazy and dresses like a slob, over a properly educated foreigner, even if he can’t speak english properly. So we have a ‘Catch 22’ situation in the UK that doesn’t look like being solved for some time to come. Perhaps someday a solution will be found, but I am not holding my breath!


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