A New High For A Hopeless Justice System

You have to hand it to the British justice system, for they certainly win the prize for being the most inept in the western world.

Wanted - Martin Evans

If this isn’t true, then how come a prisoner sentenced to 21 years jail for massive fraud and masterminding a drug ring, was released ‘on licence’ for three days?  They actually expected him to return to prison to finish his sentence. Needlessly to say, he didn’t!

The man is question is Martin Evans aged 31, who was caught in the USA in 2001 and extradited back to the UK to stand trial for fraudulently obtaining £900,000 from investors in a bogus ostrich farm. He jumped bail  just before his trial, and ran to Spain and Holland where he got into the drugs business. Once recaptured, he was sentenced to 21 years in 2006.

All through the court procedures he refused to give up any of the money he had obtained from his activities, which by now totalled some £37 million. Apart from a huge house in Swansee and a villa in Marbella, his ill-gotten gains were spread throughout a number of bank accounts in Latvia, Antigua, Switzerland, Dominica and the UK.

He had already absconded from justice once, and had a massive pile of money stashed away, but still these idiots in charge of our prisons allowed him to walk out the prison gates on a three day pass, thinking he would naturally return voluntarily.


How naive and stupid can you get? Did they honestly think that a man with his obvious resources, would just walk up to the prison gates when his pass expired and say with a smile to the guards; “OK boys. Here I am , ready to serve the 15 years left on my sentence”.

There are times when stupidity reaches new heights, and believe me folks, this is one of them! Now of course untold thousands, or perhaps even millions, of tax payers money is going to be spent trying to recapture someone who should never have been allowed out in the first place.  Talk about barmy Britain!

The people who made the decision to let him out should be made to serve the rest of his sentence until he is recaptured. Now that is justice!


2 Responses to “A New High For A Hopeless Justice System”

  1. Bernard Vaiko Says:

    I didn’t know that.


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