The Return Of The Neanderthal – Kid ‘Cage Fights’!

I was to say the least, disgusted at the news that two children, one eight, and one nine, took part in a so-called Cage Fight in Preston Lancashire, England. The fight took place in front of a baying crowd of some 200 members of the Greenlands Labour Club on 10th September.

The Two Boys Fighting In A Cage

A video of the event was posted on-line, which led to many complaints, and shock among people who saw it. The police were notified, but have said today they could take no action because no laws had been broken. According to the latest reports, the local council will be looking into the matter, to decide if any of the licensing laws pertaining to the club had been abused.

The father of one of the boys said in an interview that he thought there was nothing wrong with it, and his son wanted to do it. When asked how he felt about it, the child answered; “it was exciting” and “it was fun”! The whole idea has been defended by those involved “because it got rid of aggression in young boys”. I have to ask what they think such an experience will do to their development, especially if it becomes a regular thing? It is intended by the organizers to hold another such event in about a months time.

No Protection

Many institutions, like The British Medical Association commented on the fact that neither boy wore any protective clothing like head protectors. Even the British Cage Fighting Association said it was totally against children participating in such a “sport”.

Video of boys fighting:

A Battered And Bruised Cage Fighter

To be honest, I fail to see how cage fighting in any form can be called a sport! It is, to say the least, barbaric, cruel, and totally out of keeping with today’s ‘civilized’ world. I just cannot see the attraction of watching two grown men, let alone children, beat the hell out of each other in a cage. The fight between the two children was toned down, according to the organizers, for no punching or kicking was allowed. When two men get in the cage however, anything goes!

Cobra/Mongoose Fight To The Death

We put fighting dogs and cockerels in a small space and make them fight, and in places like India they put a cobra and mongoose together, which are of course natural enemies, but surely we should not do the same with human beings, especially children as young as eight! But what disturbs me almost as much, is the blood lust of those watching cage fights. According to reports, these same bloodthirsty individuals were getting just as excited at the spectacle of two children fighting, one of whom ended up in tears!


I am sorry, but it not the kind of spectacle I would expect to see today. We are supposed to have left this kind of activity behind in the Colosseum of Ancient Rome.


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