Size Frustration

Have you ever tried on a pair of trousers or skirt in a shop, and found the darned things don’t fit, even though its your size? A common enough problem for shoppers all over the world. From a recent article, it seems manufacturers in all countries tailor their wares for a set of sizes applicable (or perhaps most flattering) to their population.

Size 34, But My Size Is 32

It seems that e.g; an American size 34 would be the equivalent of a size 30 in France, because the French are naturally slimmer than their American counterparts. Britain and Germany etc. fall somewhere in between. Its the same with shoes, where no two manufacturers seem to agree on a standard size. In the clothes business, there are even major differences between shops on the same High Street. What is a size 32 in Top Shop will be a size 30 in say D&G.

This Towel Is Too Big!

This mis-matching of size is wide spread, and covers anything from shoes to bed sheets, dresses to pillow cases and coats to pillows. Bed sheets are a favourite pet hate of mine, for some have an enormous tuck-in , almost twice the size of the bed, while others have virtually none. I mean, really, a king size bed is a king size bed, is a king size bed, if you get my drift.

I also find it extremely annoying when I buy pillows for example, and have to make do with a pillow case almost twice as wide. Its like the pillow case manufacturers just decided to make a bag thingy but couldn’t think what for, and then someone had the bright idea they may do as a covering for pillows

This One Is Too Small

Try buying a bath towel for instance! In one shop it wouldn’t cover your errhhum!, while another is the size of a bed sheet and hides all your best features! While size differences may be a good thing for some people, it can mean an extremely frustrating problem for the shopper. Personally, I think it’s time for all manufacturers to get together and decide on a world-wide size system for all these important items. It sure would make life easier for the lowly buyers!


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