The Hybrid Car. Not What I Expected!

The hybrid car has been trumpeted by many manufacturers as the replacement for the normal petrol or diesel cars we now drive. I tried one, but I have to say, it was not what I anticipated.

The New 'Baby' Lexus CT200h

I test drove a hybrid car and was surprised to learn it only runs on its electric motor up to 25mph, after that the combustion engine takes over.

The salesman told me that was normal with all hybrid cars and my immediate reaction was; what use is that? We probably spend much less than 5% of our time driving below 25mph except in the town or city, where it may go up to 15%. The second thing that surprised me was the range, just 2 miles on full electric. Not really a lot of good!

Honda Hybrid

In my ignorance, I always thought you could drive normally on the batteries so long as they had a charge, and then switch to the combustion engine when the batteries were flat and so charge them up. Silly me!

A rather unnerving point about driving an electric car is the lack of noise. Two youths on a bicycle pulled across the road in front of me and they clearly had not heard my approach. Maybe these cars should be fitted with a constantly blown vazulu so you can warn pedestrians of your approach.

Best To Find A Hotel !

I must say, the hybrid does have one major advantage over an all electric car, at least you don’t have to stop every few miles and wait around for twelve hours while the darn batteries charge. It can’t be very nice to be stuck miles from a charging point and have to call the breakdown service to get you to it. It also struck me as somewhat of a surprise to learn that should your batteries wear out on an electric car, replacements could set you back around 7000. Wow!

You Just Need A Longer Cable!

As I have previously mentioned in posts, I am afraid the all electric car is a non-starter when it comes to replacing the combustion engine, but it seems the hybrid is not much better. In fact, the product does not live up to all the hype. I think manufacturers need to start thinking about an electric car with normal performance, but has a combustion engine backup.


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